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Verdant Dynasty Government


The Verdant Dynasty is an umbrella state. It forms a parliament where each species is given a platform to air their problems. The local leaders of the races assemble within various cities to discuss policies. In short, the positions of power are held by representatives. The diverse nation-states will have two to four mediators specializing in different fields to ensure their viewpoints are heard and entertained. A voting system holds all proceedings and decisions to guarantee a favorable outcome.


This has encouraged the extension of olive branches with the aim of gaining favor among the vastly distinct races. They're all Jorgenskull, proceeded by their heritage within their minds. A camaraderie that has trickled down to even the lowliest of social classes, aiding a more serene integration. Adopting one another's holidays, language, and culture gives way to a unity that transcends their stark visual differences. The continued prosperity of the Dynasty supersedes their territories.


Cultural pollination has resulted from such dealings, furthering a sense of fellowship. If a dispute should arise that leads to a tie, the Matron is called to break such standstills. Within their system, the role of "Queen" holds little power. The monarch's influence is kept at a minimum to prevent corruption within the senate. And while she can make proposals, the chieftain is beholden to the committee's determinations. The rationale behind such a unique leadership structure is that absolute power corrupts. And it's less likely that a collective of ambassadors will fall prey to such taints and that wisdom can be found within a multitude over a singular person.


If a member should present themselves as a threat, a hearing will be called. Should such allegations be substantiated, they will be executed for endeavoring to disrupt the equilibrium of the Verdant Dynasty.



The structures of the Verdant Dynasty are either stone, wood, or, most commonly, Bone with spider webbings. The Jorgenskulls enhance the bone plating to be akin to steel. Their homes are sturdy, nearly fireproof, and the web system allows them to take them down and rebuild them to relocate in the event of a disaster.




The primary means of transportation besides foot are the following.


1) Reptilian mounts, Arachnids. (No Horses)


2) Boats via Hearth of the earth, The Outer Rim, and the skeletal highway and river transportation that leads to Fingers, Lunar, Boneyard, Ironbark.


3) Beneath the jungle are long tunnels filled with spiders who scurry along the network transporting goods and people between ALL settlements. The ceiling is covered in their webbings, and their large bodies are attached to wooden structures/platforms used to haul products and personal. The swarm of arachnids guards this labyrinth, along with armed units who accompany them during their travels.



Two underground networks interconnect the major settlements/cities. These highways consist of 10 lanes of traffic, making up 40 total, with 2-3 routes that feed into a central chamber/hub underneath the connected terminus. The floor, walls, and ceiling are coated in webbing, allowing their giant arachnids to ferry goods and personnel via straight lines. This massive infrastructure project took over 100 years to complete and offers many advantages that a road can't:

  1. It allows more 3d travel as not just the floor can be appropriated for movement.

  2. It isn't impacted by weather or topography; being underground isn't affected by earthquakes or storms.

  3. Since the entrances can be effectively monitored, the threat of highwaymen/predators is virtually nonexistent.

The two systems mentioned above are divided; one connects the south, and the other to the north. The skeletal highway has begun construction but is in its early stages. 




Industrially, they have factories operated by the goatkin. The largest of which is within the Hearth of the earth. But other races have begun to adopt and start industries within their borders. The following places have research/development and production facilities.


Hearth of the earth.


Necrotic swamps (edges)


Outer ring

Skeletal highway within the center.


These facilities construct armaments, tools, ships and produce silk. However, spider silk production is limited to inside the jungle due to the resources it offers being ideal for their spider farms. With such a booming advancement, the need for labor was always present. Recently, with the acceptance of the baderkerkhan, they've achieved a method of automatization, not through computers but an undead labor force. These advancements have not only allowed the Verdant Dynasty to meet its demands but exceed them. As a result, goods are faster and more easily shipped, and the supply and demand have resulted, along with their tech, in an increased lifestyle for the citizens.


