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(The Fathomless Expanse.)

Fox society is honor-based, mastering their career before venturing into another field. If one is a stablehand, one should aspire to be the best stablehand in the realm to bring honor and pay respect to their ancestors. From a young age, every member of their society is trained in combat (From 5 years old). Asides from martial professions, they are also trained in alchemy, magic, and the history of their craft. Knowledge, like any tool, has its place. However, only those who survive and endure the harshest regiments can become monster hunters. 

Marriage within nokhoi society is unique; there isn't a big ceremony; instead, the two mates return to their tent and dwell together. The mere act of fornicating in one's home symbolizes the two houses melding their flesh into one.

When it comes to funeral rites, their species believe in endocannibalism, that ingesting the dead grants them the fallen one's powers. This practice is not done by eating flesh but by grinding cremated remains into a fine powder and adding it to their tea or stews. When a hero of the people passes on, the entire community will gather to drink a few glasses of tea as a group, venerating their attainments by receiving their essence into the whole of the society's body. Additional Information.

Males- 5' 5"-6'2"ft

Females- 5'- 5' 10"ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring male.

Life expectancy- 160 yrs

Naming conventions- Mongolian

Passives- 2x human strength. Skin tone- Olive-brown

2x smell

2x Hearing

Special restrictions- They can assumed a twisted form of their spirit animal. (This is limited to players who earn the ability. Few kitsune hold it and thus is seen as a sign of success. You won't start out with this.)

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