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Speed (Echolocation

Due to her unholy heritage, the spawn is capable of reaching 30 mph and can scale her environment using her feelers to scale walls or steep inclines. 


And can react quickly due to a stream of inaudible frequencies bouncing about to assist with detection. (400ft) They can only detect once per ping, so a moving target will not be precisely located. Furthermore, obstructions such as walls, boulders, trees etc can shield the adversary from this sense.


(Based on cephalopod facts.)

The monstrosity possesses enough strength to enable her to lift 1,500lbs with her wicked tentacles or hands. As a Cephlapod her skin can detect light, each tendril has a mind of its own yet capable of working as one. Zelena can blend in and alter the color, texture, and to a degree shape. The body and its bones are capable of shifting, contorting into awkward positions. The process causes pain to the creature but allows her to compress her cells to squeeze into small spaces like an octopus. 


 Mana pool/sense

Zelena can sense the flow and magical energies around her, granting her rough ideas where magic-based attacks, artifacts, traps, and trinkets are within a 160 ft diameter. She can detect the general location such as somewhere behind her, but can not pinpoint its exact area, nor can it deduce the precise nature of the arcane flow. To her, a butterfly illusion and a fireball feel the same.


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Special Trait


Boneless sprouts

The creature sprouts tentacles from her spine to assist with combat and day-to-day tasks. The effects of these abnormal growths will be listed below in tendril power/suction. If severed, they will take a few days to regrow including limbs. Zelena can taste and smell from her feelers, and secrete toxins, as well as enzymes which smell of lavender. This antimicrobial/antibacterial byproduct is used for hygiene and to even impregnate male/female as the fluids mimic their genetic code to form an abomination based on both parties' genetic makeup.



-Tendril power-

The real-world physics for fun, and used her thighs as a method to gauge the size of the feeler. Assuming her thighs have a radius of 4 inches because those are some thick thighs. (Average is 3.22 inches)


The volume of a cone



V = 2.28 cubic feet.


However because tentacles more so curve to a taper rather than just make a straight line, I increased it by 25% to 2.85 cubic feet.


Now conversions which is an absolute pain in the ass. 2.85 cubic feet to milliliters is 80,703 milliliters.


Assuming the tentacles have a density of human flesh, it is 1.1g per mL so it comes out to be 88.773 kg or 195 lbs per tentacle. The tentacle going at 120 mph is carrying 127,758.6 joules of energy.


Upon impact because it is a blunt weapon, we'll assume it is simply transferring its momentum into you.


Because momentum is conserved and the tentacle weighs a little more than the average man, the transfer is going to accelerate you to 60 mph. Assuming your body doesn't break apart and it hits your chest, which gives about 3 inches and assuming you arch your back for another 6 inches, you'll more-or-less accelerate to 60 mph in 4 milliseconds.


This results in an acceleration of 6,562 m/s, or 656 Gs. This also produces a force on your body of 544,687.5 Newtons.

In layman's terms, her whipping is lethal due to natural science and physics against most opponents should they be within range, unable to elude the blow, or deflect adequately the forces involved. The liberties taken here is the velocity, but even at 30mph (Slower then the fastest human punch by 15mph.) the results would be disastrous.


-Suction cup strength-

A Giant Pacific octopus can hold 35lbs with one section alone. And, each produces 100 lb of force which can tear flesh. Grant it, she is larger and more powerful than a Pacific octopus given how cephalopod anatomy behaves in this regard.  Her's can hold 140lb per cup and produce 400lbs of force.


In layman's terms, if she coils around to ensnare you. Zelena has the physical means to break your bones minus the femur and rupture your soft organs.


The being secretes a thick slime-like residue, capable of slowly dissolving her prey. Their liquefied remains are used for sustenance to fuel the body or regain lost mana reservoirs. The foul solution must be dumped into an orifice or be ingested to take effect. The process is gradual, making it not practical for combat given the duration and delivery method. Ten turns are required for the complete soupification of the prey's innards.

