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The geothermal bender will beseech the earth to writhe and rise to her call. The stone around her bends to the jinn's capricious whims and girdles her body in a thick layer of blackened rock. Once the material has slithered and shielded the totality of her corporeal vessel, it will remain 4 Millimeters thick and pulsating an organish glow. Throughout the crevices and gaps of her armor, steam will vent and can be appropriated for offensive means. The exact design is up to her mind and can take many forms. However, whatever she dons will be practical and have gloss (like obsidian for visual reference) with lines of gold (if possible) to beautify her armor.

The protective layer is capable of stopping arrows, daggers, short swords, katanas, long swords, greatswords, spears, throwing stars/knives/axes, glaives, and light magic, lightning (Not conductive), and fire will bend or refract off of it. It provides no protection against explosive force, attacks that can seep through the gaps, hammers, and other blunt instruments. Any "special" properties of the opponent's weapons or spells will be taken into account and discussed civilly beforehand. Lastly, I based the defensive property based on how armor actually works in real life. Sorry, but katana slicing through many armors is just silly, and I won't abide by such nonsense. 


The lioness of the sands will command the planet and muster forth a halberd or bo staff of heated rock. This smoldering stone will not only work as an armament. But, it can also be utilized as a pole for her unique dancing style of combat. The jezebel will select which weapon to muster depending on the opponent before her. And, much like her armor, the material is superheated at its core and can disgorge a searing mist of geothermal heat. However, it isn't flammable and not toxic. The bo staff or the polearm will have a max length of 6 ft. However, she can extend it for scaling the environment only.

Special Weaknesses: None


Speed (Racial)
Samara has outstanding core strength and is always cognizant of her posture. While ostensibly of little import, these two traits are crucial for an experienced pole dancer such as herself. In return, this has strengthened her endurance and has bestowed the bovine with the ability to run great distances. Her speed will naturally vary. However, its peak is at 30 mph or 44fps. When she is bedecked in her full armor, it drops to 26 mph. 

Strength (Racial)
Bovinite's are renowned for their robust brawn. Samara can lift 600lbs and possess the strength of 3x that of her human equivalent counterpart due to a lifetime of physical exercise and experience on the battlefield.

Flexibility (Vocation)
Though physical, her body can bend, twist, and morph in ways that only a skilled contortionist or gymnast could ever achieve while in a natural state. A byproduct of her love of dancing and acrobatic hobby.

Hearing (Racial)
Her hearing is two times greater than that of your typical human, permitting her to get the general location of her foe even when her vision and other senses are robbed. Ears are 2x resilient to sound as well. As a footnote, she can't discern any audible din outside of the frequency that humans can detect.

Third eye 

Being born from another plane, the sojourner has the ability to sense the flow of energy/chi/magic (A rose by a different name smells the same.). This allows her to perceive even if her eyes are obstructed or blinded. While not perfect, like any other sense, it has served her well during the sandstorms of her homeland. She can only deduce a rough area, not the size, speed, trajectory, intent, type, or scale/power of the magical device/trinket/attack. To summarize, even an illusion butterfly that is harmless will feel the same as a cosmic world-ending spell barreling toward her position. And it will require supplementary sleuthing to deduce the true threat. It has a max range of 600 ft. all around her.

An OOC note to the reader/prospect writing partner.

The character was created on July 14th, 2008. Everything contained within has been merited through in-universe pursuits and actual character development. If you find anything off, do keep that in mind before discussing it with me, and we can work to tone her down depending on your opinions concerning power scaling. I do ask you to try to honor the years invested in her to the best of your ability. Everything provided in this sheet is a summary to limit the amount of reading necessary and doesn't reflect more than the smallest fraction of her development. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Thank you <3

Full Name:

Samara Del'Fluent


Sammy (Given to her by this ugly giant named Maude, whom she may or may not like.)



Lady of the coin, Enchantress of the Sands, The Ruby Sphinx,  The Crimson Menace, The Lioness, The Grand Accountant, Moon and Star, The False Dreamer, and dubbed by some as being a bitch.



Jinn masquerading as a bovinite



 Day of Birth:


 Visible Age:



The jezebel's mane cascades behind her back and is secured by a plethron of golden clasps that twinkle like stars in the twilight's welkin. Those locks of hair are moisturized and exhibit a reflective sheen that refracts the ambient light while being sleeked back, simulating the flow of a rivulet. Its snow-white hue asseverates the piousness contained within the enchantress. It pleasingly broadcasts her youthfulness to exemplify her temporal achievements as a statement of power. Such a confident exposition glorifies her hedonism and further adds to the mystification permeating her personage. And it accentuates both her regality and feminity.


The jinn's fleshly canvas shows no indications of a defect. Its rubicund tint broadcasts Samara's fiery disposition and avidity. The provocation it radiates has toiled as a stumbling block for many men and women. The claret pigment is evenly dispersed; try as one may, they won't locate any lighter or darker blotches. To most, this underscores that she has been blessed with a privileged existence. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It merely works as a fabrication to swindle those deprived of an astute or perceptive mind—a layer of subterfuge to facilitate her svengali spirit.

The jinn's hands are devoid of callouses—an advantage of being a spirit incarcerated within an earthly prison. The mastership of purifying her facade has enabled such a contradictory appearance. Particularly once contrasted with the reality that is prowling 'neath the mask.


Many fools contend that the eyes persist as the vestibule to one's soul. If true, what can they tell regarding this sphinx? 

