Racial Abilities: 

Speed/Strength- Due to her long, powerful legs, the Giant can move at a max speed of 45mph. (High-end athlete (human) on earth moves at 26mph. x2 due to her leg span as a giant which is double that of a human.) And bound 5-12ft into the air., smaller the faster and more nimble. The Gaint is robust, designed to support her muscular tones, curves, and skeletal structure. As a result, she has the strength of Eight that of her equivalent human counterparts. With a grip twice that of any race. Her punches and kicks are strong enough to shatter femurs. Can lift up to 3,000 lbs. The equation at the bottom of this page describes how her strength and weight work to enhance her punching/kicking attacks and grip strength.


Endurance/flexibility- Due to her muscles/bones being higher in tensile strength which has been evolved to support her sturdy build to compensate for her being a larger target. Being able to control her body, allows the Giant to bend and contort her vessel in unnatural ways. In short, she can perform salacious splits, bend her legs over her head, and other contortionist feats.

Acute Hearing- Due to her time in the jungle, her ears have been trained to pick up on the soft sounds of disturbances. As such, Florentina can detect the general direction of bowstrings being drawn, twigs snapping, foliage rustling, and footsteps within 180 feet of her location.

Martial training (Vocational)- Florentina has been trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, capable of grappling, subduing, or assaulting her opponents with a barrage/flurry of powerful martial kicks/punches. She often utilizes this to take the fight to the ground, mount her opponents, and bash their skulls open against the solid earth. Another favored method is to strangle and shatter the target's neck Fight first think later served her people well in the Sands and in the Jungle climate. Her muscle memory is honed through her decades of combat, so she can react on instinct. Her legs have a max reach of 6ft, and her fists 5ft)


​+50%- Resilience to poison, rot, and disease-based attacks due to living in the toxic jungle


Combat Skills/Description.

Combat Skills/Description.


Description- Flesh magic is the capacity to manipulate one's cells, as well as that of the deceased. It is divided into two classes though only one applies here. Bolstering, the alteration of one's body, and the grafting of STUDIED extremities onto the vessel. She cannot manipulate another's body, as their chi/magical harmonization is not the same as such. Outside of perhaps another bone gear (Depending on locational rules), she will be powerless to influence or distort another living vessel. However, if blood is on the ground, that no longer qualifies as being under the player's command. For balance's sake, blood on the body also can not be altered in any way.

The Turtle armor she wears is defensive (Able to deflect piercing/slashing and arrows/bolts much like Plate can) but is mainly offensive. She utilizes it to explode the gauntlet (For example) or form new equipment from the material (Once the gear is extracted, the armor on the extremity is forever gone as it was consumed.). By default, the bone on her body and equipment is always at 2x tensile strength of steel. Once an object is manipulated, it stays as such. A way to understand this concept is how the bending of metals work, your character doesn't need to discharge energy to maintain the smith's efforts.

All buffs last one turn if not specified, the exception being bone manipulation for the reasoning above. However, remodeling an item's shape forever locks it, as regular manipulation will considerably wane the tensile effect. One alteration is acceptable. Two means it's now just normal bone, three or above, it will become brittle and crumble in her hands. The strength buffs are focused on amplifying lifting and grip; her punches "Breaking bones" is naturally existing brawn assuming she is hitting a typical human, unprotected outside of the femur, which is the most rigid bone in the human body. Any such "claims" are subject to the opponent's anatomy and, of course, their capability to describe said physiology for their character. If having bone akin to iron rods, her punches will no longer break them but still damage the body's soft organs and muscles.

Racial Abilities.

(Skills her entire Race are imparted due to their culture.)

Alter Self (Racial)- The agent can use her Chi to decrease or increase her height by 50%. This allows her to blend in easier or increase her presence. While growing, her strength and endurance raise by an equal amount, while shrinking, she gains speed. Once the height is achieved, she can maintain it at no cost only able to alter her size once per day

Bone manipulation (Racial active)- The Giant can alter any Bone/shell Armor or Weapons by imbuing it with her Chi. Granting it the ability to be 2x tensile strength than steel or elongating their size and reach up to twofold. This Inquisitor can also make minor changes like curving them, adding spikes up to three inches in length, or exploding outward in fragmented debris like a claymore. (100ft long and 50ft wide in a cone.) The scout can manipulate her milk, allowing her to coat the outside in Black and white armor from neck to toe. Able to draw from the lactation stored within her large mammary glands, to expedite the creation of the armor (Once per fight she can repair two extremities worth of bone)


Mathematica of the Florentina

Mathematics for Florentina’s drop elbow.

Known variables

30 mph horizontal velocity (13.4112 m/s)

1200 lbs of weight (544.3108 kg)
Gravity’s acceleration, 9.8 m/s^2

11 feet tall, 4 feet jump


Center of mass at 7 feet, where the physics will be worked off of.

Compression of human body at 4 inches. Lower results in larger forces.


2D Vector for physics

X = 13.4112 m/s
Y = Velocity at impact on the ground.

7 feet CoM + 4 feet jump = 11 feet of fall, 3.3528 meters.
D = v*t + 1/2*a*t^2

D = Distance in meters
v = initial velocity in m/s

a = acceleration in m/s^2

t = time in seconds


Since Florentina is falling from the apex of 11 feet, her initial velocity is 0 m/s in the vertical vector.
0*t = 0
D = 1/2 *a*t^2
3.3528 meters = ½*9.8*t^2
3.3528/(½*9.8) = t^2

t = sqrt(3.3528/(½*9.8))

Time = 0.82719096825 seconds.
Velocity = initial velocity + acceleration * time
Velocity = 0 + 9.8*0.82719096825

Velocity = 8.10647148885 m/s


2D Vector for physics

X = 13.4112 m/s
Y = 8.10647148885 m/s

Total velocity = sqrt(x^2 + y^2)

Total velocity = sqrt(13.4112^2 + 8.10647148885^2)
Total velocity = 15.670838058 m/s
With total velocity, we may now go to the final calculation.


F = Force in newtons

V = Velocity in m/s
T = time in seconds
Time to complete an impact and bring velocity to zero = D/V
Assuming 2x due to loss of velocity through compressible body.
4 inches = 0.1016 meters
Time = (0.1016/15.670838058)^2

Time = 0.01296676024 seconds
F = 544.3108 * (15.670838058/0.01296676024)
F = 657820.939243 newtons, or 73.9420150499886 US ton force.

Mathematics for Florentina’s Punch

Known variables

Florentina Mass = 589.67 Kg

Due to the way punches work in a kinesthetic body, the entire weight of the person effectively goes behind the punch.


Max Velocity = 56 m/s

Time from initiation to completion = 0.0625s




F = Force in newtons

V = Velocity in m/s
T = time in seconds

Force = 589.67kg * (56 m/s ÷ 0.0625s)

Force = 528344.32 Newtons, or 59.36 US ton force.

Grip Strength

So grip strength is important for grappling and lifting. There are no known giants we could use as a metric. And so I settled on using the strongest female grip on earth held by Amy Wattles which clocks in at 270lbs. 
So 270*7 = 1890 lbs. (7 is strength modifier)​​