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Basic Info

Full Name: Indemira Debussy
Nickname: Mira

Titles: The Monsoon Lily (مونسون لیلی)
Race: Masquerading as a Varenkun (Rabbitfolk) (jānn, جَانّ)
Gender: Female

(Jinniyah can change sex as they are born without sex. Their form is malleable. Indemira presents as female but will sometimes swap to hide. They can even become a fusion.)
Day of Birth: 16 years before the 19th era.
Age: 31
​Hair: Brunette
Skin: Green
​Eyes: Malachite
​Height: 5' 2" 
​Weight: 108lbs
​Place of Residence: Her Fungal Manse
​Place of Birth: The White Sand Empire (د سپینې شګې امپراتورۍ)
​Alignment: Chaotic neutral
​Relationship: Married and is a lion's pride. (Casimir)
​​Sexual Orientation: Open to anything.

​​Senses: Magic Sense

Economic status: Upper Class

Vocation: Enchanter/Spell Scribe

Traits: Well-read, Astute, Mathematician, Scholarly,

Fears: Becoming the one thing she detests the most, becoming obese, dying without children, and fearful that her lack of a father will encourage a cycle of abuse.

Strengths: Everything about her, to name just a few, her intellect, impeccable fashion, bewitching appearance, social skills, enamoring personality, refined taste, crafty wit, and humor, but most of all, her unparalleled humility. Indemira is a powerful mage. Her ability to wield the furry of a monsoon makes her a formidable adversary. Besides this, she has a knack for manipulation. She isn't afraid to employ sensuality if it benefits her house and legacy.

Weakness: Her body is vulnerable to forces that would stop an organism on Earth. For example, one Warhammer strike unmitigated on her chest will break her ribs and perforate her lungs. She also has no melee or range weapon expertise to assist her should her spells fail.

NonCombative Skills: Baking, cooking, spell scribing, gardening, enchanting, exotic dancing, swaying (Yoga), alchemy (Poison focused.)

Martial Style- Indemira uses twin fans that are ensorcelled. These tools allow her to channel her magic to direct them toward her targets. Besides this, she is adept at kicking men in the balls and running. That, or bonking perverts in the head with her closed fans, sometimes leaving an unflattering welt.

Distinctive Marks: Her entire artificially sculpted figure.

Hobbies: Dancing, Swaying (yoga), attending parties, theater, reading, research and development, cooking, baking for her husband, shopping, sunbathing, swimming, and breaking hearts. She enjoys seeing him satisfied in every conceivable way. 

Habits: The Jezebel has a habit of ensuring her appearance is always beyond presentable. She can often be witnessed adjusting her dresses and hair and applying makeup, lotion, and perfume. She enjoys coquettish mannerisms like fanning herself while batting her long eyelashes.

Likes: Coffee, teas, receiving massages, being complimented, gardening, and watching men squirm under her seductive shadow.

Dislikes: Body odor, poor hygiene, men or women immune to her charm. Indemira loathes manual labor and dislikes inclement weather as it can ruin her makeup. Effeminate men, Deceivers, Selfishness, promiscuous lifestyles, Body odor, unkempt appearances, and poor taste in fashion.

Fears: Her biggest fears involve the breaking of her nails, being glimpsed while unsightly, perspiring, filth, and taxation.

Short-term goals: The advancement of her reputation and Casimir's satisfaction.

Long-term goals: Building a bunbun empire and carving her name into the realms free from the Sharmot.

Secrets: She is the mistress of whispers. Head of the VAU, the most prestigious assassin organization. She maintains a ruse as an enchantress to deflect suspicion, and her philanthropy is another coating of deception.

Special Resilences-  Immune to disease and poison as her body is a magical construct.

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The Jinniyah's habiliment is an unprecedented manifestation of debauchery and sophistication, her presence exuding an irresistible and commanding aura. Her chosen attire mirrors her standing as the grand enchantress of the Eternal House, a harmonious fusion of extravagance and eroticism. The ensemble begins with a resplendent, form-fitting dress woven from enchanted silks that radiate with a polychromatic glow, transitioning through shades of magenta, violet, and deep crimson. This fabric, renowned for its ability to adapt to light, accentuates every curve, rendering her above her peers.

