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Vedant Dynasty

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Verdant dynasty

I) Technology


The people of the Verdant Dynasty harnessed the power of crystals to revolutionize their way of life. With the guidance and expertise of the enigmatic Goatkin, whose mastery of engineering and science is revered throughout the land, the jungle and its habitants now enjoy amenities that were once mere dreams.

The crystalline generators are central to this technological marvel, towering structures that hum with energy and pulse with life. These generators, powered by the potent energy stored within crystals grown and cultivated in specialized facilities, serve as the beating heart of civilization in the jungle. They propel energy through intricate pipings, supplying heating, cooling, water, and artificial lighting to the bustling cities and settlements scattered throughout the jungle's expanse.

The process of crystal cultivation is a closely guarded secret. Within carefully controlled facilities hidden amidst the verdant foliage, crystals are nurtured and grown to perfection. Once matured, they're transported via mounts, specially trained creatures capable of easily navigating the treacherous terrain to be installed within the generators.

As the crystals oscillate within the generators, they unleash their boundless energy, producing the desired effects with remarkable efficiency. The generators emit a soothing hum and gentle vibration, a testament to the harmony between nature and technology achieved by the people of the Verdant Dynasty. Remarkably, these advancements have zero known environmental effects, leaving the pristine beauty of the jungle untouched and unspoiled.

The Goatkin, with their unparalleled knowledge and expertise, has been instrumental in guiding the people of the Verdant Dynasty toward this era of prosperity and advancement. Through their tireless efforts and dedication to progress, they have unlocked the secrets of crystal technology, paving the way for a future where all can enjoy the wonders of the jungle.

Crystal Technology

The depths of the ancient jungle, where the roots of towering trees intertwine with the earth's secrets, slumbers a phenomenon of immense power: the crystalline formations born from the planet's core. These natural marvels, imbued with the essence of the globe's energy, emit a subtle mist of arcane particles that weave through the air like transcendental tendrils.

Initially, these crystals held little practical use, their latent energy dormant within their crystalline lattice. However, through the ingenuity of the scholars and engineers of the Verdant Dynasty, a method was discovered to harness and utilize this untapped potential. By agitating the crystals within specially constructed oscillating chambers, they could be coaxed into releasing their stored energy in controlled bursts.

The process begins deep underground, where skilled miners carefully extract the crystals from their natural chambers. These raw crystals are then transported to specialized facilities scattered across the territories of the Verdant Dynasty, where they undergo a meticulous process of refinement and activation.

The crystals are placed within oscillating chambers within the facilities, where they are subjected to precise vibrations and frequencies. As the crystals collide and interact within the chamber, they release bursts of energy channeled and focused by a central focusing crystal.

The energy, now harnessed and contained, is channeled through a network of pipings that crisscross the cities and settlements of the jungle. These pipings, crafted from durable materials resistant to the arcane energies coursing through them, deliver the power to various structures and devices throughout the land.

In the cities and hamlets dotted across the jungle, the energy is used to power essential amenities and infrastructure. Crystal-lighting structures flicker to life, casting a warm glow over bustling streets and shadowy alleyways. Water is heated for bathing and cooking, while other necessities are provided for by the abundant energy flowing through the pipes.

Despite their immense power, these crystalline batteries are remarkably stable. Should one be destroyed, the energy stored within disperses harmlessly into the surrounding environment, leaving no lasting impact or danger. They cannot be weaponized as explosives or appropriated to restore mana pools or amplify magical power.

As the technology of the Verdant Dynasty continues to evolve, so does their understanding of the mystical energies that flow through the heart of the jungle. With each discovery and innovation, they draw ever closer to unlocking the full potential of the crystalline formations at their world's core.

If you wish to invent tech do keep in mind it must be researched and developed and must adhere to the themes provided above. Additionally, it must be feasible for the character you're playing and can't supersede the knowledge of the setting (As it currently is) unless merited. So feel free to earn such advancements and leave your mark on the setting.

Flesh arms

Weapons exist unlike any seen in the mundane world. These are the Fleshfire Arms, crafted by the enigmatic Arcanobiologists of the Boneyard. Legend whispers that these guns are born from a forbidden union of ancient alchemy, eldritch sorcery, and the very essence of life itself. At their core lies a macabre fusion of flesh, bone, and magically imbued crystals harvested from the deepest caverns and created within the planet's core.

