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Full Name: Mazana of Nothing 

Nicknames: Maze 

Titles: Frigid Flower 

Race: Homunculus Djinn 

Gender: Hermaphrodite.

(Mazana was created with the idea of being male, but the experiment failed, resulting in a hybrid of sorts. As such she posses both genitalia and reproductive organs, though, isn't very sexual by nature, given her internalized conflict and self-loathing due to artificial birthing and mutation.)


Day of Birth: Unknown

Age: She is 56

Hair: Raven with Blue streaks

Skin: Olive

Eyes: Honey brown.

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 210Lbs

Place of Residence: Memoria

Place of Birth: A Syndicate lab.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Relationship: Married

​Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Analytical, skeptical, Dry humor, Bratty, Sarcastic

Distinctive Marks: Tattoos

Traits: Well-spoken, Calculative, Observant, Cold

Faults: Lone wolf, internalized hatred due to her heritage, Socially stagnant

​Senses: Below.

Racial Abilities: Below

Martial styles: Judo and Muay Thai

Social Information.


​Family: Comm'Orra


Idols: Comm'Orra


Alliances: Comm'Orra


Mentors: Matsumota Devante


Friends: None

Enemies: Rakash Quil'Kovesh

Tahira Quil'Kovesh


The College of Whitestone

And all Alchemist

Samara Del'Fluent


Magic Description



 Mazana’s abilities are based on the idea of wind, cold, and using her extremities as natural extensions, aka martial combat. All of her attacks leave ice on the arena for 3 turns that can cause slipping (unless specified otherwise). This coating will encompass the total size of the ability. Furthermore, any standing spikes will not pierce steel-plated armor. Iron will bend due to yield strength. Below are the equations for your own edification.


When it comes to melting her creations, ice is vastly superior than most are aware of at standing up to even temperatures of 2,900 f. Before you contest this, go to youtube and search ice vs fire. You will see videos of the temperature I mentioned and higher taking 2+ mins to melt through 3ft high 2ft thick blocks of ice. And a great video of a 6inch thick, 2-foot long rectangle of ice beating molten metal. And so, I went with the idea that melting her creations would take two turns of applying flame gout/heavy flame thrower to prevent it from being overpowered.

3.1415(pi)* 0.0762(radius in meters)* 2* 1.83(length in meters) = 0.876139218 cubic meters.

The volume of a cylinder is [pi]r2h

Mass = volume * density
Mass = 0.876139218 * 0.9168

Mass = 0.80324443506 kg

Ke = 1/2mv^2

Ke = (0.5* 0.80324443506)* (60.3504^2)

Ke = 1462.77670535 Joules of energy behind the spear of ice.

Joules = Newtons * Meters

Assuming 0.01905 meters of stopping distance. 

76786.1787586 newtons.

Pressure = Force / Area

Pressure = 76786.1787586 * 0.0015 (assuming a 1.5 mm pinhead for area of spear tip)

Pressure = 51190785.8391 Pascals or 51.19 MPa

It isn't enough to cut through iron. However, it does just exceed yield strength, meaning it will deform it plastically

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