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Verdant Dynasty Faction


The Verdant Dynasty is a collection of races united under the Jorgenskull rule and guided by universal principles. This alliance was forged to battle off their world's harsh climate, the unforgiving jungle necessitating unity or facing potential extinction. All those part of this alliance contributes their resources to the whole. Each species maintains autonomy over its territories. They offer their firstborns as soldiers and 10% of their resources to the pot in exchange for protection and technology. In turn, it brought harmony to a once turbulent realm, broadcasting ideas and cultures as their differences slowly started to wane. 

Despite using web, wood, and bone as the core of their society, they managed to keep up through magic implementation. After securing the Goatkin they saw a boom in new armaments and life-altering technology. They are the epicenter of law and the beating heart of the superpower. 

House Khalil was conquered through marriage and restructured around the pursuit of the "Darker arts." Within this federation of sorcerers, the act of necromancy is embraced, making up the bulk of their workforce. As a faction, they seek to unravel and catalog the mystery of the tangible and immaterial facets of the macrocosm. 

House Khalil believes that new ideas flourish when scrutinized and disputed by their peers. They have begun to institute libraries and universities where they hope to disseminate erudition to coerce the people via the appropriation and monopolization of information. They openly venerate Mirage, extracting kinship via the sphere they share, sometimes risking bargains to exchange knowledge for knowledge if rumors are to be believed. 

To this house, morality is a barrier deterring progress, and while the old ways are valuable, one should seek different venues to strengthen their community further. Their undead labor force is employed to keep the factories running and allow the Goatkin engineers to keep their focus on the pursuit of technological development.

The University of Boneless Limbs is charged with the democratization of knowledge. They set up medical facilities, libraries, and universities across the providence. Additionally, they maintain the factories of the Verdant Dynasty as well as research goals. Their organization comprises alchemists, teachers, philosophers, engineers, doctors, and any intellectual pursuit they deem might benefit society. The broker rules the group, whose identity is shrouded in mystery and the subject of much debate and speculation even among their ranks. 

Red Sap

The Red Sap order is an enigmatic group bent on mastering magical and alchemical principles. Often found strung throughout the thick Jungle and the outer rim, growing their trees of flesh to extract their favored Red sap. Using the Mothkela moondust to produce a potent narcotic, this drug is said to confer clairvoyance into aspects of the world, surpassing perception. While in this heavenly state, the mages can become untethered by the anxieties of this world, delivering their consciousness and bestowing them with the utmost efficiency in their arts. 


This thick syrup can amplify their magic and extend resources by glazing the material or mixing the nectar with alchemical reagents to bolster effects. A secret only entrusted to a few to prevent the abuse of their most fastidious resource. Outside of these pursuits, they serve as the Dynasty's secret police. Their members move about the territories as spies and operatives—either amassing information or dealing with domestic and foreign ambivalence.


Dissidents deemed a threat to stability often face justice. How they handle such threats varies from case to case basis. Sometimes they disperse fake information to discredit, target their assets, or sometimes abduct and torture them. This facet of their purview is viewed as a conspiracy theory at best amongst the laypeople, mainly due to their illustrious history of serving as shock troopers during times of war and monster slayers and sleuths during periods of peace.


To those nestled 'neath their shadow of solace, the Tribunal is beheld with utmost reverence—mortals who transcended and epitomized three primary spheres that construct consciousness. The jungle's inhabitants revere them with unbridled zeal—a trinity of mothers responsible for seeding their species and building their empire. Meanwhile, the neighboring states regard them as false dreamers gallivanting about and playing a game of ego.


The trio forewarned of the three columns of mischief—the elders who didn't assist in the process of genesis. Comm'orra, the master of trickery. Yuen'thar, the lord of revolution. Xan'Dera, the maiden of hedonism. The trinity preaches that prudence is necessary to circumvent the pitfalls these false idols represent. 


The spider is the sphere of wisdom and innovation. The Quetzalcoatlus, the sphere of fertility and discipline. The Raptor, the sphere of cunning and justice. The people strive to incorporate these elements into their character. The preached sermons declare that one can ascend and benefit their brethren through self-mastery. And that wickedness is anything that needlessly discommodes or impairs society.


The consequences of one's deeds define virtue. And that regardless of intents, one's merit is perceptible in the ripples left in their wake. However, the greatest of all sins is inaction. That lethargy, decadence, and comfortability is the acid that deteriorates the pillars of civilization. 