Creating a Fleshfire Arm is a clandestine art, a secret known only to the masters of the Boneyard. It commences with the careful selection of a suitable host—a creature of extraordinary vitality and magical resonance. Through a ritual veiled in secrecy, the creature's essence is bound to the frame of the weapon, merging its flesh and bones with intricate sigils of power.

The heart of each Fleshfire Arm is its rotating chamber, a mesmerizing assembly of gears and runes where the magical crystal is inserted. These crystals, known as Arcanite Gems, are conduits of elemental energy hewn from the fabric of elements. Each gem pulsates with a distinct hue, representing one of the fundamental forces of nature—fire, ice, lightning, earth, water, light, or wind.

As the wielder selects a crystal and inserts it into the chamber, the weapon awakens, resonating with the chosen element. With a whispered incantation, the Fleshfire Arm unleashes its arcane fury, channeling the power of the crystal to transform mundane ammunition into devastating elemental rounds.

The fire crystal ignites the ammunition with searing flames, turning targets to ash with its blistering heat. The ice crystal envelops foes in a frosty embrace, freezing them solid in their tracks—the lightning crystal crackles with electrifying energy, arcing between enemies with deadly precision. The earth crystal unleashes seismic force, shattering defenses with its earth-shaking impact or cacking them in mud. The light crystal fires beams of laser while water unleashes powerful geysers that knock foes around. The wind crystals send gusts to push objects or put out flames and environmental hazards.

Yet, the might of the Fleshfire Arms is not without its toll. Each shot not only depletes the ammunition but also saps the life force of the wielder. With every squeeze of the trigger, the bond between weapon and wielder strengthens, inching them closer to the precipice of insanity. Only those with the most indomitable wills and the deepest reservoirs of magical energy can aspire to master these enigmatic weapons without succumbing to their ominous allure.

Thus, the Fleshfire Arms remain a symbol of awe and dread in the Verdant Dynasty—a testament to the boundless potential of magic and the perilous depths of their ambition. As whispers of their existence echo through the ages, adventurers and scholars alike are drawn to the mysteries of the Boneyard, seeking to unlock the secrets of these arcane wonders before they fade into legend once more.

Types of weapons

  1. Revolvers: These six-shot wonders are the epitome of versatility and reliability. Compact and deadly, they harness the elemental power of the Arcanite Gems to unleash precise, devastating shots. Whether facing down a single foe or engaging multiple targets, the Revolver's never fail to deliver their deadly payload with lethal accuracy. (50 ft max range and one-inch spherical rounds, six shots, can be dual-wielded.)

  2. Rifles: For those who prefer to engage their enemies from afar, they offer unparalleled range and firepower. With their elongated barrels and precision craftsmanship, these six-shot marvels can strike targets from great distances, their elemental rounds tearing through defenses with unstoppable force. (150 ft max range, six shots, and two-inch spherical rounds.)

  3. Blunderbusses: When it comes to close-quarters combat and area control, nothing rivals the raw power of the blunderbusses. These shotgun-style weapons unleash a devastating spread of elemental energy, obliterating anything unfortunate to stand in their path. Though their range may be limited, their destructive potential is unmatched. (Two shots, cone-shaped, 30ft long, 10ft wide.)

  4. Throwers: For those who crave spectacle and destruction, the Throwers are the weapon of choice. Mounted on the user's back and capable of unleashing torrents of elemental fury, these weapons can engulf entire swathes of the battlefield in flames, frost, or lightning. Few can withstand the devastating power of a well-placed gout from a Thrower. (40 ft and 5-inches wide.)

  5. Focuses: When subtlety and precision are required, the Focuses answer the call. These beam-like weapons emit focused streams of elemental energy, easily puncturing even the stoutest fortifications. With only four shots per chamber, each discharge is a calculated strike designed to eliminate high-priority targets with surgical precision. (Fires a wobbling energy beam up to 100 ft and 3 inches wide.)

  6. Tubers: When all else fails, and brute force is the order of the day, the Tubers deliver explosive results. These single-shot cannons fire rounds of concentrated elemental energy, their explosive force capable of leveling structures and decimating enemy ranks with terrifying efficiency. Though their ammunition may be limited, the devastation they unleash is unparalleled. (It can be launched up to 300 feet and explodes, covering a 20-foot area.)

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