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Full Name : Surayyah of no one.

Titles : The Bohemian Rose, The radical dreamer

Race : Djinn

Sex : Female

Family: Unknown

Date of Birth : unknown to man

Age : 55

Place of Residence: A caravan cart

Place of Birth: The Road

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Relationship: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Witty, Warm-spirited, Jovial

Traits: Seductress, Well-read, artisan

Faults: Depressed, temporarily eludes its sting by inflicting joy onto others of which she vicariously experiences.

Vocation/skills: Vocalist, Fortune teller, exotic/belly dancing, Acrobatics, Juggling, Acting (Theatre in short) and breaker of hearts.

Weight : 110 lbs

Height : 5'

Notable Features : None

Hair Color : Black

Hair Length : Past shoulder

Skin Tone : Caramel

Eye Color : Honey

General Appearance : Gold bands, imbued with emeralds and rubies. White dress, with multicolored beads.

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