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The Verdant Dynasty

The Verdant Dynasty is a collection of races united under the Jorgenskull rule and guided by universal principles. This alliance was forged to battle off their world's harsh climate, the unforgiving jungle necessitating unity or facing potential extinction. All those part of this alliance contributes their resources to the whole. Each species maintains autonomy over its territories. They offer their firstborns as soldiers and 10% of their resources to the pot in exchange for protection and technology. In turn, it brought harmony to a once turbulent realm, broadcasting ideas and cultures as their differences slowly started to wane. 


Despite using web, wood, and bone as the core of their society, they managed to keep up through magic implementation. After securing the Goatkin they saw a boom in new armaments and life-altering technology. They are the epicenter of law and the beating heart of the superpower. 


The Red Sap is an enigmatic group bent on mastering magical and alchemical principles. Often found strung throughout the thick jungle and the outer rim, growing their trees of flesh to extract the crimson ichor they are named after. Using the Mothkela moondust to produce a potent narcotic, this drug is said to confer clairvoyance into aspects of the world, surpassing perception. 


While in this heavenly state, the mages can become untethered from the anxieties of this world, delivering their consciousness and bestowing them with the utmost efficiency in their arts. This thick syrup can amplify their magic and extend resources by glazing the material or mixing the nectar with alchemical reagents to bolster effects. 


A secret only entrusted to a few to prevent the abuse of their most fastidious resource. They often seek new applications, for knowledge is temporary, but the glory of the Jorgenskull is forever. Toiling as inquisitors, spies, and upholders of the Verdant dynasty's rule.

House Khalil is structured around the pursuit of the "Darker arts." Within this federation of sorcerers, the act of necromancy is embraced, making up the bulk of their workforce. As a faction, they seek to unravel and catalog the mystery of the tangible and immaterial facets of the macrocosm. 


House Khalil believes that new ideas flourish when scrutinized and disputed by their peers. They have begun to institute libraries and universities where they hope to disseminate erudition to coerce the people via the appropriation and monopolization of information. They openly venerate Mirage, extracting kinship via the sphere they share, sometimes risking bargains to exchange knowledge for knowledge if rumors are to be believed. 


To this house, morality is a barrier deterring progress, and while the old ways are valuable, one should seek different venues to strengthen their community further. Their undead labor force is employed to keep the factories running and allow the Goatkin engineers to keep their focus on the pursuit of technological development.


The university of boneless limbs is charged with the democratization of knowledge. They set up medical facilities, libraries, and universities across the providence. Additionally, they maintain the factories of the Verdant Dynasty as well as research goals. Their organization comprises alchemists, teachers, philosophers, engineers, doctors, and any intellectual pursuit they deem might benefit society. The group is ruled by the broker, whose identity is shrouded in mystery and the subject of much debate and speculation even among their ranks. 

The Eternal House (House Del'Fluent.)

The Eternal House is the center of the realm's magic and mercantile. Their dwellings take the form of twisted fungi and trees that represent their belief in a natural order. The mysterious organization holds to a meritocracy, where individuals' achievements are held in higher regard than the collective. Renowned for their academic pursuits and silver tongues, they often are charged with maintaining the production of goods and law of the desert and skeletal highway. Their hands (The Coalition) patrol the streets adorned with ceremonial armor to keep order and make up the military. An amalgamation of the jungle and select desert species that work in tangent to propel the lioness of the sand's vision.

The church (Lunar order) is a followership that sees its mistress as a living dreamer. A higher entity born from the dust of creation to disseminate kernels of enlightenment. The ideologues relay her homilies to dispatch perspicuity to the masses. Their robes and armaments often sport lunar insignias to pay paean to their matron. Their establishments catalyze education, where debate and research are encouraged. They believe they can achieve apotheosis by better understanding the fabric of reality.

House Devante is another wing of the group. Originally they served the realm as renowned monster hunters, and while they still carry out this service, their expertise has expanded. The illustrious organization now serves as the inquisitorial branch. Those within their ranks (And the coalition) are required to have martial prowess and alchemical training, undergo a rigorous training regiment, be educated in military history, and be versed in the customs and laws of the providences. 

House Devante members are given writs, legal documents that permit them to carry out assassinations and investigations under extreme cases to transcend above the fetters of the law. A function only afforded to the highest echelon of their ancient order. It must be signed by the Lioness of the sands and the Spider of the Jungle (Matriarchs).

Outside the desert and skeletal highway, they serve as an auxiliary faction to assist the Red Sap should they find themselves stretched thin. Magically they are known as sword dancers. The skill of combining the arcane with their weaponry and martial art to form a synergy. Often their members can be seen with ashen marks embedded into their flesh. A custom where the cremains of fallen brethren are carried into battle so that their glory might transcend death itself.

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