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Regional Lore
Fathomless Expanse

Just beyond the Necrotic Swamps lies the Hiveland. This region is filled with cities and alien vistas. A twisted area of blackened and sleek structures with pulsating flesh sacks that provide ample lighting. The forests are caked in otherworldly grime. And like willows, the material droops down from the flora and branches, dripping their solution onto the earth. The soil itself is powdery, often described as black sand. While other portions resemble obsidian, albeit as resilient as typical rocks. 

Jagged mountains point heavenward with massive chasms nestled between. A deep and complex network of caves runs under the earth itself. And many mysteries remain unexplored. The people who formerly occupied this region have long since vanished. Leaving behind only sparse ruins to hint at their prior existence. 

The Nexus is the most central metropolis. Many trade routes connect, and it is situated within the kingdom's center. Outside of its borders, lies The Living Forest. Tall, dark structures with thousands of pulsing eggs layered within, some dangling down like the leaves of a willow, along with pods germinating sweet fruits.  At the edge of this forest stretches the dark towers. A collection of militarized cities where operatives gather and disseminate information and where recruitment/training is handled. 

Lording above this section of the Hiveland is the Hive. A huge black city where the buildings have a beehive-like design. Coils of flesh are strewn throughout as the biotech radiates light and energy. It is the heart of the empire and the largest populated region. Farmlands stretch out beyond its borders. Crags of dark rocks fortify the area to assist in repelling invaders. 

The Monster Union safeguards the twisted providence. Which is composed of Drumvar, Toadlins, Turziens, Onis, and Hirundea. Massive metropolises, farming communities, and hamlets are littered throughout. While the smoke from their factories fans out and reaches the sky. 

East of this eldritch blighted land rests the Fathomless expanse. The oceanic flora, barnacles, and some sea life have evolved to take to land. Gradually, they're encroaching across the surface, giving it an aquatic and earthy feel. A process accelerated by the release of the primordial heart's energy, an ancient artifact. Here the universities, tinkerers, and scientists of the Hive reside. Their ranks swell with a diverse collection of the coalition's brightest minds.

The fathomless expanse is connected to the hive. They're neighbors, two mutations due to the same otherworldly influence. In contrast, the hive took on a foreboding amalgamation of flesh, insects, and earth. The fathomless expanse adopted aspects of marine life. The animals that soar the skies are jellyfish, sea sponges, and other organisms that evolved to become avian. Meanwhile, the vegetation includes seaweed, kelp, and comparable oceanic plants.


To an outsider, it appears the sea is rising to conquer the land. The natives of this region are the Oni-A collective of humanoid cephalopods, crustaceans, and sea slugs. They originated from Zelena, who used the event to propagate her ideal children. Unlike most, they aren't interested in the affairs of other land-based species. They abide by and care only to pursue their research with an undisclosed agenda.


Their cities are numerous, but the trinity stands out the most- A hybrid of jellyfish, coral, shells, barnacles, and other materials. Universities dart their land as many come to seek edification. Home of the printing press, the Oni believe it’s their duty to democratize literature. Their most treasured resource is knowledge. Their massive libraries are nothing short of legendary. And are patrolled by the coral automatons they create.


Beyond their trinity city are dome labs submerged under the waves and protected by military outposts and bases strewed across the shore. On the surface, the massive fleet patrols the waters and makes trips between the mainland and islands under their banner. Within those installations, classified experiments are continually being conducted. Some are militaristic; others are engineered to improve everyday life.

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