The dress is a marvel of desirable design, plunging at the neckline to reveal the swell of her ample bosom, each curve emphasized by the play of light across the fabric. The bodice, encrusted with delicate gemstones that glint like captured starlight, clings to her torso, underscoring her waspish waist and the shapely expanse of her hips. These childbearing hips, the epitome of fertility and feminine power, sway with a refined yet provocative rhythm as she moves, each step a conscious act of temptation.

Her garment is both risque and noble, with slits running high along her thighs, exposing the smooth, caramel expanse of her legs. These powerful limbs, sculpted to perfection, are the crown of magnificence, ending in a pair of delicate yet imposing heels. The heels themselves are works of art, fashioned from enchanted crystal that scintillates with each step, enhancing her prestige.

Adorning her neck is a choker of obsidian and gold, its dark elegance contrasting with the beaming quality of her dress. Her ears, those downy rabbit ears that twitch with each subtle movement, are adorned with dangling earrings that capture the light, framing her face in an ethereal glow.

Her jewelry complements her ensemble, each piece chosen for its ability to enhance her natural beauty. Bangles of gold and emerald adorn her wrists, each one a delicate chime that accompanies her movements. A ring set with a large, brilliant gem rests on her finger, drawing the eye. Combined with her threads, these accessories create a vision of worldly attainment and grandeur, a Jezebel and femme fatale unlike any other.

The lascivious leggings that hug her calves and thighs proclaim her libidinous penchants. Crafted from thin and semi-translucent black silk, these leggings cling to her form with a sensual embrace, highlighting the powerful contours of her legs.

Her delicate yet imposing heels are fashioned from crystal that scintillates with every step, enriching her deportment. These marvelous shoes elevate her stance, literally and figuratively, ensuring that she commands attention wherever she treks.

Completing her ensemble is a cascading cape of translucent silk, attached delicately at her shoulders with golden clasps. This flowing garment trails behind her, adding a touch of metaphysical refinement to her already exquisite threads. The cape's edges are embroidered with intricate patterns of gold thread, weaving ancient symbols of power and enchantment into the fabric.

Indemira Debussy is the prime of enticement and grandness, the embodiment of the power of mysticism and the tantalizing draw of feminine allure.

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The grand enchantress of the Eternal House, stands as the quintessence of arabesque temptation, a breathing incarnation of exalted femininity and unparalleled hedonism. Her downy rabbit ears, soft and velveteen, twitch with almost hypnotic grace, adding an exotic magnetism to her irresistible visage. These ears, perky and effusive, enrich her modelesque face, enhancing the captivation of her every expression and movement.

A delicate cotton tail sits atop her ample posterior, a whimsical counterpoint to the sumptuous curves below. This tail, a playful nod to her temptress persona, further accentuates the exemplar roundness of her shapely derriere. Her hind, evidence of the divine craftsmanship of the deities, is a phenomenon of curvature and fullness, each cheek a hemisphere of celestial allure that invites both admiration and desire.

Her powerful and hairless legs are sculpted to perfection, the acme of doozy and strength. These thick, full-figured limbs are pillars of seductive grace, and their every step is a composition of motion that captures the essence of feminine allure. The muscles beneath her caramel skin ripple with the controlled exhibition, each sinew proof of her titillating malediction that emanates from her broad childbearing hips.

Her wide hips sway as she moves with a sophisticated yet titillating sashay. Each step she takes is a choreographed prom, an intricate display of composure that speaks to her aptitude for her body and its effect on those around her. Indemira's gait is a stark contrast, harmonizing an aristocratic grace with a temptress's provocative lure.

Indemira's voice is an instrument of enchantment, a sultry, velvety symphony that weaves a hex with every syllable. Her words, dripping with honeyed enticement, cast a spell over those who hear them, leaving listeners ensnared by the sheer radiance of her buxom stateliness. Whether whispering secrets of arcane knowledge or issuing commands with regal authority, her voice reverberates with a power that transcends mere sound, a lyrical siren that lingers long after the last note has faded.

Her presence is an intoxicating mystique, each aspect of her being a deliberate portrayal of temptation. As a jezebel unlike any other, Indemira wields her beauty and charisma with the exactitude of a master artisan. Her refinement, infused with a raw, primal sensuality, captivates all serendipitous enough to behold her.