The Tribunal's organization is broken into a few fields. The ordinators (Police) represent the sword of the trinity. The wise women (Politics) depict the mouths of the trio. The vanguards (Military) comprise the military and project to defend against foreign influence. The servants (Social services) serve the destitute and unhealthy. And the mouths (Academia) that comprise inventors and educators. Together they make up the "walls" of civilization.


The faith doesn't concern itself with the errant souls beyond their borders. The affairs of outsiders seldom align with their aspirations. They see no benefit in amassing or evangelizing to others set in their ways. Instead, they exist and tolerate their inner light to allure those with the sagacity required to pursue improvement.  


Admittedly, the Tribunal emphasizes that one must first look in the mirror if a change is to transpire. They stress the importance of mastering one's craft and that the jack of all is a master of none. That much like themselves, every member has a role to play in aiding the whole of society. The trinity accentuates this dichotomy and utilizes the biodiversity of life and the ecosystem as allegories for this truth.


The faith is bent on the mastery of the earthly plane. The application of magic, alchemy, arithmetics, and science meld together to form the pillar behind their industry. Sprinkled throughout the territory are universities bent on disseminating edification. Knowledge is held in high regard. It's preached that one can better understand their place within the cosmos by understanding the natural world.


Recently, the scientific sector has achieved growing artificial crystals that serve as batteries. These power sources are installed throughout the city and towns and grant their constituents lighting and other amenities. The discovery has also led to the creation of magical firearms that unleash projects based on the elements of their world. And combining a suit of coral with necromancy and these power sources, "automatons" assist the ordinators in securing their patrols. 


These "batteries" back their currency and give it objective value, allowing for foreign trade. The Tribunal uses this precious resource to broker deals and projects its influence. Recently, elemental shells, cannons, and grenades were developed and are currently undergoing testing and production. The printing press was also completed, with efforts steered toward using automatons to increase the productivity of their factories.

The Gypsies.

The gypsies are a merry band of touring entertainers. These nomads peddle trinkets and use their profits to maintain their weapons and supply reserves. Their heavily armed caravan traverses the world to provide gaiety within a bleak time. These outsiders migrate within a mass "fleet" as they're essentially a town on wheels. Unbeknownst to most, they'll often delve into ruins for artifacts and tomes to keep or barter. Additionally, they keep their ears open and amass secrets and information that their leader will use to blackmail or sway the politics of the two kingdoms. 


They're led by a djinn named Surayyah of no one, who goes by the title of "The radical dreamer." However, inside their community, she is known as the "Lady of secrets and whispers." Surayyah looks after her fellow performers with a maternal glow. Despite being an eclectic array of species, they see themselves as one family of misfits and rejects. No matter one's background or appearance, they'll take them in. And if the new member should prove a detriment to the group, they'll abandon them at the nearest town with some coin before cruising off to the next performance.


Outside of musicians, actors, and other performative arts, their ranks swelled with guards and different essential roles to keep their mobile civilization operating. Outsiders are suspicious of them. However, such misgivings seldom last once they set up their games and entertainment. A single crusade binds this family. That being the dissemination of cheer and the advancement of their arts. As a result, they are independent and don't care much about the political affairs of the Verdant dynasty. And in turn, they deal with their issues and never request foreign aid.

Eternal House.

The Eternal House is a cartel specializing in producing and distributing vice. Playing toward the masses' immoral inclinations, peddling the pleasures of the flesh as a means to enlarge their coffers, and advertising their brothels, drugs, alcohol, and casinos as a means to cast a further shadow across the realms. Their militarization has caused some alarm. However, they merely offer protective services to those under their business empire. 


Outside of the peddling of sin, they've recently begun growing crystals that they sell to the Verdant Dynasty/ White Sand Empire and barter this for leverage to gain a blind eye to their more questionable affairs. These crystals are used for energy that powers their institutions and has drastically elevated their capital and political sway. They have a private mercenary group that secures their interest and occasionally will offer arms should they support the contractor, and their sum of the coin is tempting enough to warrant their involvement.


The leader of this morally questionable group is the mistress of sin. (Samara Del'Fluent) And she invests their profit into broadening their reach, amassing information for blackmail and secret research projects. Whatever steers her ambitions remains a mystery. However, it's safe to say she isn't content to rest on her laurels. Being a capitalist, she altered archaic customs while encouraging internal entrepreneurial endeavors with the expectations of rekindling the industry lost.

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