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Verdant dynasty

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Vedant Dynasty

Basic Info
OC Is drawn and owned by spooderqueen (Discord.), @verdantdynasty (Twitter.)

Full Name: Florentina Jorgenskull.
Nicknames: Flora or Flo

Titles: Butcher of Humanity, Pulverizer of Wills, Grand Inquisitor, Head of the Red Sap, The Diva, the Wise Woman of the Shell, the Tortoise Monk, Conqueror of Sandslout, The Golden Thorn, Vanguard of the North, the Brood bitch.

Race: Giantess (Afflicted with Were-turtle.)
Gender: A synthesis between sexes.  (She/Her)
Day of Birth: unknown
Age: 40​
Hair: Blonde
Skin:Olive to Brown
Eyes: Malachite​
Height: 13' Default (Can be 6.5-19.5ft pending if she uses her powers.)​
Weight: 2800 Lbs​

Place of Residence: The Necrotic Swamp​
Place of Birth: The Boneyard
Occupation: Strategist and Grand Admiral.
Alignment: lawful good
Relationship: Married
​Sexual Orientation: Men are for breeding, and women are for romance.

Appearance: Tall, muscular, with flawless skin.​
Distinctive Marks: Tongue bifurcation, her absurdly long tongue, and her musculature.

Traits: Analytical, perceptive, well-read, faithful, dutiful, no-nonsense work ethic.​

Faults: Headstrong, Arrogant, cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, power-hungry, demeaning, and an all-around reprehensible being from a certain point of view.​

Her body is sturdier than a human's and isn't impervious to natural forces. Her forearm and femur can block war hammers and maces when armored. But the rest of her body cannot stand up to such attacks. Everything else but poisons will wreak the same havoc as they would on a person on Earth.

under a single great collective.

Motto: Agony is weakness being ousted from the body. ​


Devoted to her nation, Florentina is both revered and feared. She is merciless to her enemies and demands high standards from her followers, holding herself to even higher ones. Leading by example, she sees every defeat as her failure. This drive for perfection has advanced her career but strained her social bonds. A traditionalist, she balances old ways with new advancements, wary of excessive progress.

Florentina thrives on conquest, driven by a hunger for power. Her promiscuous lifestyle reflects her desire for physical pleasure and power dynamics. Despite her muscular form, she values simplicity and avoids frivolous displays of wealth. Her deep sense of duty leads her to sacrifice for her people, constantly learning from the past while adapting her strategies.

As a leader, Florentina demands loyalty and fiercely protects her followers. Born with both genders, she overcame feelings of inferiority and now embraces her unique identity. She respects efficiency and admires those true to their beliefs while understanding the need for flexibility. Despite her power, she struggles with loneliness, fearing she will die without anyone to mourn her. This vulnerability drives her relentless pursuit of perfection and control.



Florentina Jorgenskull believes that survival means dominating the weaker to fuel one’s rise. As the runt of her litter, she was determined to defy her fate and become a symbol of elegance and ferocity. Refusing to accept a lowly position, she embraced her role as a warrior, honing her muscles and spirit to embody an apex predator.

Florentina rejects the notion of peace, seeing it as a delusion. For her, every battle brings her closer to perfection. She views war as a craft, with blood, flesh, and bone as her tools. Her prowess in combat is unparalleled, and she crushes her enemies, finding purpose in their defeat.

In her eyes, the universe is inherently hostile, and death is a testament to power. Florentina believes that war drives civilization's progress. Her strength and relentless drive are fueled by the understanding that might is the ultimate currency, and those who cannot keep up are destined to be left behind.

Advised by her mother about the costly path of war, Florentina knew that life and conflict are intertwined. For her, the Verdant Empire represents this truth. She fights to protect her people, understanding that her sacrifice is necessary. Through the relentless cycle of conflict, she finds purpose, merging strength and vulnerability into a singular force. War is her calling, and in it, she discovers the profound meaning of existence. She believes that enduring these struggles allows for a deeper appreciation of life, making it all worthwhile.



Default Form

Florentina Jorgenskull is an extraordinary figure, standing at thirteen feet tall with incredible physical capabilities. Her powerful legs allow her to run at 53 mph and jump 13 feet high. She swims at 19 mph and climbs at 20 mph. Florentina's strength is unmatched, allowing her to lift up to 5,800 lbs and deliver devastating punches and kicks that can crush bones and shatter materials.

In her enhanced form, her physical abilities increase by 50%. She can run at 79.5 mph, jump 19.5 feet high, and lift 8,700 lbs. Her punches and kicks become even more powerful, making her a true juggernaut. Her reflexes and coordination are sharpened to perfection, allowing her to react and move quickly and precisely. Florentina's flexibility and agility are also enhanced, making her a formidable adversary in any terrain.

