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(The Fathomless Expanse.)

Bovinites are a magically adept race that clings to a Darwinian meritocracy. Only those that ascend the ladder of chaos are bequeathed the term “son” or “daughter”, flaunted around as an accolade of achievement. Many bovines aspire to hold this coveted title, but the route to reclamation is arduous. Weakness can be shed through wars, conquest, and ordeals, allowing their kind to brave the iniquity of despondency alone. While grisly, this antagonistic drive has facilitated the cream of the crop to lord over their lesser brethren. Marriage is based on the notion of dominance, where the most potent mate charges any lover to yield under their yoke. Once offspring are conceived, they pledge a solemn vow. 

Upon expiration, their remains are gathered and resurrected so that they may be put to work. Cheating, lying, and stealing are all seen as tolerable when applied to the evolution of their station. For a master to be replaced by their apprentice is seen as one of the few honors their kind can achieve. Culturally, despite seeming selfish, their intellectual and esoteric pursuits are fixated on a single path, strengthening their family. The people adhere to the notion that alone, they're nothing, but operating as a collective, they may reign for eternity.

The Bovinites worship the Sharmoot, who they regard as a great sultan who transcends the limitations fostered by the temporal plane. The great jinn guided them with her wisdom and navigated their people through tumultuous times. They consider her the great dreamer, and the material domain is rightfully under her dominion. Their culture is zealous, often adopting and incorporating her homilies into their lives. To speak ill of the jinn is to risk ostracization or death. Despite their capital, the Bovinites are careful with the dispersing of charity. The people believe one can do more harm with an open hand over a balled fist. That applies doubly so to those outside their alliance. 

There is no more extraordinary exhibition of beauty than their cities or garbs. The people parade their worldly attainments and love for the arts and crafts across every facet of their civilization. The bovines don flamboyantly colored dresses and douse themselves in gentle perfume. Their women are known for being some of the fairest in the land. They employ this to infiltrate many cultures and positions of influence, to bend them politically to their vagaries. They have instituted a few assassin guilds (Under the Eternal House.) to help contest unwanted challenges to their way of life. In combat, they dance about and cast vibrant spells, believing that war and turmoil are art forms in and of themselves.

Additional Information.

Males- 5'4"-6' 6""ft

Females- 5'-6' 6"ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring female.

Life expectancy- 200 yrs

Naming conventions- Middle eastern/'French

Skin tone- Any color but white.

Passives- 2x human strength.

2x Hearing

Special restrictions- Masters of magic sense. (Must be earned IC.)

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