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(Verdant Dynasty)

The giants consider the world to be a carcass. And that all life comes from the ashes of the fallen. A system of death and birth forever in a loop, as history and people repeat themselves in various forms. This faith is known as the undying tree. In which the roots reach deep into the underworld. The trunk is the material plane, and the branches perforate through the heavens. They subscribe to the idea that all life courses up and down this tree in an infinite cycle. And that when the world ends, a seedling is left behind to start existence anew.

They seek to peer into their dead for guidance, believing that organs, bone, and blood are the keys to unlocking their potential. They tattoo their cremated remains onto the skin as symbols of their accomplishments in battle. It's rumored that they can alter the size and parts of their body. The most influential strut around, demonstrating their mastery of the craft of flesh magic that functions as a status symbol.

The giants believe one's weapon is a continuation of their will. They take all carcasses and use them to construct elaborate structures of bone or armaments. And use the skin as they tan it into leather linings to coat their dwellings' interiors. The roofs are shaped like a crab's shell, the walls pure skeletal structures with protruding ribs serving as columns for support. There is a heavy focus on the tribe, Jorgenskull. Remembering how they were once divided yet now stand unified under a single great banner. The symbol of the spider and skull is held with great cultural significance.

They listen to the Matron of the tribe for wisdom. When their ruler expires, their skeletal remains are utilized to add to their throne as the next leader sits on it. It symbolizes their knowledge and power passing on. Those deemed unworthy are not granted this most sacred right. Instead, their corpse is left outside to be eaten by carrions. The giants are open to the experiences of the flesh. As such, sexuality is freely celebrated along with the ingestion of narcotics.

They don their body piercings, split tongues, and colorful garbs of plumage, furs, and other such bounties of nature. The giants venerate the natural order. Subjugating it, but with a great degree of respect and prudence. Whenever they fell a quarry, the goliaths would offer a prayer of appreciation for its sacrifice. They hold to the idea that the natural hierarchy, while in flux, should be admired. That all things change, the world most of all.

Outside of their bone, the Jorgenskull soldiers are clothed in spider silk as a form of under armor. Arachnoids serve as dogs, pets that accompany the guards of the province. The use of silk without government approval is seen as a great effrontery. The slaughtering of their eight-legged friends is regarded as profane. The people consider the Araneae a holy symbol—the servants of their arachnid queen and, by extension, the populace.

Additional information.

Males- 8-10.5ft

Females- 10-13ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring female.

Life expectancy- 200 yrs

Naming conventions- Spanish/German. Last name is the tribe, Jorgenskull.

Passives- 3x human strength.

Skin tone- White-olive.

Special restrictions- All giants must have one school of magic being cellmancy. They have the racial ability to skrink and decrease their height up to 50%. Additionally, they can fortify or explode bone based equipment.

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