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Fantasy roleplay and medieval fantasy roleplay

The Verdant Dynasty is an umbrella state. It forms a parliament where each species is given a platform to air their problems. The local leaders of the races assemble within various cities to discuss policies. In short, the positions of power are held by representatives. The diverse nation-states will have two to four mediators specializing in different fields to ensure their viewpoints are heard and entertained. A voting system keeps all proceedings and decisions to guarantee a favorable outcome.


This has encouraged the extension of olive branches to gain favor among the vastly distinct races. They're all Jorgenskull, proceeded by their heritage within their minds. A camaraderie that has trickled down to even the lowliest of social classes, aiding a more serene integration. Adopting one another's holidays, language, and culture gives way to a unity that transcends their stark visual differences. The continued prosperity of the Dynasty supersedes their territories.


Cultural pollination has resulted from such dealings, furthering a sense of fellowship. The Matron is called to break such standstills if a dispute leads to a tie. Within their system, the role of the "Queen" holds little power. The monarch's influence is kept at a minimum to prevent corruption within the senate. And while she can make proposals, the chieftain is beholden to the committee's determinations. The rationale behind such a unique leadership structure is that absolute power corrupts. And it's less likely that a collective of ambassadors will fall prey to such taints and that wisdom can be found within a multitude over a singular person.


A hearing will be called if a member presents themselves as a threat. Should such allegations be substantiated, they will be executed for endeavoring to disrupt the equilibrium of the Verdant Dynasty. 


The individual cultures of the races live alongside a predominant one. They are all Jorgenskull first and their respective races second. Such a custom has facilitated a concord across the diverse range of species and their perspectives. The jungle's inhabitants adorn themselves in colorful and complex threading, embellishing themselves with a kaleidoscopic array of peacock feathers and gold jewelry. Additionally, they can be seen sporting the furs and scales of local wildlife as a symbol of tribute to the natural order. 


The expected greeting is a bow when a lesser meets a more prominent figure in social standing—youngsters to their elders and lower class to the upper echelon of society. Those within the court and military bash their dominant hand against their bosom as a gesture of respect. The act represents giving one's heart and thus allegiance to those governing over them. Those at the top reciprocate such reverence, and puffing one's breast with pride is considered unsightly. The affluent often hand out food to the lower class or alms to those who've suffered a recent tragedy. 


The people share a common language. However, each species has its own dialect. They carry "ax money" around to pay for goods made of bone with a gold coating. On the front side are various skulls or spiders depending on the currency's value, and the back is always the tree of life. 


Provincial " Chiefs " oversee each providence, representing their local tribe (Government.) However, the law of the Dynasty supersedes any legislation passed on a local level. The belief structure of each culture is respected when dealing with other groups. (For Example) If an area outlaws necromancy, that ruling won't apply to Bader'kerkhan due to their religious institutions and beliefs. Across all regions, the guards are regarded as an extension of the Dynasty. Therefore, any act of aggression or defiance is seen as an affront to the spirit of the empire. 


Education across tribal (State) lines is permitted regardless of the species of the applicant. Despite their internal forbearance, the same rights and luxuries do not apply to outlanders. The rights of the people transcend any immigrants unless they're given a writ. Foreigners are seen universally with a degree of distrust. Open aggression isn't legal, but they will be wary until said nonnative demonstrates themselves. The universities are open to the public as long as they serve the state for eight years following the completion of their degree. 


The structures of the Verdant Dynasty are either stone, wood, or, most commonly, Bone with spider webbings. The Jorgenskulls enhance the bone plating to be akin to steel. Their homes are sturdy and nearly fireproof, and the web system allows them to take them down and rebuild them to relocate in the event of a disaster.

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