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The Tribunal Summary

To those nestled 'neath their shadow of solace, the Tribunal is beheld with utmost reverence—mortals who transcended and epitomized three primary spheres that construct consciousness. The inhabitants of memoria, The hive, the necrotic swamp, and the fathomless expanse revere them with unbridled zeal—a trinity of mothers responsible for seeding their species and the construction of their empire. Meanwhile, the neighboring states regard them as false dreamers gallivanting about and playing a game of ego. The trio forewarned of the three columns of mischief—the elders who didn't assist in the process of genesis. Comm'orra, the master of trickery. Yuen'thar, the lord of revolution. Xan'Dera, the maiden of hedonism. The trinity preaches that prudence is necessary to circumvent the pitfalls these false idols represent.  In contrast, the tribunal is such. Zelena, the sphere of wisdom and innovation. Florentina, the sphere of fertility and discipline. Nysoesa, the sphere of cunning and justice. The people strive to incorporate these elements into their character. The preached sermons declare that one can ascend and benefit their brethren through self-mastery. And that wickedness is anything that needlessly discommodes or impairs society. The consequences of one's deeds define virtue. And that regardless of intents, one's merit is perceptible in the ripples left in their wake. However, the greatest of all sins is inaction. That lethargy, decadence, and comfortability is the acid that deteriorates the pillars of civilization.  The tribunal's organization is broken into a few fields. The ordinators (Police) represent the sword of the trinity. The prophets (Politics) depict the mouths of the trio. The vanguards (Military) comprise the military and project to defend against foreign influence. The saints (Social services) serve the destitute and unhealthy. And the fingers (Academia) that comprise inventors and educators. Together they make up the "walls" of civilization. The faith doesn't concern itself with the errant souls beyond their borders. The affairs of outsiders seldom align with their aspirations. They see no benefit in amassing or evangelizing to others set in their ways. Instead, they exist and tolerate their inner light to allure those with the sagacity required to pursue improvement.   Admittedly, the tribunal emphasizes that one must first look in the mirror if change is to be done. They stress the importance of mastering one's craft and that the jack of all is a master of none. That much like themselves, every member has a role to play in aiding the whole of society. The trinity accentuates this dichotomy and utilizes the biodiversity of life and the ecosystem as allegories for this truth. The faith is bent on the mastery of the earthly plane. The application of magic, alchemy, arithmetics, and science meld together to form the pillar behind their industry. Sprinkled throughout the tribunal's territory are universities bent on disseminating edification. And under the sea lurks their expansive network of dome shelters. Installations that conduct research intending to better their society. Knowledge is held in high regard. It is preached that one can better understand their place within the cosmos by understanding the natural world. Recently, the scientific sector has achieved growing artificial crystals that serve as batteries. These power sources are installed throughout the city and towns and grant their constituents lighting and other amenities. The discovery has also led to the creation of magical firearms that unleash projects based on the elements of their world. And combining a suit of coral with necromancy and these power sources, "automatons" assist the ordinators in securing their patrols. They cannot manufacture spider webs in bulk and trade their energy in exchange for the resilient fiber to learn how to replicate the process. These "batteries" back their currency and give it objective value, allowing for foreign trade. The tribunal uses this precious resource to broker deals and projects its influence. "Shells" make up their currency. These specially crafted tokens are hard to replicate and bear complex markings to limit counterfeiting. Few know what is in development, and those who work under the ocean live with their family in these aquatic shelters. The construction of a rail network is underway. A project one of the tribunals attempted when they inhabited the desert but failed to see to fruition due to civil conflicts. Recently, elemental shells, cannons, and grenades were developed and are currently undergoing testing and production. The printing press was also completed, with efforts steered toward using automatons to increase the productivity of their factories. The architecture for the tribunal's territories is as follows. Fathomless Expanse- Colorful seashell/coral structures  The Hive- Large "cocoon/hive" like megastructures as dark as night.  Memoria- Wooden cabins and houses. Necrotic Swamp- Mud, wood, and stone homes shaped like tortoise shells. Transportation Giant hermit crabs and tortoises make the bulk of mounts. Train station under construction Sea ports. Wildlife Fathomless Expanse: Land animals that have evolved to live on land. Large crustaceans, flying jellyfish, urchins, etc. Hive- Eldritch beasts Necrotic Swamp- Dinosaurs and prehistoric amphibians/insects. Memoria- Prehistoric mammals. What regions are famed for Fathomless Expanse- Education, alchemy, and technological center The hive- Military, metals, and industry Necrotic swamp- Breadbasket. Memoria- Crystals and magical oddities.

Verdant dynasty world map of memoria
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