Martial Discipline

Florentina is a master of Muay Thai, known as the "Art of Eight Limbs." She uses her fists, elbows, knees, and shins with deadly precision and power. Her punches and kicks can break bones and incapacitate opponents. In close combat, she excels at clinch fighting, using her strength to control and dominate her opponents. Florentina also masters joint manipulation and submission techniques, ensuring her dominance in any situation.


Through a dark transformation, Florentina enhances her physical and arcane abilities. She becomes immune to poisons and diseases, gaining biological immortality. Her speed, strength, and reflexes increase significantly. She can transform her body to produce sharp claws and spikes, turning into a living weapon. Florentina can manipulate blood on the battlefield, using it as a deadly weapon. Her enhanced senses allow her to see in the dark, breathe underwater, and navigate with ease.


Florentina has mastered the arcane art of Stillness, allowing her to sense magical energies within a 200-foot radius. This ability, taught by her mentor Matsumoto, enables her to detect the presence and direction of magic without revealing its exact nature. This heightened sensitivity to magic guides her through the complexities of the magical world, making her an adept and vigilant warrior.



Height Modification Florentina can use her Chi to change her height by up to 50%, either to blend in or intimidate. This change can be maintained indefinitely but can only be done once per day. This helps in both combat and exploration, providing strategic advantages.

Bone Manipulation Florentina can manipulate her bone armor and weapons using her Chi:

  • Strength Enhancement: Her bones become twice as strong as steel.

  • Elongation and Reshaping: She can extend and reshape her bone armor and weapons, adding spikes or intricate designs.

  • Explosive Fragmentation: She can cause her bone armor or weapons to explode outward, affecting a large area.

  • Lactation Armor: She can use her milk to create a durable black and white armor.

Sensory Amplification Florentina can enhance her senses to superhuman levels:

  • Vision: See in the dark and detect distant objects clearly.

  • Hearing: Hear faint sounds and distant conversations.

  • Smell and Taste: Track individuals by scent and identify substances by taste.

Dermal Adaptation Florentina can modify her skin for different environments:

  • Armor Plating: Thickens skin for added protection.

  • Camouflage: Blends into surroundings.

  • Tactile Sensitivity: Detects vibrations and temperature changes.

Muscle Hardening Florentina can harden her muscles to reduce damage and enhance striking power. Her muscles can become as tough as steel, providing both offensive and defensive benefits.

Weaponized Nails and Hair Florentina can weaponize her nails and hair:

  • Elongated Nails: Turn into razor-sharp dirks.

  • Prehensile Hair: Use hair to entangle and pierce enemies, or as a whip or lasso.

The Snapper Florentina can create a 40-foot-long whip from the earth with a snapping turtle head, used to pull targets or herself. Requires earthen materials like rock, sand, or soil.

Foul Play A sweeping kick sends debris to blind and disorient targets, covering a 60-foot distance and 30-foot width.

Alluvial Dash Slides 60 feet over soil to evade attacks or pull targets inward. Adds 20 mph speed boost when evading.

Muddy Crest Creates a mudslide that travels 50 feet, knocking down enemies and clearing obstacles.

Stone Skimmer Throws a rock boomerang with precision, traveling up to 330 feet and striking multiple targets.

Erosion Field Erodes ground to cause foes to lose footing and slide, affecting a 30-foot diameter area.



The universe is adversarial and hierarchical. Power is amassed by the strongest, and only fools deny this truth. Two types of souls exist: hunters and quarry. Influence, strength, wisdom, and creativity are concentrated in a few, creating an apex predator. To be free, one must reach the summit, while the weak support the powerful.

Florentina grew up serving her community, dreaming of joining the Red Sap, the dynasty's elite agents. She trained secretly to master her flesh powers, driven by envy and competition with her siblings. Though she couldn't match her sister Bersia in archery, she excelled in martial combat, striving to prove her worth.

After intense training, Florentina entered a tournament, catching the eye of a Red Sap recruiter. Though initially rejected for her height, she underwent experiments to enhance her body, transforming it into a powerful form protected by chitin-like bone armor. Her evolution paused during a southern rebellion, where she proved herself in combat and rose through the ranks.

Florentina then took the primordial heart, a powerful relic, for herself. The painful metamorphosis amplified her skills and strength, making her unstoppable. She eliminated threats, rose to lead the Red Sap, and crushed the swamp tribes that resisted the dynasty.

War taught Florentina that conflict and entropy drive progress. Democracies and republics, she believes, are ineffective and promote mediocrity. True power comes from strength and cunning, not ballots. Through war, she rose to unmatched power and influence, embracing chaos and change as catalysts for evolution.

Florentina seeks to build a world in her image, embracing her title as the Queen of Monsters. She understands that true freedom comes from strength and the relentless pursuit of dominance. This is her creed, her unyielding truth. She demands respect and offers mercy to those who bow to her, asserting her place at the top of the hierarchy.

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