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The Bovinites: Masters of Merit and Magic

The Bovinites are a magically adept race that adheres to a strict Darwinian meritocracy. In their society, only those who ascend the ladder of chaos are honored with the titles "son" or "daughter," proudly displayed as accolades of achievement. Many Bovinites strive for this coveted title, but the journey to earning it is arduous and fraught with trials. Through wars, conquest, and rigorous ordeals, they believe weakness can be purged, allowing the strong to emerge and reign over their lesser brethren.

Social Structure and Marriage

Dominance is the cornerstone of Bovinite society, influencing every aspect of their lives, including marriage. The most powerful mate demands submission from any lover, and this dynamic ensures that only the strongest genes are passed on to the next generation. Once offspring are conceived, parents pledge a solemn vow to their progeny. Upon death, their remains are resurrected to continue serving the family, emphasizing their commitment to the collective's strength.

Cheating, lying, and stealing are seen as acceptable when used to advance one's station. The replacement of a master by their apprentice is one of the highest honors within Bovinite society. Despite their seemingly selfish pursuits, their intellectual and esoteric endeavors are all focused on strengthening their family. They believe that alone, they are nothing, but together, they can reign for eternity.

Religion and Worship

The Bovinites worship the Sharmoot, whom they revere as a great sultan transcending the limitations of the temporal plane. This great jinn guided them through tumultuous times with her wisdom and is considered the great dreamer, ruling the material domain. Their culture is fervently zealous, incorporating her homilies into their daily lives. To speak ill of the Sharmoot is to risk ostracization or death. While their capital is substantial, the Bovinites are cautious with charity, believing that an open hand can cause more harm than a balled fist, especially towards those outside their alliance.

Culture and Aesthetics

Bovinite cities and garbs are unparalleled in beauty, with the people parading their worldly attainments and love for arts and crafts. They wear flamboyantly colored dresses and douse themselves in gentle perfumes. Bovinite women are renowned for their beauty, using it to infiltrate other cultures and positions of influence, subtly bending them to their will.

They have established several assassin guilds, known collectively as the Eternal House, to eliminate any challenges to their way of life. In combat, Bovinites move with a dancer's grace, casting vibrant spells and viewing war and turmoil as art forms in themselves.


The Bovinites are a race driven by a relentless pursuit of power and excellence. Their society, founded on meritocracy and dominance, produces individuals who excel in both magic and martial prowess. Through their worship of the Sharmoot, they find spiritual guidance and cultural cohesion. Despite their fierce and often ruthless practices, the Bovinites' collective strength and dedication to their families make them a formidable force in their world, constantly striving to maintain and expand their influence.

Additional Information.

Males- 5'4"-6' 6""ft

Females- 5'-6' 6"ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring female.

Life expectancy- 200 yrs

Naming conventions- Middle eastern/'French

Skin tone- Any color but white.

Passives- 2x human strength.

2x Hearing

Special restrictions- Masters of magic sense. (Must be earned IC.)

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