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The Varenkun: Artisans of Magic and Intrigue

The Varenkun people cultivate their homes from spores, infusing them with mana to create elaborate spiraling towers linked by bridges of moss and vines—a fusion of civilization's order with the wild aspects of nature. Revering scholarly, archeological, magical, alchemical, enchanting, and artistic pursuits, they adorn themselves in flamboyant, colorful garb, accompanied by gentle perfumes, and orchestrate melodious harp performances that echo through their toadstool cities in the fathomless expanse.

Cultural Traits and Traditions

Known for their beauty, particularly among women, the Varenkun employ this allure to infiltrate other cultures and wield political influence, securing converts to their ideologies. Beyond their pursuit of magic and knowledge, they have established secretive assassin guilds to thwart challenges to their people and forest, ensuring swift action against potential threats. They're licensed killers sanctioned by governments to eliminate dissenters before they incite chaos, domestically and abroad via the use of writs, wielding casterguns—magical firearms—as a testament to their fine craftsmanship and magical prowess.

Artistic Warfare and Marriage Contracts

In combat, the Varenkun dancers weave spells amidst vibrant displays, considering war and turmoil as art forms. Marriage is viewed as a contractual arrangement devoid of love, emphasizing alliances and strategic partnerships over emotional connections. They regard their vivid attire, wondrous structures, and whimsical arts as epitomes of beauty, reflecting their colorful and extravagant lifestyle.

Renowned Artisans and Craftsmanship

The Varenkun excel as actors, artists, and musicians, renowned for their colorful attire and theatrical performances. They embody a civilization deeply rooted in magical pursuits, artistry, and political intrigue. Their vibrant culture, flamboyant attire, and mastery of arcane arts make them formidable artisans, musicians, and assassins, wielding magic and creative expression to shape their society and safeguard the provinces.

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