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Description- Zelena's skills are centered around four core driving forces, Cephalopod (Which some are poisonous), rot, disease, and toxins. Many of her attacks are slow to dissolve down an opponent due to their infectious nature. Notwithstanding being sped up by magic, but are still nonetheless far from instant. The fumes themselves can be removed from play by a strong gust, holding one's breath will do nothing as they are absorbed via the skin. All tendril growths can extend to a max of twenty feet. The tentacles themselves can have suction cups to snare, or spiked barbs to rend flesh from bone. The exact nature of these extremities will be stated once the attack is formed. And will take a turn to shift from their original intended purpose into that of the alternative.


Rots are in the form of a black smog or ink, seeping into the cracks of armor, and will take a few turns to cause a form of mummification on the exposed area. The effect occurs via sucking the moisture from anything that is within its haze. This thick darkness will also limit visibility; however, it will not eliminate sight functionality. Below are the four stages of her afflictions. 


Phase one is if you are barely within the grasp of the attack, so your exposure is under a second.


Phase two is a direct hit or two exposures on the edges. 

Phase 3 is a second hit or 3 turns within.

Phase four is three hits or four complete rounds in the toxins. These attacks are not volatile and thus can not be exploded by a fire. Nor do they described explosion disturb much in the terrain or damage the target directly. It is used to explain the expansion of the infected area.

1- Minor effects, light headache, nausea, mild cramps.


2- The toxin/rot is setting in. In rots case, the limb will feel heavy and stiff, proving less workable but manageable; if poison vomiting, Diaherrea and fever kick in.

3- If rot, the limb will heal with time, but its functionality will be stricken to the bare minimum, such as being able to move the fingers slightly.  If poison, the effects of 1 and 2, as well as weakness, fatigue, extreme body aches, and the blurring of vision and slowing of one's senses by half.


4- If rot, full mummification, the limb can't be salvaged and organs within are turned to a delectable soup. If poison, seizures as the brain dies due to extreme body heat. Usually followed by diarrhea as the muscles lose their ability to maintain bodily functions, slipping into death or coma.

How do resistances play?

To keep things simple I prefer a flat modifier. In short, if you are 50% resient it will take 6 turns for phase 4 to take effect. Zelena doesn't like to kill and so she often will provide the antidote to those at such levels given she see's inherent value to almost all lifeforms.

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Noxious bomb- When using her hands, the creature can draw on her sickening chi to produce a spherical bomb, launching it to a max of 130 ft, in which it explodes either on contact or at the end of its travels. The eruption will not cause anyone to be thrown back, covering the area in a amethyst mist lasting for three turns. Additionally, her tendrils can slam them on the ground, producing a spherical explosion outward, both methods max circumference of delivery is seventy feet.

The smog of decay- A thick haze of dark smoke spews forth, the unearthly fog blankets a sixty foot long, twenty-five-foot wide cone area. It lasts for two turns, as those within will undergo the stages of mummification. Alternatively, an option to fire a gout of gangrene, which Is a baneful greenish mist, that applies the poison/disease effects. This attack can be expelled from any orifice or be ejected from the tips of boneless limbs to increase the range accordingly.

Inky solution- The cephalopod can twice per fight draw on her ink to either place a runic trap that erupts when the target enters it (5ft width for activation before discharging in a forty-foot spherical arrangement) administered to the environment via the spanking of her boneless limbs. Or, she can emit a purplish fog around her limbs that when she slams her foot or hand against a surface will send out a sixty-foot spherical spread of a squalid solution around the caster. This material will drench the opponent. Inducing mummification and will pool around the area lasting for two turns. (Once per fight.).

Ferocious Tentacle- The aberration can launch a 20ft radius mass of spiked feelers that adhere to any surface they touch. They are capable of trapping and ripping exposed flesh from the body through the use of their firm grip and two-inch barbs. These growths can extend outward by up to twenty-five feet. The delivery is done through the use of her armor by launching the same material symbiotically fused to the vestige. Only four can be employed across the arena; Zelena will need to reabsorb the growth to launch another, taking an entire turn to do so.


Tentacle Hell- (ult) - She can channel the dark magic of her Eldritch heritage, after a turn of chargeup, the unholy matron can slam her tendrils or foot on the ground thusly evoking a one hundred and twenty foot radius explosion. The attack will cause little disturbance to the surroundings as a thick haze of black smog covers the region. Giant tree-like tentacles (Thirty feet tall, four in total) will sprout from the ground, wiggling about as they seek to catch and trap their prey within the mummifying rot. The area of infection will last until the smog is blown away.

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