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(Fathomless Expanse.)

The oni is an academic species. Their core pillars revolve solely around the unraveling of the world's mysteries. To them, nature represents a puzzle. One that their studious tendrils or pincers are destined to solve. That there is no problem they can't overcome with enough thought. As a collective, they believe that one's mind can surpass the body's limitations. And that the ability to wonder and artistically express oneself is the highest marker of sapience.

Physically, two classifications denote their race. The first are cephalopodic humanoids. And the others are crustaceans and sea slugs. (Cuttle, Octopus, Squids, sea slugs. Crabs, Prawns, Lobsters.)

Their garb is often organic. Taking inspiration from coral and the colors and textures of the sea. To them, the tide best surmises the passage of time. And that one's legacy is the only thing that can delay the washing away of their presence. And while they aren't aquatic, they believe their origins may stem from the oceans.

Often, partners proclaim a life pact (marriage) by the coastline and will disseminate their cremated remains into the sea. In the eyes of an oni, life is turbulent. And it's merely our ability to rationalize the bedlam of the shore that confers value. This interest has led them to favor technological, alchemical, and scientific pursuits. And it is through this analytical lens that they perceive the world. Additional Information.

Males- 6'-7'9"ft

Females- 5' 3"-6' 5"ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring male.

Life expectancy- 240 yrs

Naming conventions- Mongolian

Passives- 2x human strength.

Night vision

Special restrictions- Great swimmers and have water breathing.

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