Indemira's skin is an immaculate expanse of caramel perfection, its smooth texture unmarred by a blemish. Her flawless canvas of caramel skin is accentuated by a dusting of shimmering powder that catches the light, making her appear almost otherworldly. This luminous quality is further sweetened by the subtle, intoxicating bouquet of vanilla and lilac that clings to her, an aroma that elicits comfort and eros. Her long, malachite hair cascaded in luxurious and volume-enriched waves, each strand shimmering with a life of its own.

Her emerald eyes, deep and bewitching, hold a macrocosm of secrets and promises. They are framed by thick, luscious lashes that cast magnetic shadows with every flutter, enhancing the gravity and orbit of her gaze. Her brows, arched with regal poise, lend an air of commanding authority, their expressive power capable of shifting from sultry allure to imperious command with a glance. Perfectly groomed and always ready to impress.

Her delicate and refined nose leads to lips so succulent and full they seem perpetually poised for a kiss or an enchanting whisper. These lips, painted in lush shades of rubicund or pink, are the crowning glory of her visage, inviting and formidable in equal measure.

Indemira's cheekbones, high and perfectly sculpted, add a tinge of aristocratic dignity to her face, while her jowl is defined and smooth, enhancing her monarchical gesticulations. Her dainty fingers, each a testament to delicate grace, are festooned with perfectly painted nails that glimmer in the light, complementing the image of a woman who is as meticulous in her appearance as she is in her enchantments.

Every morning, Indemira engages in a ritual of beautification. She gingerly tends to her appearance, her movements a ballet of grace and accuracy. Her fingers glide through her hair, arranging each strand with care, while her eyes, sharp and discerning, ensure that every detail is perfect. Her makeup application is an art form; each brushstroke boasts her skill and dedication to maintaining her immaculate appearance.

Indemira's attire, whether armor or the most revealing of silks, is designed to highlight every voluptuous curve of her form. Her armor, a stunning ensemble of purple and gold, hugs her figure and emphasizes her every asset, providing formidable protection while showcasing her blessed form. Her dresses, crafted from the finest silks and satins, drape her body in vibrant hues, revealing and concealing most tantalizingly.

Every aspect of Indemira Debussy's being is a masterclass in opulent pizzaz and dazzling seduction. Her presence is a force of nature, an irresistible blend of physical perfection and supernatural charisma that leaves all who encounter her spellbound and eager to please. She is the pinnacle of temptation, a living, breathing goddess of allure and enchantment, and her legacy is one of spellbinding beauty and unassailable power.

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Indemira Debussy, the grand enchantress of the Eternal House, embodies a multifaceted persona fueled by beguiling allure and mystical prowess. As a jinn of unparalleled skill and captivating presence, she is celebrated across the realms for her enchantments—intricate and potent epitomes of magical craftsmanship. Indemira's capital and magnificence match her mastery of arcane arts, her essence suffused with the fiery spirit of her desert home.

At first glance, Indemira embodies the grace and refinement of a true patrician of ancient lands. Her demeanor, delicate arabesque of poise, and words paint a picture of an eternal dance much like the dunes of her ancestral home. Yet, beneath this polished surface, lies a labyrinth of complexity—a being unafraid of venturing into morally shaded avenues to secure her ascendancy, a fact that adds a layer of intrigue to her character.

The jinniyah, beyond her enchanting facade, is a cunning thief of hearts and treasures alike. Supercilious of conventional taxation, she acquires her wealth through audacious exploits, raiding tombs and ruins steeped in the whispers of forgotten civilizations. These ventures not only quench her thirst for adventure but also swell her coffers, casting shadows upon her noble countenance and adding to the enigma of her character.

Indemira's moral fluidity extends to her dealings with others. While she may appear generous or diplomatic in the public eye, her true essence is a symphony of calculated self-interest. Navigating the intricate threads of magical society with finesse, she leverages charm, sexuality, and wit to weave her influence into the fabric of power. Those who cross her path soon realize that beneath her enchanting exterior lies a mind as sharp as a djinn's blade, capable of outmaneuvering even the most formidable adversaries.

Renowned as a charitable soul—or so it appears—Indemira extends her benevolence to the poor, birthing enchantments that bring prosperity to the destitute corners of the realm. Her compassion knows no bounds, and she revels in the joy of transforming lives through her magical interventions. In bustling marketplaces and quiet alleyways, tales abound of the kind-hearted jinn whose touch turns misfortune into opportunity.