Their navy is composed of floating bones and wooden ships coated in webbings for additional protection. They use cannons to fire cannon rounds or magical explosive attacks and bile sprayers to deal with enemy vessels. Using spider webs, they've constructed scuba-like suits that allow a person to stay underwater for half an hour. The dynasty also have mines they could place to funnel enemy vessels. Additionally, the sides of the ships have webs they can fire using their spiders to allow troops to board an enemy vessel or tether them. They can dispatch aquatic or flying arachnids from the deck. 



When it comes to an airforce, they do not have a traditional one. The jungle launches its troops with web suits and parachutes from spider silk slings. The device allows them to navigate the air at speeds of 100 mph, able to traverse up to 120 miles. They deploy parachutes and fall to the ground. They also use this system to launch arachnoids who spin and fire strands to yoink, trap or limit their enemy forces' mobility. 

Additional military aspects


Lastly, they have railguns that propel boulders at high speeds. Given their size, they are not transportable n remain fixed within the cities, and can launch a projectile up to 500 miles with accuracy with the right crew. They are used to break sieges, provide support and defend their neighbors while ground forces are dispatched. Due to the energy cost, these systems are not endlessly bombarded but offer prolonged interludes. Spotters help to make the necessary adjustments and equations to ensure they can strike near the mark.



The jungle and its people enjoy luxuries that were inconceivable a few generations ago. Throughout civilization, pipings propel energy to supply heating, cooling, water, and artificial lighting. Generators that harness the crystals allow such miracles. The people grow crystals within facilities and transport them via mounts to install in the generators. These devices oscillate to produce the desired results and release a palliative droning and vibration. They have zero known environmental effects, can be renewed and recycled, and are clean. Such advancements were only made possible due to the goatkin and their engineering and scientific knowledge. 




Throughout the tree tops are outposts exclusively responsible for firing lights to send various messages. These beacons will pulsate for weeks if the area is deemed perilous to alert travelers. Given the altitude and nature of this warning system, it can be spotted for tens of miles. And if serious, such as signaling an invading force or major catastrophe, the nearby stations will replicate it to spread the word fast across the wilderness. They also have begun installing morse code apparatuses that broadcast a dozen miles, suitable for sending reports to bases, pockets of civilizations, or commands to troops on the battlefield. 

Spider/Bone Technology

The Verdant Dynasty has evolved down a unique path, mastering more "primal" elements of nature and coupling it with their ingenuity to deliver outstanding solutions to the ordeals that beset their society. As a people, they harness their capacity to alter bone to devise protective shielding and armaments. This osseous tissue is twice as resilient as steel and is virtually fireproof, given skeletal material can withstand temperatures up to 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They coat their bodies and structure in this precious material, mass breed animals, and utilize the dead to meet their demands. Nothing is wasted. All organic material is meticulously recycled to better the collective.

Blood and bodily fluids are appropriated to devise alchemical weaponry that discharges a boiling mist of a putrid concoction. The skin is dried and is used for books, wallpapers, and other such needs. Adipose is gathered for their vile alchemical weaponry and amassed as a fuel source. The dung is positioned in heaps and either shoveled off for the putrid creation to ward off attackers, or it can be employed to farm methane. The Verdant Dynasty also has factories operated by the denizens for the mass production of Caster guns and their precious spider silk. This organic fiber is the strongest natural material, ranging from 5-10x stronger than high-grade steel, depending on the species of giant arachnid it is harvested from.

The Dynasty spins this thread to weave armor, building materials, nettings, medicinal supplies, and militaristic technologies. The meshing is incorporated into parachutes, stitching materials, dressings to stop bleeding, rope, clothing, and netting for war and civilian applications. They also form giant slings to launch weapons, troops, or goods across great distances. The webbings are also constructed for aquatic/naval purposes. They include laying nets to catch and stop vessels and the creation of suits that hold air to allow underwater travel. 

Additionally, the Verdant Dynasty tamed giant turtles to function as transportation for military and civilian use. They swim across the river and sea carrying troops and ferrying goods/people. On their backs are large caster cannons, of which there are two variants. One that expells arcane-based artillery, and another that releases their searing alchemical fog of bodily liquids. On the front of their shells are hooks of bone that are launched to tether their crafts to naval threats to permit easier bordering. These behemoths are shielded by a layer of earth or bone, with a sweater of spider filigree layered over their exterior. Given their ability to transition on land and sea seamlessly (with some species allowing underwater applications.), they, along with spiders and other reptilian mounts, are the favored method of land-based transportation.

