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White Sands World map
(Total Sq miles 3,820,000. The map is a shrunken down version be it based on the dimensions loosely of the middle east.

Worldmap WSE22.jpg

The Skeletal highway is 200,00sq miles (Central America.) 

The Verdant Dynasty is 6,890,000 sq miles. (South America)

The Verdant Dynasty Regional Summary

The Dynasty.

The Verdant realm is an overgrown providence filled with myth and mystery. A heartland where these two things intersect, twist, and mingle. A place that is defined by their universal tongue and cultural pillars. Unity presented the jungle's people with a golden age that has weathered past hurdles and has lasted for a thousand years. The belief in the spider delivered them security and prosperity unparalleled when contrasted with the other nations of Horandeal.   Faith that they stand stronger when unified than squabbling over superficial details like race, tribe, or creed.

Their unwavering devotion to this belief and the internal ambivalence of their neighboring nations allowed the Verdant Dynasty to transcend and metamorphose into the world power it is today. The filigree of the spider is ubiquitous, rendering both progress and security to the inhabitants who call the jungle home. Giant structures of bone and web juxtapose marvelously with the towers of lumber that reach the heavens. The thick leaves supply shade as the massive fungus, kaleidoscopic flowers, plentiful ferns, and nutritious roots provide health to the land. 

The southern providence (Skeletal Highway) is a buffer, a massive savannah wedged between the white desert and the maze of trees. The Devante and Eternal house patrol the wide roads as they ride on the backs of their feathery mounts. Toward the southernmost points, Its people abide within structures of fungus and webs. While along the coasts, one might notice the region's architecture shifting from mushroom towers to abodes comprised of bone to look like the hollowed carcass of crustaceans. If one should trek north closer to the border of the jungle. The dwellings will alter to that of wood, with intricate engravings documenting the region's history.

Rivers, springs, and lakes provide the land with sufficient water to support its population. While its tunnels and caves are used to raise arthropods whose eggs are harvested for food. And the volcanic ash is imported from the south to supply much-needed nutrients to their soil. And as one travels, one might hear the calls of giant birds and dinosaurs and the chirping of outlandish insects. All of which call this savannah home.

North of the Skeletal Highway lies the beating heart of the dynasty. A thick expanse of unnaturally large trees whose branches seemingly pierce the azure. Nested within its branches are towns known as the Ironbark Towers, and neath its shades are hamlets. The motherland has three main modes of travel. One can take the roads or navigate for stretches via the canopy of webbing interconnecting the lumber hamlets. Additionally, they can move by boat across the sea or rivers. 

To the west lies the Hearth of the earth, a metropolis carved into the mountain ripe with technological wonderment. A city filled with artificial fixtures of light that use crystals to pierce the darkness. Affixed to the walls are pipes of bronze propelling energy to its denizens' workshops, factories, and residences. A port on the other side of the mountain ensures that naval bombardment or siege would prove ineffective while allowing it to function as a port hub for the western seas.

The Heart of the Earth is the epicenter of advancement, both militarily, such as casterguns, and tech aimed to enhance the daily lives of the nation's people. The Goatkin who founded this marvel are industrious, leading others to anoint it "The city that never hushes" due to the steady running of its installations. 

Next door lies the Lunar veil, the domain of the Mothkela. The capital of medical and alchemical advancement. Its people live within massive pyramid structures that are buried into the earth. The exterior is covered in farms, and the shepherds can be seen herding their giant sloths amidst the thicket. The Urk-til river provides fish. Ships ferrying goods and smaller vessels to gather the bounty of its waters can be spotted voyaging across its surface.

The locals use crafts of lumber or giant turtles to traverse the river. The lunar veil appropriates it to operate as the middleman between the Hearth of the Earth and the Boneyard.

There, within the center of the dynasty, is the Boneyard. An intricate labyrinth of monumental edifices of bone with web bridges linking them. The municipality persists as the drumming core of the superpower; within its borders, all political affairs are settled. It stands as the center of education and mercantile. Its vast streets are roved by armed guards with arachnids as helpers to assist with upholding order. And overlooking the entirety of this engineering achievement is a massive skull that is the palace of the world, with a spinal bridge uniting it with the rest of the city.

Birthplace of the Dynasty, the metropolis is populated by a diverse assemblage of the motherland's citizens. 

To the east, one will happen across the massive graveyard known only as the outer rim. This outpost is a military installation where secret weapons are evaluated for field use. The maze of remains also labors as the training depot for the Red Sap, the Verdant Dynasty's special task force. Here those who enlist hone their crafts while studying alchemy and science. At the core of this enigmatic region is a wilderness comprised of carcasses where the Red Sap harvests the ichor that gives them their name.

The Bader'kekrhan have recently moved in to aid with the production of armaments via their undead labor force. It is a portion shrouded in mystery where the "dark arts" are studied to bolster their military prowess. A legion of shambling dead and spiders patrol its exterior where traps a plenty lurk to ensnare any who might be foolish enough to pry. 