However, beneath her altruistic façade lies the shrewd mind of a businesswoman extraordinaire. Indemira's trinkets, coveted by all who seek magical wonders, are hailed as the best in the land. Her keen sense of market trends and strategic investments in rare mystical artifacts have made her a figure of considerable influence. While her magical prowess is evident in the quality of her creations, her astute financial sense has propelled her to the upper echelons of society.

Despite her charitable endeavors and business acumen, Indemira remains a mysterious figure regarding matters of the heart. Many suitors have sought her affections, only to be met with her discerning gaze. She is highly selective, often denying the advances of those who seek her hand. Little do they know that beneath the stoic exterior lies a secret romantic. In the quiet moments between sorcery and business dealings, she immerses herself in the fantastical world of love stories, harboring a yearning for a connection that transcends the arcane studies she pursues.

Notwithstanding her controversial methods, Indemira remains a mystifying figure—a sandstorm of charisma and enigma. Her dual nature—part refined enchantress, part audacious rogue—adds layers to her persona, evoking infatuation and circumspection equally across the realms. She navigates the currents and eddies of destiny with the grace of a desert breeze, her ambitions as boundless as the endless sands from which she was born.

Yet, beneath this bewitching camouflage lies a pitiless strategist, a Jezebel uncompromising in her quest for supremacy. Indemira secretly helms the Varenkun Assassination Unit (VAU), a clandestine institution that executes domestic and international eliminations with surgical precision. Each job is sanctioned by legal writs, authorizing executions that keep her machinations unimpeded. These documents, provided to local law enforcement post-mission, ensure that her agents walk free, their murderous deeds cloaked in legitimacy.

Indemira's targets are exterminated with a methodology that respects cultural and religious sensitivities, evidenced by her understanding of the delicate balance between power and perception. She and the Sharmot, the region's leader, meticulously identify and eradicate menaces to their grand designs, shaping a future where their vision reigns supreme. The benefactor of these covert operations remains an enigma to most, her true identity hidden behind layers of deception and strategic obfuscation.

Her façade of benevolence masks a steely grit; a fidelity to an ideological crusade that she believes will promote the province to unprecedented apexes. Indemira justifies her ruthless activities as essential evils, collateral damage in pursuing a greater good. She perceives herself as a sculptor of destiny, molding the realms to her will with a blend of enchantment and coercion.

In her eyes, the path to a better world is fraught with sacrifices, and she brooks this burden with indefatigable resolve. The convoluted conspiracy she weaves is both her chef-d'oeuvre and her prison, a testament to the duality of her nature. Indemira Debussy embraces the shadows of machiavellism to propagate her vision, orchestrating a symphony of power and initiative that resonates through the annals of time.

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Indemira Debussy, a woman of profound perspicuity and inexhaustible curiosity, embarks on her philosophical quest with the grace of a desert wind, guided by the poetry of her Middle Eastern heritage. Her pursuit of magical knowledge is not just a journey but a mystical dance—a choreography of thesis and antithesis unfolding across the celestial stage, unique to her.

In Indemira's worldview, the world is not a static entity but a complex play comprised of the interplay of opposing forces. Just as night surrenders to dawn and darkness yields to light, she sees the clash of these cosmic energies as a crucible where new truths emerge. This dialectical process—where contradictions collide and synthesize—fuels her aspiration to transcend conventional boundaries, transforming her understanding of the world.

She perceives herself as a living incarnation of this synthesis—an anomaly born from the collision of the material and immaterial realms. Her existence is a testament to the transformative power of conflict, where elements of both worlds converge and transmute into something greater. This alchemical transformation is mirrored in her tenacious pursuit of magical mastery, where each incantation and enchantment serves as a brushstroke on the canvas of creation.

Central to Indemira's philosophy is the mastery of leylines—the sinuous currents of magical energy that crisscross the land like veins of precious ore. To her, these leylines are conduits of divine inspiration, pathways to enlightenment and empowerment. By harnessing and understanding these mystical currents, she seeks not dominion but liberation—breaking free from the constraints of limitation and scarcity.

Her vision is not limited to personal enlightenment; it is a grand quest to bring about a renaissance of magical wisdom, where the mysteries of the cosmos are not hoarded but shared with all. Indemira envisions a future where magic becomes a force for healing and transformation—a harmonious symphony resonating through the masses' hearts and minds, a vision as vast as the cosmos itself.

Yet, amidst her astral explorations, Indemira holds a sobering view of morality. She sees beliefs, intentions, and