Crystal Technology

The jungle is known for harnessing crystals that originate from the core of the planet. These natural formations are imbued with the world's energy and resonate out a "mist" of arcane particles. In and of themselves, they hold little use, but when agitated within an oscillating chamber, they collide and release energy. This energy is gathered within a focusing crystal and discharged through a series of pipings. These pipes run along the cities, and hamlets darted throughout the world. This byproduct can be used to flicker crystal lighting structures, heat water, and provide other basic amenities. They do not possess wiring, nor do they have clockwork or piston mechanisms. 

These power sources are harvested underground and have recently begun to be germinated within facilities within all significant territories. Destroying one of these crystalline batteries will cause the energy to disperse harmlessly. They CAN"T be used as explosives, and you can't appropriate them as a method to restore your mana pool or amplify your power.



Alchemy is the precursor to chemistry. When it comes to the plant life of the world, they run similar to what you'd find on earth within each climate. Grass hasn't evolved yet. Ferns make up the bulk of vegetation along with mushrooms and trees. Flowers have recently (within a thousand years) started to appear due to natural changes in the climate. Alchemy takes vegetation and organs and combines them to create "tonics." These tonics DO NOT grant superpowers, instantly heal wounds, or other such absurd claims. They are natural salves to help with burns, drinks limiting headaches, and slightly lower fevers. Medicinal applications are simple here. There is no massive pharmaceutical structure or hospital system given the world's current progression. Incendiary, poisons and volatile gases can also be created. Though when it comes to toxins, they are not lethal in 10 minutes.

(Major Factions)

The Verdant Dynasty

The Verdant Dynasty is a collection of races united under the Jorgenskull rule and guided by universal principles. This alliance was forged to battle off their world's harsh climate, the unforgiving jungle necessitating unity or facing potential extinction. All those part of this alliance contributes their resources to the whole. Each species maintains autonomy over its territories. They offer their firstborns as soldiers and 10% of their resources to the pot in exchange for protection and technology. In turn, it brought harmony to a once turbulent realm, broadcasting ideas and cultures as their differences slowly started to wane. 


Despite using web, wood, and bone as the core of their society, they managed to keep up through magic implementation. After securing the Goatkin they saw a boom in new armaments and life-altering technology. They are the epicenter of law and the beating heart of the superpower. 

House Khalil is structured around the pursuit of the "Darker arts." Within this federation of sorcerers, the act of necromancy is embraced, making up the bulk of their workforce. As a faction, they seek to unravel and catalog the mystery of the tangible and immaterial facets of the macrocosm. 


House Khalil believes that new ideas flourish when scrutinized and disputed by their peers. They have begun to institute libraries and universities where they hope to disseminate erudition to coerce the people via the appropriation and monopolization of information. They openly venerate Mirage, extracting kinship via the sphere they share, sometimes risking bargains to exchange knowledge for knowledge if rumors are to be believed. 


To this house, morality is a barrier deterring progress, and while the old ways are valuable, one should seek different venues to strengthen their community further. Their undead labor force is employed to keep the factories running and allow the Goatkin engineers to keep their focus on the pursuit of technological development.


The university of boneless limbs is charged with the democratization of knowledge. They set up medical facilities, libraries, and universities across the providence. Additionally, they maintain the factories of the Verdant Dynasty as well as research goals. Their organization comprises alchemists, teachers, philosophers, engineers, doctors, and any intellectual pursuit they deem might benefit society. The group is ruled by the broker, whose identity is shrouded in mystery and the subject of much debate and speculation even among their ranks. 

Faction Leaders

Niazmina and Valerna.








The Eternal House (House Del'Fluent.)

