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Below is a global event that is recent history. The emergence of the defiled resulted in the purging of all sentient life across the desert, and they assaulted the Verdant Dynasty. This means there is zero chance you can write a character who wasn't impacted by the event. 


The jungle suffered heavy losses, only able to withstand the invaders due to the foresight and guidance of their Matron Valerna Jorgenskull. Not a single settlement went unscathed by this otherworldly scourge. And, through the deeds of the Inquisitors, Red Sap and Devante, under Commander Tahira Quil'Kovesh were able to endure. Below is the "ending/epilogue post" of that plot. A story that took 13 years to conclude. Enjoy the read. Contact the mod team or the community if you have questions or need more details.


Inside the anchor, a tower surrounded by a crystallized sea, one soul made it through the defiled defenses. A hundred plus charged, and yet a protective field atomized them all. Faaria, despite her myriad of faults, had foreseen their fortifications. She had constructed the homunculi so they could slip through, as the shield only targeted those of the world.


Tahira was made from harvested defiled material collected from the corpse of Aquaria, an infected and famed Kitsune general. As such, the field couldn't separate her from one of its kind. The imitation was wounded, her side bleeding as she pressed her hand against an open would. Limping along, Tahira grunted as she fought through the pain. The defiled bombardment had wiped out many, their fleshly giblets still staining the lone survivor.


The daughter of the flask couldn't give in. Too many were depending on the success of this suicide mission. Even now, as she hobbled, every man, woman, and child fought to buy them time. If she succumbed to her injury, their sacrifices would all be for nothing. With such determination, she plowed through the pang even as her vision blurred and a cold sweat ran down her blotted cheek.


The din of her steps echoed while she ambled deeper into the foreign structure. Eventually, she reached an expansive chamber where a large beam of rubicund light ripped through the ceiling and fired into the welkin. There, standing by the column of energy, loitered a lonesome conch. His solitary eye of gold pierced through the shadows of his shell while he observed the oddity.


The vampire closed the gap, the blade in her hand trembling as she drew closer to the veins running along the floor to the beating heart in the center of the anomaly. The harbinger was taken back, befuddled at how this elf survived their barrier. A thousand upon a thousand worlds had been harvested, yet one soul had never infiltrated this sacred enclosure. Tahira could feel his inquisitiveness, but she didn't care; she continued her weakened stride as her breathing intensified.


The aquatic representative was fused with the fleshy material, incapable of stopping the mortal's advancement.


"You have come to the moment of yet another culling. The beginning of existence without end."


Tahira said nothing at first, the warmth of the light reminding her that she was still alive.


"We bring order to the chaos of life. Salvation against the inevitable. Why decimate your only hope to thwart the end? Those you call the defiled are not your adversaries but your future."


The vampire stopped her step, looking over at the conch.


"Hope. That is why I am here."

She retorted, inspiring the entity to chortle.


"I see. I can smell us on you. You're not what you seem. You will silence our song? And doom yourself to the void?"

Tahira narrowed her eyes, moving closer as she inspected the organic material encasing the base of the ray.

"I...I am an imitation. This is true. However, if I break the cycle, all my sister's suffering would be for something."

The crustacean pondered, considering the heft of her response.

"Those you wish to doom are not your people. Why refuse the inevitable? Why not join your brethren?"


The inquisitor said nothing; her mind focused on trying to find a way to stop the rupture that leaked in the black rot.


"I may not be alive and I may be similar to your kind. But I'm not your brother. Perhaps this experiment doesn't have a soul. Although, if I can give those depending on me hope. Then my life was given purpose."


The creature kept hushed, finding this worm's answer to be fueled by ignorance.

"Destroy us, and the great song will ultimately go mute. We are the cure, those who keep the cycle of sentient life possible. But, your arrival proves an error remains in our...equation. Therefore, course correction is necessary. Come close, meld with me, step into the light, and we will become one. Our ashes will rain and spread this gift to all those across the worlds. They will become us, become one. A single consciousness. No more war, no more dissent originating from diversity."


Tahira shook her head in response to the thought.


"No, I won't deny them their free will. Perhaps you're right. Even if so, we would rather face the doom of our design than capitulate to the extermination you offer. Diversity isn't our weakness."


The entity's mind scrambled, thinking of another solution.


"The desert's fate refutes this assertion. Join us. Keep the cycle going, and spare this world for now."


The agent studied the veins before her aquamarine eyes followed them to the heart.


"No. No one should have such power. The ability to destroy life on such a degree is a curse, not a blessing."


Clenching her blade, she coursed her chi through the implement as strings of plasma whipped across the room. The conch was disturbed, his mind for the first time knowing fear. Fear that their mission might come to an end.


"If you destroy, you will die. This place will rip apart, the multiverse will separate, and every soul will be doomed not to rebirth but extinction."


Tahira finally pieced it together. The entity was trying to indoctrinate her. Corrupt her flesh and mind. Everything it said was a lie. And, for the first time, the defiled exhibited fear. Valerna was right; this was their true heart. If she severed it, the energy would dart across every universe and time, purging their filth from all.


Convinced, the imitation hacked away. Each slice sent blood squirting across her face as an explosion erupted. The heart beat faster while the conch wailed. She'd repeat the cycles; with each cut, a flash of light followed, along with the face of those she met during her travels.


Mazana, Faaria, Feyre, Rakash, Watari, Matsumota, Chatana, Sukegei, Valerna, Roha, the face of all her sisters born from the flask. Undeterred, the homunculus kept going until, eventually, a bright burst of light, and then...nothing.