North of the river and to the east resides the Necrotic swamplands. Within the quagmire, one can discover Kilk-Mire, the largest northern city. The bog is home to large dragonflies, misquotes, corpse flies, Quetzalcoatlus, and roving predatorial dinosaurs. The hearty people are bred for war and are comprised of Toadfolk, Turtlefolk, Giants, and monstrous leeches. They serve the warden of the north, who is the second in command, should the current administration fall prey to an attack. They exist to operate as the tip of the spear, their tenacity only overshadowed by their conquest of an otherwise inhospitable patch of silt.

Here the priestess of the old order dwells, fusing the ancient traditions with modern culture. The school of flesh magic and anatomy overseen by the Red Sap to propel the Giant's amplitude for such fields to new zeniths.

West of the swamplands stands the Fingers of the Elders. Large spires of rock and home of the Drumvar. The beetlefolk calls its peaks home, farming mushrooms and drilling the rock to exchange for resources lacking in their birthland. Across its misty alps and steep slopes are the homes and monasteries of these spiritual beings. The Drumvar consumes hallucinogenic mushrooms and smoke jungle herbs to feel more in tune with the natural world. One of their most prized contributions is narcotics that intensify the body's pleasures.

Their dung homes are unique and a point of cultural pride. Given their town's location and the incline, they often scoff at outsiders who inquire into a more accessible route, often with their favorite line, "You can levitate, can't you?" In their mind, the drudgery of scaling their cliffs is a sign of merit. Those unable or unwilling are not extended a helping hand.


Those who happen to flounder into this world, no matter their gateway, all find themselves at the edge of time. It is the furthermost end of the dimension, where over that cliff is an infinite void.  Here, they will stumble across an armed settlement powered by a network of levitating gems. The terrain is steep, jagged, and layered in compact snow and thin ice. A series of caves are interconnecting, filled with hibernating beasts who only rouse from their slumber to hunt or if an ill-fated adventurer should roam into their lair. Across this slippery region, flowers of frost can be witnessed unfurling their petals, reflecting the binary suns and moons glow brilliantly.

Exceeding the edge of time is the Wilderness of yore. A labyrinth of perplexing trees fused with pulsating crystals. This wilderness holds many secrets and resources. Here many local settlements hunt for game and cultivate the land for strange fruits. Within its haunting abode lies remnants of previous dreams, stories not yet told that are home to eerie disturbances. Even if one is dispersed, another inexplicably rises to take its place. They lead many to surmise that these events are echoes, the ghost of yore bellowing forth to be heard one last time before dissolving into oblivion.

Continuing onward, one will hit Yesteryear's reflection. This city is carved into the mountains. Here, the defenders of the land train and are garrisoned while awaiting assignments. The Djinn who had architected their domain deliberately designed this municipality to reflect the influences from her motherland. A reminder of their roots while laboring as a metaphor for their principal strengths and preceding weaknesses.


Within the center is a mirror floor, where all initiates are challenged to gawk into. They claim that what they perceive is their most unsettling failure. Many warriors take pilgrimages here to undergo this ritual, with the aspiration that one day they won't find anything but their solitary reflection.

Just beyond the city limits, The Present Road awaits any traveler. It is a sprawling forest that is the middle point of the world. It exists for perpetuity unchanged as if secluded from the influence of time. Many lodges can be found on its road, along with sparsely populated villages. On one end lies the past; on the other awaits the future. This expanse serves as a transitionary point within the current of time and its manifestation over the realm.

The Present Road breaks into passageways of earthen structures that lurk underground. These ruins and monuments reflect the optimism of tomorrow. These constructs serve as towers of knowledge, where the academics and scholars of the land reside to stalk their crafts. Magic radiates from the fissures on the surface while specks of snow float within the air as if not bound by gravity. Where sleet spirals in groups, dragging the feet of absentminded wanderers into their cold clutches of death.

The futures divide lingers ahead. It is a massive graveyard imprisoned by a glacial turbid glacial layer. Icicles adhere to the edges, while gaped maws of monolithic carcasses welcome voyagers to roam into their preserved corpses. The ground cracks under one's stride, yet never does it give way. Beneath that translucent floor, one can discern the ruins of a myriad of civilizations encapsulated within winter's merciless grip.  

And at the end of the flow of time is Hereafter. A massive metropolis composed of bulbous structures and quaint abodes. Here many research labs survive while the people hold off in futility against the inevitability of armageddon. The citizens believe that the sun provides and ravages life, determining that winter preserves and is a preferred alternative. The Homunculus work hard to generate an eternal winter that will expand out across the multiverse—defeating entropy and presenting at least their kind with immortality.

Other Areas-


The White Sand empire.

Status- Devoid of all life due to the defiled.

Location: South of skeletal highway.
Reason for not being accessible- Player choices.

Possible stories- Expansion by the Verdant Dynasty at a later date.

The Hive

Status- In construction.

Location- The Necrotic swamp and up north.

Reasons for not being accessible- Being developed now by Nysoesa.

Possible stories- Being grown now. It will be an alien world that will open up to the players once the lore is finished.


Status- Devoid of all life due to the defiled.

Location- South of the desert.

Reasons for not being accessible- Lack of players. And would need to be colonized so you need a government to back it.

Possible stories- None.

Coastal Town Art.

Fungus structure art

Eternal House Structures.
(skeletal highway.)