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(Verdant Dynasty)

The necrotic people of the realm are noted for having two distinct species within their fold. The first is the jackal-eared and tailed kin known as the Burseti'khlani. And the second is more feline, known as the Peur'skar. They currently dwell within the Hearth of the Earth and the Boneyard. Their race deems itself the pinnacle of evolution, often sneering down on the other groups with resentment. They're often known for exercising necromancy, believing the dead should serve the living. As a result, they have specialized in various embalming methods.

They raise the fallen to join their undead guard force. They believe the soulless husk needs to be maintained so their loved ones can look at their offspring gleefully. The pursuit of magical theory is above all else. These dark sorcerers seek to unlock its secret to expand their relevancy and influence in the Verdant Dynasty. Those educated tend to prefer enchanting outside of necromancy. The arduous process is costly and restricted to the nobility of the province.

The Baderker'khan are regarded as morally questionable by others. Few races outside the giants can respect their love for anatomy and necromancy. Nevertheless, the use of undead for the labor force has sparked a form of industrialization. The benefits have forced others to tolerate their unorthodox culture. Legislation was signed that protected their right to raise the dead and not have it used for armaments of construction. The spider matron agreed as the free labor was far too advantageous to deny.

Within their establishments, it isn't uncommon to see an undead employee serving one a drink as the necromancer is busy reading in the corner. None within their ranks question it. It's considered rude not to raise your parent to serve in death. Their thralls are an extension of their skill sets and hold a familial bond. If one is a swordsman, their thrall functions as a marionette and is equally skilled in the way of the blade (Example.) In order to placate tensions, the necromancers are not allowed to raise the dead of the other races within the dynasty.

As a society, they rarely get involved or attack other races unless provoked. This species is very reticent, dispatching dark acolytes into the jungle to dig through countless ruins, as archaeology and forgotten arts are their strengths. However, they are not against snatching wildlife to add fleshy bits to their thralls. A process known as grafting that they inherited through their union with the Jorgenskulls. Additional Information.

Males- 5.5-7ft

Females- 5-6ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring male.

Life expectancy- 180 yrs

Naming conventions- Middle Eastern Skin tone- olive-black

Passives- 2x human strength.

2x hearing

Special restrictions- None.

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