Outside, a ship waited by the shore. Matsumota stood on the bridge, puffing her pipe away while her crew closely watched the instruments. The others lost hope. However, the Matsumota knew that a Devante never gives up or fails; they don't know how to. Eventually, a voice came from the crystal box. Florentina, the general who led the fleets' assault on the sea of time.


"Instabilities detected. All ships retreat and head to the rendevous point."


The blood fox refused to follow the order as the space around them trembled. Although, she eventually gave in as Watari approached and held her arm. Her peach eye looked up at her son as he informed her they had to go. With a heavy heart, she gave the order as they rushed across the waters toward the wall of fog that served as the bridge.


The light in the sky became a sun of energy, chaotically swelling and deflating. The sphere expanded and, this time showed no sign of withdrawing. The ship shook, its hull creaking as the crew worked as hard as possible so they could hit their max speed. The light got closer and closer, and each defiled it passed just fell from the heavens and into the water. Luckily, they reached the veil, although the expanding sun of light followed them.


Boneyard was beset by large prawns that towered over their buildings and landed across the capital from the azure. The people hunkered, firing caster rounds, artillery and spells. The large crustaceans and their thralls ripped through the city. Valerna, standing next to her wife, gave her a forlorn look as if to say sorry. But before all hope could be lost, a rushing tidal wave of energy came from the sea and pushed throughout the land. The heated light ripped the smaller defiled at the seams. While the large shrimp husks just dropped to the earth dead. Some of their carcasses crashed against and broke buildings under their weight.


Some sought cover with the rubble strewn across the metropolis. Afraid that the unknown energy might end them. But, once the dust settled, they awoke to silence for the first time in days. The soldiers and civilians cheered, raising their weapons into the air while Valerna looked around in disbelief. Amazed that somehow, against all odds, it worked.


The skeletal highway was overrun. The walls had fallen, and the eternal house and red sap were pinned down within Kilk-moss. Samara and her kin were pinned against the wall. The fleshy fingers of the shrimp flogged the land while the red menace was dancing across the battlefield, discharging her steam to delay the horde from breaching their defenses. No matter how many she fell, another ten took their place.


Samara's golden eyes opened as she beheld the light on the horizon. The flood of rays getting closer and closer, and just before she could be overwhelmed, it hit and dissolved the horde into ash. Standing amidst the dead, the exhausted heifer held her hands, catching some of the ash.


All across the jungle, the defiled fell from the sky or collapsed where they stood. The people cheering, happy that their matron's plan had saved them all.


Meanwhile, Matsumota kept ordering her crew in the fog to make the blasted ship go faster. The vessel rocked wildly, the haze thinning as the space became nothing. Unable to outrun it, the darkness eventually swallowed them as they were thrown. A loud crash followed. Slowly, Matsumota rose, her head bleeding as she called out to her son. Watarai answered, helping his injured mother to the door as they opened it. The ambient light engulfed them as they stepped out into the jungle.


The spectacle of the defiled leaning against the fingers of the elders made both their hearts skip a beat. And rather humblingly, the sound of wildlife returned. It was almost as if their victory was inconsequential in the eyes of the universe. If they had been harvested, that life would find a way to start anew.

One by one, the surviving crew members exited the damaged ship as they took in the vista while the suns gradually set. For the first time in a long while, twilight wouldn't bring the defiled and its fog. And for once, a better tomorrow for all...

--Weeks later.---

An assembly was gathered by a monument. A massive wall with the name of all the dead etched onto it. Valerna remained silent while standing on a stage as she waited for the final name to be engraved onto the earthen slab. "Commander Tahira Quil'Kovesh." Many were grieving, but the chieftain couldn't risk appearing weak. The commander had no one of blood, so a stone mason had to etch her name. And so, she readied herself to address all those who had gathered.


"The defiled have been vanquished. We prevailed against all odds and in the face of this planet's gravest menace. We suffered many beatings, but we succeeded.


This achievement belongs to each of us... every man, woman, and child. Now, as we take our first steps toward mending what was lost, we must recognize what it took to win. This wasn't a triumph by a single race. If this conflict has taught us anything, we're strongest when we work as one. And if we can put down our differences long enough to stop something as powerful as the defiled, imagine what we can achieve now that they are no more?


It'll take time, but we can reconstruct everything that was demolished. Our abodes, our way of life, all of this, and more. Together, we can construct a most extraordinary future. A tomorrow paid for by the sacrifices of those who took on the ultimate price. A future that many will never see.


And while we still have many hurdles ahead of us. We can face them together. And honor those who offered everything to give us this opportunity."


Somewhere, half buried, a body lay still. Its bloodied form was clad in blackened scale, donning the patch of the fox and the rose. Around the inert body were pieces of the tower. Flakes of snow descended from the azure, only to settle on the cheeks of the agent. Her bosom sprung to life, taking one deep breath as her eyes opened. Bleeding, Tahira looked about only to see a figure in the distance. Her vision blurred as darkness took her once again.


The form strode closer, accompanied by others, as the figure ordered them to carry Tahira. She gradually reached for her hood, pulling it down to reveal her identity. Mazana smiled, running her gloved hand down her sister's dirty cheek.


"Welcome home. You did well. However, it isn't done. No, we aren't safe yet. There is but one more step necessary to secure our people's future."


The polar djinn smiled, looking out across the wintry distance as she knew great things were coming.

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