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"A culture's teachings, and most importantly, the essence of its identity, attains definition via conflict. They either find themselves or discover themselves lacking."

Valerna Jorgenskull

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Full Name: Valerna Jorgenskull (real name, Cicilly Del'Henberheim.)


 Nicknames: Vally girl, the boobarian (A joke name amongst close friends.)


Titles: Breaker of wills, the shatterer of bones, Weaver of webs, Scriber of flesh, Queen of the Verdant Dynasty, The Spider.


 Race: Giantess tainted with Arachnid elements.


 Gender: Female


Pronouns: She/Her


Day of Birth: unknown


Age: 2070​(Estimated)


Hair: Auburn


Skin: Brown


Eyes: Amber


Height: 13' (Can be 7-19ft pending if she uses her powers.)​


Weight: 2500 Lbs​


Place of Residence: The Jungle​


Place of Birth: The Jungle​


Alignment: Neutral​


Relationship: Single


​Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Economic status: Upper Class


Vocation: Chieftain/Savant​


Artistic skills: Valerna plays a bone-body harp with spider webs as strings. And has a penchant for writing.


Appearance: Tall, voluptuous with flawless skin.​


Distinctive Marks: Her stupidly large bust. And absurd curves. Lip and split tongue piercing.


Traits: Tactician, Honorable, Romantic, Well-read, Domineering


Faults: Stern, depressed, mildly paranoid


NonCombative Skills: Linguistically inclined, web harpist, Singer, Poet, Philosophy.


​Senses: Racial Abilities


Equipment- Bone armor Magically modified to have 2x steel tensile strength, in the shape of an Arachnids carapace/Chitin. Aside from her fist, Valerna's favorite weapon is a Macuahuitl but can wield axes.  


Martial Style- Muay Thai and using her spider rope to assist with hand-to-hand combat


Distinctive Marks: The Araneae is renowned for her striking facial hallmarks and cascading mane of auburn. One of her other distinguishable aspects is her absurd curves. A facet of her body that she is uncomfortable with as it often lends her the ire and carnal hankerings of others. Nevertheless, she feigns confidence as she sashays about to keep up a facade, a ruse that has served her well. 


 Traits: Well-read, Astute, Tactician, Honorable, Romantic, Domineering


Hobbies: Reading, Web harpist, Singer, Poet, Sunbathing, knitting, baking, hunting, making clothes with her webs and what she hunts.


Habits: Valerna will often flick her lip piercing with her split tongue. An odd quirk further stressed by how her arachnoid ligaments can’t help but comb and slick back her reddish locks.


Likes: The giantess loves to read, drink coffee, and pluck her webbed strings. Besides this, she adores dialectics.


Dislikes: Psuedointellectuals, pomposity, cockiness, cruelty, selfishness, deception, “alphas”


Fears: The one thing she fears most is the inescapability of having to inter her children and friends. She also dreads failing those under her banner.


Strengths: Her creative mind allows her to construct elaborate garbs from her spider silk. She is actually quick and agile for her size and excels at hand-to-hand and her signature sword club.


Weakness: She shows favoritism to Beastkin and sentient Monsterkin and finds their cultures fascinating. And her body is vulnerable to forces that would stop an organism on Earth. For example, one Warhammer strike unmitigated on her chest will break her ribs and perforate her lungs.


Vocational information: The role of chieftain/matron is an onerous one. Her responsibilities far exceed the immediate welfare of her constituents. The Araneae is tasked with the long-term development of the realm and the continued safeguarding of its burgers. Additionally, she must confer with the council and convince them to pursue continuous advancement lest they fall behind their neighbors.


Short-term goals: The continued protection and development of her tribe (Nation) and its citizens.


Long-term goals: To end the defiled, her true nemesis.


Secrets: She keeps the truth concerning the history she has observed to herself. Valerna feels the people's fabrications are more empowering and beautiful. She is secretly jealous of their finite span. She regards herself as a prisoner, an undying servant to her people.

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"Prudently dispense with empathy and charity; lest you do more damage with an open hand then a balled fist."

Valerna Jorgenskull

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Roleplay forums

Valerna is methodical; she takes her time threading her linguistic web while she observes those around her. And, while her species are known for their ferocity. The chieftain mastered control over her lesser impulses. This temperament further facilitates her reserved demeanor. That soft series of pushes she delivers is seldom utilized with nefarious drives helming them. She has long since ascertained the nebulous nature of rectitude. She kept her moral compass aimed toward the realization of her envisionments. ​

Perspicuity, strength, beauty, cleverness, and being well-mannered are all descriptors many have appropriated to sum up her character. And while such terminologies might suffice, they scarcely encapsulated the totality of her essence. Who is Valerna Jorgenskull? A vapid forerunner that is justifiably followed by the ever more pertinent and profound inquisition of what is she? But as a bellwether, one thing of certitude chimes outward. That honeyed idiosyncrasy is an equally valuable mechanism for her craft.​

Valerna is very subconscious about her figure. She bedecks herself in her culture's habiliment with pride. Nevertheless, outsiders often chide, mock, or see her as an object to assuage their libidinal hankerings. This has led the giantess to question her worth as a person. The unfettered ridicule and disdain are unremitting. The sheer vitriol and mental toll have left deep scars that have marred her person. Secretly, she wishes others might gain the sagacity to peer beyond her exterior and see the woman she truly is. Instead, they're predisposed to evaluate her worth superficially by fixating on immutable traits instead of the contents of her character.

The whetting of her lingua and mind proved instrumental in her development. The Araneae apprehended that the flesh and the brain are interlinked. A complex mesh that served as a network that made up her person. Due to this epiphany, she isn't one to neglect her corporal shell. Valerna hones her physical temple, finding martial arts (Muay Thai) therapeutic. She surmised that if one's body is ignored, one's reaction time and, thus, mental capacity suffer as well. When both work in harmony, one can reach true acme. 

The undying sojourner concedes that one's outward appearance may indicate one's internal state. And while seemingly superficial, intelligent beings are all material entities. It stands to reason that the veneer can be appropriated to communicate volumes. Appearing strong when weak and vulnerable when at one's zenith to lull her adversaries into blundering. Her voice defies her youthful countenance. It carries with it the heft of the cloak of time. She sounds older than she appears, yet her melodic and soft voice doesn't boast her efficacy.

Valerna isn't one to trudge around and parade her strength or power. Instead, she fancies appearing indiscreet as she reposes within her silken filigree. True power doesn't need to be loud until the moment is right. With time, the subtle coursing of a river can cut through the largest of mountains. And time is one resource she has an abundance of, so patience is likely her most advantageous virtue. However, that doesn't suggest she won't pounce. There is no single universal approach to handling the travesties and tribulations of this world. One's technique must be fluid like water, shifting from a rivulet to a mighty wave whenever needed.

The chieftain doesn't believe there is any grand truth or mystery to life. Ultimately, when all things are bare, there is only oneself and whatever purpose or meaning they project over reality.


"It is easy to kill a man. But far more difficult is it to show him the world via the prism of your lens."

Valerna Jorgenskull

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