The Eternal House is the center of the realm's magic and mercantile. Their dwellings take the form of twisted fungi and trees that represent their belief in a natural order. The mysterious organization holds to a meritocracy, where individuals' achievements are held in higher regard than the collective. Renowned for their academic pursuits and silver tongues, they often are charged with maintaining the production of goods and law of the desert and skeletal highway. Their hands (The Coalition) patrol the streets adorned with ceremonial armor to keep order and make up the military. An amalgamation of the jungle and select desert species that work in tangent to propel the lioness of the sand's vision.

The church (Lunar order) is a followership that sees its mistress as a living dreamer. A higher entity born from the dust of creation to disseminate kernels of enlightenment. The ideologues relay her homilies to dispatch perspicuity to the masses. Their robes and armaments often sport lunar insignias to pay paean to their matron. Their establishments catalyze education, where debate and research are encouraged. They believe they can achieve apotheosis by better understanding the fabric of reality.

House Devante is another wing of the group. Originally they served the realm as renowned monster hunters, and while they still carry out this service, their expertise has expanded. The illustrious organization now serves as the inquisitorial branch. Those within their ranks (And the coalition) are required to have martial prowess and alchemical training, undergo a rigorous training regiment, be educated in military history, and be versed in the customs and laws of the providences. 

House Devante members are given writs, legal documents that permit them to carry out assassinations and investigations under extreme cases to transcend above the fetters of the law. A function only afforded to the highest echelon of their ancient order. It must be signed by the Lioness of the sands and the Spider of the Jungle (Matriarchs).

Outside the desert and skeletal highway, they serve as an auxiliary faction to assist the Red Sap should they find themselves stretched thin. Magically they are known as sword dancers. The skill of combining the arcane with their weaponry and martial art to form a synergy. Often their members can be seen with ashen marks embedded into their flesh. A custom where the cremains of fallen brethren are carried into battle so that their glory might transcend death itself.


Faction leaders

Watari and Samara



Any race.


Memoria is an accumulation of outcasts composed of Djinns and Homunculus who abode within a wintry pocket realm. They've rallied under the polar queen Mazana in the belief that they can procure tranquillity and existence within an intolerant Darwinian world. The inhabitants see the realms beyond their frigid domain as hostile, dealing with them wearily out of fear of suffering from their ire. Screened from the prying eyes of others, they concentrate their attention on caster arms and magic. Unlocking the mysteries of alchemy and enchanting to bolster their forces should one day foreign encroachers invade.


Their isolationist policy extends to the point that they rarely lift a finger to assist with the deserts or jungle plights. Dispatching agents to infiltrate their ranks, contracting the gypsies to be their ears and eyes on the earthly plane. They distrust outsiders but are not foolish enough to refuse profitable trades or dealings. They only involve themselves if there is a direct benefit or serve as a method to circumvent a more significant hazard.

Their only ally outside their polar domain is the Hive. An alliance was procured due to Zelena Timanti infiltrating their ranks to evaluate their usefulness. Currently, they work together in secret. An alliance birthed out of necessity.

Faction leaders.

Mazana, Zelena and Etinara.




The Hive

The hive is an enigmatic group bent on mastering magical and alchemical principles. Often found strung throughout the necrotic swamp and the hiveland, growing their trees of flesh to extract the crimson ichor. Using the Mothkela moondust to produce a potent narcotic, this drug is said to confer clairvoyance into aspects of the world, surpassing perception. 


While in this heavenly state, the mages can become untethered from the anxieties of this world, delivering their consciousness and bestowing them with the utmost efficiency in their arts. This thick syrup can amplify their magic and extend resources by glazing the material or mixing the nectar with alchemical reagents to bolster effects. 


A secret only entrusted to a few to prevent the abuse of their most fastidious resource. They often seek new applications, for knowledge is temporary, but the glory of the Jorgenskull is forever. Toiling as inquisitors, spies, and upholders of their Monarch's rule.

They are a new society and very alien. Their black goo that infested the northern territory has made many feel uneasy. However, for now, peace is upheld.

(Faction Leaders.

Nysoesa, Zelena and Florentina.






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