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​Relationship: Single


​​Sexual Orientation: Open to anything.

​Personality: Analytical, calm, Optimistic.

​Distinctive Marks: Everything about her body.

​Traits: Brave, Intelligent, Well-spoken, Altruistic.

​Faults: Sees herself as being repulsive, naive.

​​Senses: Echolocation, Magic sense, Feeler taste.

​Racial Abilities: Speed, Strength, agility, magic sensory, Organic Consumption.

 Armor(s): A living mass of tentacles slithering from her own flesh. Is effective at dispersing blunt attacks, but not cutting/puncturing.


Weapon: Tendrils, Slimes, Poison, Toxins.

​Special Weaknesses: A single well-placed blow will kill her. Her physiology being of this world, is susceptible to anything that will kill a typical human. This applies to temperature and other natural forces. Evolution/Biology doesn't permit tanks, and given the more scientific approach I took, I decided to maintain that thematic element. 

Special Resilences-  Due to her being disease made flesh, She is immune to toxins, disease, and poisons as her body will break them down and add their composition to her arsenal, can secrete antibodies for assimilated illnesses/diseases. This comes with one additional note, once exposed the cephlapod will have to endure the effects of the foreign agent. In summary, she suffers the effects only to develop a "cure" before death. So she will convulse and be vulnerable to you walking over and stabbing her.

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The accounts of prior epochs, the controversy of contemporary theories, and the immaterial world have always enticed the tendriled spawn. From a young age, Zelena found herself sticking that nose deep into dusty pages, those binary foci scouring the papyrus papers rapaciously for erudition. Knowledge, the one currency scarcely held, labored as her muse. Yet, even as a still budding mind, the daughter of worlds knew the physical domain lacked all the answers. Science, magical theory, alchemy, while each are estimable tools, they were inept at accurately characterizing the observable universe. Her inquisitive gaze solicited enlightenment elsewhere, probing deep into the rabbit hole of transcendentalism and philosophy. The occult, while mystifying, screened within its shade many fulminations.

The space between the pages, an unexplored expanse that flouted rationalization, it didn't take long to swallow the developing soul. A spiral of revelations, each spawned more queries in their wake. The horrors that prowled such domains verified themselves as a menace. Her father, Ryse, imparted the merit of self-defense, techniques she employed to repel their insidious snares. With each folio discovered, with every lesson ascertained, the cephalopod girl found herself hankering for just a little more. To understand the cosmos in its totality, while admittedly a fool's errand, was the only calling that rendered her purpose. Due to her naivete, she conjectured if she just learned a little more, her mother, Mirage, might return and embrace her as a daughter.

Her confidence waned through the years, having been the victim of a myriad of bigotries. The people's hearts were bitter and closed off, their eyes myopic and unable to see beyond the exterior—a monster to some, a demon or abomination to others-yet, a friend to no one. People were complex and fickle things, but books and words were clear and concise. She replaced social bonds and the warmth of another; exchanging them for the lifelessness of tomes and the coldness of isolationism. Zelena recognizes herself as repulsive, a crime against nature, an object undeserving of anyone's affection.  Who knows? Maybe it will be through the solace afforded by her studious pursuits that the octopi might obtain liberation from this heartless world and its strangling restraints.

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Full Name: Zelena Timanti (Green Diamond)

 Race: Cephlapood


 Gender: Female

Father: Ryse

 Day of Birth: 16 years before the 19th era.

 Age: She is 41 years old, but due to her biology

she aged rapidly till 27 years, at which point

the process seemed to cease.

​Hair: Green

 Skin: Emerald

​Eyes: Green and yellow binary pupil eyes within an inky black sea that ebbs and flows.

​Height: 5' 3"

​Weight:1670Lbs (Tentacles)

​Place of Residence: The wilds.

​Place of Birth: Sandslout

​Alignment: Morality isn't so simple, she envisions herself as having a heart of gold.

Social Information.

​Family: Ryse (Father Dead)

Amun (Former Husband, Dead.)
Osiris (Firstborn, Dead.)
Almalexia (Baby girl, Dead.)

Amenotep (Middle child, Dead.)

Mirage  (Mother, alive but complicated.)

Idols: None.

Alliances: Memoria

Mentors: Ryse (Hand to hand)

Sloth (Her conch/Magic instructor.)

Mirage (Arthimitic/linguistic teacher.)

Friends: Watari Devante 

Amari Khepri

Mazana Quil'Kovesh

Etinara Quil'Kovesh'

Surayyah of no one.

Enemies: Samara Del'Fluent (For her experimentation)

Valerna Jorgenskull (Executing her family.)

Eternal House (Imprisonment/experiments.)

The Defiled (Meanies.)

The Verdant Dynasty (Executing her family.)

Basic Info

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