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(Verdant Dynasty)

The Mothkela inhabit subterreanean pyramid-like structures. They believe in meditation to receive mental healing. Their faith is that of ancestral worship, assuming that when one dies, one's soul goes on a 3,000-year journey. Their society mainly trades coffee, sugar, and milk from their cattle. It comes from a giant sloth species they herd across the thick growths of their jungle homeland. The moths are famed for their extensive knowledge and use of alchemical reagents for healing properties.

Within their culture, a larva hits adulthood at 14 years of age. Their political structure is matriarchal. The men are seen as warriors and toilers of the field. In contrast, women run their society's economic, spiritual, and political spheres. Education is highly revered but limited to the women of their community or men who demonstrate themselves academically inclined. Their universities and libraries are not open to the public. And require a government document to gain access to their reservoir of knowledge.

The Mothkela believe that all life originated on the moon and that the evils of this world are due to their kind not being able to perceive the dark side of the celestial body. Historically, whenever the tribe has a severe loss in battle, plague, famine, or drought, they will sacrifice the hearts of willing servants to placate their lunar mother. A practice recently outlawed. The lunar mother is a catch-all term for the cosmos, not an entity. The mothkela and the giants hold a close relationship. Their people united long ago and started the Verdant Dynasty.

The moths eat fibers from the furs of the sloths. They grow other crops as a means to procure nutrition and goods outside of their boundaries. As such, they are often guard caravans and serve as the couriers of the empire. The young often flock to such vocations due to their romanticized outlook regarding travel. They're also known for fishing the Great River and patrolling its waters to limit or eliminate banditry. They offer their boats as a means of travel and aid the Jorgenskull guard with securing the trade routes (The river.)

As a people, they wear no clothing. Their chitin and fur protect them from the elements. Additionally, being a moth, their genitals are never visible. For fashion, they often paint patterns of various colors across their bodies using a powdery substance that can be washed off. The more expensive the dye, the more affluent. Purple is the most rare hue.

Additional Information. Males- 5.5-7ft

Females- 5-6ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring male.

Life expectancy- 170 yrs

Naming conventions- Meso American

Passives- 2x human strength.

Night vision. Special restrictions- Can glide using wings

Special restrictions- None.

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