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Origin and Geography:

The Solharians hail from the desolate archipelago known as the Forsaken Isles, situated in the tempestuous northern seas. Isolated from the mainland by treacherous waters and perilous cliffs, these islands are a harsh and unyielding home, characterized by rocky soil, sparse vegetation, and a perpetually overcast sky.


Solharians possess a pale, almost ghostly complexion, a stark contrast to the vibrant hues of other races. Their frail, wiry bodies are ill-suited for physical combat, often resulting in them sustaining twice the damage in battles compared to their sturdier adversaries.

Society and Governance:

The Solharians live in small, isolated villages, each ruled by a feudal lord who fiercely defends his worthless dirt mound from neighboring lords. Their society is fragmented, with constant warring between lords, ensuring a state of perpetual conflict. This ceaseless strife has stunted any attempts at forming a unified empire, as alliances are fleeting and treachery is commonplace.

Magic and Superstition:

Solharians are limited to a single type of archaic magic, long outdated compared to the advancements of other civilizations. Their bodies, fragile and weak, cannot handle more potent magical energies. Superstition dominates their lives; they worship a solitary sky god, believing that disease is caused by foul odors. Rituals to ward off evil spirits and diseases are common, often involving the burning of fragrant herbs and the hanging of charms.

Technology and Economy:

Technologically inferior, Solharians are at least a century behind their neighbors. Their rudimentary tools and lack of industry have resulted in the worst education system and the highest poverty rates. The economy is stagnant, with a huge wealth disparity between the ruling lords and the impoverished peasantry. Small-scale farming and fishing are the primary means of subsistence, with little to no trade occurring with the outside world.

Lifespan and Health:

Life expectancy for Solharians is grim, rarely exceeding 45 to 50 years. Poor nutrition, lack of medical knowledge, and constant violence contribute to their short lifespans. Diseases run rampant, and their superstition often hinders effective treatment.

Xenophobia and Social Discrimination:

Solharians are notoriously xenophobic, harboring an intense hatred for anything and anyone that does not resemble them. This extends to their own kind as well; differences in appearance or belief can lead to brutal persecution. They are the only race known to worship a sky god, and anyone who deviates from this belief is hunted and destroyed. Attempts to unite against other races inevitably fail due to their internal divisions and lack of coordination.

Relations with Other Races:

Despised and isolated, the Solharians are remnants of a once-dominant human race known for their genocidal campaigns against other races in the distant past. Their infamy lingers, and no other races are willing to ally with them. Their repeated, futile attempts to wage war on other races only serve to reinforce their reputation as a doomed and desperate people.


The Solharians of the Forsaken Isles are a tragic race, trapped in a cycle of war, superstition, and poverty. Their island home, fraught with conflict and devoid of progress, stands as a stark reminder of their fall from grace. In their isolation and xenophobia, they continue to struggle against both themselves and the world, doomed by their history and their own fractured nature.

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