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A call to adventure verdant dynasty

A call echoes from the labyrinth of towering trees. From the harsh savannah to the necrotic swamplands. Within this harsh climate lurks wonderments and beacons of hope speckled across the antagonistic backdrop. The leafy canopy looming aloft, to the distant crooning of wildlife, paints a vivid image of life thriving within the Darwinian tussle. The residents of this land are hardy folk—a people of enriched culture and unique perspectives. And tucked from prying eyes remain the delipidated carcasses of former empires. Grand structures that are now gradually being swallowed up by nature.


The ambiance is one of hope marred by the conflicts of yesteryear. Here the stories of many are interwoven and intersect organically. An original world where even the NPCs are people, and the characters one might make are forged via play and development. The stories and legacy of current and former writers culminate in a grand narrative that fuels every facet of the universe. Where consequences, both beneficial and dire, have refashioned the history and trajectory of the provinces.


So come cradle within the branches. Surrender to the call that has lured many a great writer before you. And see what influence you will leave behind for others to follow. For here, everything is earned, nothing is given, and no one can strip away what is merited.

We hope you enjoyed reading the lore for our literate roleplay group.

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