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(Necrotic Swamp)

The turzien is often depicted as dim-witted beings who viciously defend their ever-dwindling borders. These shelled monstrosities are renowned for their physical brawn and valor on the battlefield. These reptiles dwell within the necrotic swamplands. They're often seen defending ruins and bridges, demanding resources as a toll for safe passage. They are loyal to Florentina Jorgenskull, referring to her as the "Wise woman of the shell." They use the giant leeches from the swamp as both a weapon and a detection system. This recent union has cultivated harmony with the other bog dwellers, who now fight under the same banner.

Their speech regarding the common tongue could be better, coming off as broken and slow. As a hatchling, they are taken and sorted into three primary "vocations." Warriors, spiritual leaders (Politicians), or gatherers (Alchemist.) These turtles see the world as one large shell supported by a giant log. The moon is a big rock they long ago flung into the heavens. The turzien's believe the world will end when the sun is blown out, leading to a perpetual hibernation. When one of their kind dies, they seal them within their shells and let them float down the river into the sea.

Due to their poor hearing, these reptilians hate fast talkers. They consider their quick tongues as some attempt to spread confusion to exploit them. Whenever not hunting or warring, they can be found sitting on rocks, eating hallucinogenic truffles as they venture to commune with the bog. Whenever a stranger roams into their domain, if unshelled or without chitin, they often refer to them as "soft backs." They usually try to bang their lover's shells with a stick when it comes to romance. If she likes the echo, she will lay her eggs on the wet earth as the men fertilize them and safeguard them till they hatch. The males raise the young, while the women are appreciated for depositing the hatchlings.

Those unfit for the vocations of the warrior, or too old or young, will work the fields. The Turzien grow pears, onions, and various crops they eat raw or trade with the realm. Any turzien that is a merchant must wear a monocle. A tradition that came about when they beheld the dapper clothes of the Bovinites and presumed such an icon helped with success. Some even go as far as to get custom clothes tailored for their round bodies to better strike a deal with the softbacks.

Additional Information.

Males- 8'-9'4"ft

Females- 7' 9"-8' 11"ft

Sexual Dimorphism favoring male.

Life expectancy- 300 yrs

Naming conventions- Meso American

Passives- 2x human strength.

night vision

Special restrictions- Naturally gifted swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for ten minutes.

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