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Below is a bestiary of sorts for the regions. They are broken up into sections such as The jungle, Skeletal Highway, and the desert. The animals provided are to help give you a mental image regarding what species inhabit it. In theory, species not listed may be permitted as long as they fit within the setting. The term google means google and see what prehistoric animal inhabited that climate. Writing an entire book on them is pointless when the work has been done, and the breadth of an ecosystem that spans multiple continent size areas is too large. Lastly, these creatures ARE NOT magical. They are animals. 


Dinosaurs (With feathers, not Jurassic Park.)
Prehistoric amphibians (Use google.)
Large Arachnids. (Spiders, scorpions, ticks etc.)
Large Serpents
Large Leeches
Prehistoric Mammals. (Use google)
Prehistoric birds. (Use google)
Large crabs/lobsters

Skeletal Highway

Dinosaurs (with Feathers)/ crocodiles
Prehistoric Mammals. 
Large serpents
Prehistoric Birds.
Large insects
Large crabs/lobsters

The Desert

Giant insects (Crickets, prayer mantis etc) 
Large Chilopoda (Centipedes, millipedes, Rolly Polly's.)
Prehistoric Mammals
Prehistoric Reptiles (Megalania)
Prehistoric birds
Giant worms

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