The jinn's spheres shine with the vehemence of a pair of sols—those ponds of liquid gold harbor in them an ancient aura. The set of topaz gemstones publicizes a temperament of an entity that weathered a slew of tribulations. Notwithstanding such ordeals, the bovine's eyes flicker with aspiration. However, within her luminous globes slumbers not only the ardency of the stars but the forbearance of stone. One thing is indisputable. The voluptuary shell is yet another thread making up the tapestry that is her guile.


Samara Del'Fluent stands an imposing 5' 2" in stature. And while she doesn't cast the same physical shadow as her male counterparts, there is no refuting the gravity of her influence. The ubiquitous reach of her claws has guided many into mania and eroded the cornerstones of opposition. So while she may appear lacking in that department, the trickster makes up for it in ways that matter. Although, that isn't to say she doesn't benefit from the stoking of pride often beset on the men who dare oppugn her governorship.


The ballerina's physique unavoidably unveils her proficiencies. The jinn's curves are supple and often mesmerizing. Throughout her physical frame are the hallmarks of her fitness. Her legs, core, back, and arms all advertise the endurance and brawn necessitated to be a pole dancer. Such features are further shown due to her suggestive flexibility and performance. (Should one be so fortunate to witness it and live.)

While easily labeled as naughty or lascivious, Samara doesn't carry herself in such a light outside of combat or the scarce winks with which she may endow mortals. Oddly, excluding her mane and eyebrows, there doesn't appear to be any body hair. And once she starts perspiring, it provides a titillating polish. One thing is clear; it requires a great degree of discipline and aptitude to achieve such a body. (130lbs)

Place of Residence:


Place of Birth:



Chaotic Neutral


Single (For now, Maude is taking forever to make her move.)

​Sexual Orientation:



Bratty, Egotistical, Intelligent, and Posh. As a person, she is an acquired taste. Allegedly of questionable moral character. She finds humanity to be deplorable due to an extensive list of past grievances. She will refer to them as monkeys, berks, charlies, and ninnyhammers.

Distinctive Marks:

The menace has numerous markers that stand out depending on one's experiences. Samara's horns and their golden ornaments ofttimes are a point of fixation. That lunar marking affixed to her forehead casts a soft shimmer that unfailingly entices the eyes. And it often leads one to notice her knifed ears that many deem of elven heritage. Additionally, that fiendish spaded tail and her crimson shade steer many simpletons to designate her as "demonic." And while a common moniker, such terminology fails to ruffle her demeanor. 

Jinns have often been mistaken for other such beings. Nevertheless, the bovine qualities end up overlooked, given misperceptions. And while many vainglorious cretins have sought to butcher her upon their tabernacle of self-righteousness. The machiavelli has never refrained from supplying much-needed humility to those nits. And lastly, her sculpture and its ample curves have led the mistress to steam cooking many souls plagued by wanton drives.


Her body has a human level of endurance.  Meaning, if it kills you IRL, it will her.


Well-read, Artistrocate, Mathematician, Analytics, Opulent, Exotic performer


Hates manual labor or sweating, Short-tempered, Condescending, fears obesity.

Basic Info
wrteg4rtwe.png (5).gif




It is through our tribulations that we might cull insight pertaining to our deficiencies. Stagnation and laxity are the banes whittling down destitute souls to their core. To transcend, one must brave their ignorance and paucities. This solemn debt, while never uttered out loud, can be beheld throughout creation. The universe beseeches us to undergo a metamorphosis. This perpetual act of evolution sequentially separates the fit from the lethargic. A methodology, while seditiously circumvented for a time, must ultimately be paid. No soul, despite their impoverishment or exorbitance, can elude this inevitability.

The system we capitulate to under the guise of thralldom is neither benign nor malicious. It simply subsists and exceeds such shoal classifications. The only ignominy in this world is to discommode your brethren rather than confront this hurdle when it should unveil itself. This original sin necessitates penitence. To bypass its snares, we must continuously abide within absolute acuity.


But, if I abhor one thing more than debility, it is those who traipse about under misconceptions. Delusions that they are moral arbiters or most damning of all saviors of the downtrodden. Such vainglorious cretins, their mere permanence is an effrontery to the fundamental hierarchy of the cosmos. Vis-a-vis those rapscallions might dupe themselves into believing they are doing others a courtesy, they are, in fact, notably sanguinary.


If you endeavor to oblige everyone that languishes, you will only dilute yourself and enervate them—the internal ambivalence, when confronted and subjugated on their own conscientiousness, yields the most substantial rewards. To gallivant about and ratify against that travail for others depreciates it. If you care for your kin, then dispense with empathy and cognize the virtue in letting them confront their battles. And when they triumph, they will become even stronger from that mastery. 


The Eternal House (House Del'Fluent.)

The Eternal House stands as the heart Skeletal highway. Under the lioness's supervision, this once-humbled noble family has transcended to new alps. They now rule over the region, and all other houses operate under their banner. Having claimed dominion, they now function as the sword and shield of the people. Additionally, they funnel their wealth into technological, alchemical, educational, medicinal, mercantile, infrastructure, and agricultural pursuits. Having liberated the elves from slavery and pulled the realm from destruction, most have come to see them as the rightful inheritors of the sands. Thus far, under their mistress's oversight. They have finally begun to turn a once fractured providence away from regression and toward a path of progression. 

Their leader, Samara Del'Fluent, has been amicable in permitting former lords to retain some agency. Rather than eradicating them, the crimson menace instead invited them into her fold and toiled to make them see the world through her lens. This union (of sorts) has further facilitated prosperity by circumventing the ambivalence that often accompanies a budding regime. Their structure is meritorious, so any race or gender is welcomed within their upper echelon. Only once they have established their loyalty to the realm and its people. While additionally displaying a high degree of efficiency within their profession.

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