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The people of the White Sand Empire are that of discipline and action. They are driven by a strong sense of honor and pure work ethic. Believing that you must first become a master at your craft before you accept another job or art. From the stable boy to the finest painter, all embraced this ethos. As a result, the endless pursuit of perfection is maddening. Where one might see the most beautiful art, they would see the slightest flaws in the brush's stroke. Family, ancestors, and one's duty to the collective serve as the epicenter of each member's priority. Due to the harsh, unforgiving climate of the land, the people have a healthy disdain for weakness. Be it poor, rich, influential, or nobody. All are held to the high standard that failure is something never to be embraced. Due to their history with outsiders, while not xenophobic, the locals possess a healthy disdain for meddling in other nation's affairs. 


They preferred a more isolationist approach when it came to politics while still opening trading with the nearby kingdoms. Unlike most societies, a great house can fall if they fail to prove of value to the empire. Coin alone would buy you no favor, as the rise to power is centered around the quality of the service you provide. Be it Mercantile, War, or Academical in nature, everyone must prove their worth in the social hierarchy. This often leads to instability, as power vacuums are a regular occurrence within the sands. To help limit petty squabbling, the government permits Writs of execution to be carried out by assassins. If the professional fails and the writ is procured, the house sanctioning the killing will be exterminated.


They believe that if two people have an argument, and neither side can agree, it is their right to invoke a trial by death. The people think that the better case will win the duel; such murders are legal if both parties agree or are voted as acceptable by their peers. Whenever a member enters another culture, it's expected for them to adhere to their laws and customs; refusal to do so is seen as disrespectful. Such actions often lead to the execution of the offending party in the hopes of maintaining honor. If the locals fail, the others will see it as a sign that the chastisement was merited. Slavery and bigotry exist within the kingdom.


Demons and angels do not exist, as there is no afterlife despite many religious customs teaching otherwise.  This has brought about clashes with the tribal beastkin, as they see it as the empire encroaching on their ancestral lands. 


The white sand empire is known for ranching giant insects, using their meat for food, secretion for alchemical research, and making liquor. Their carapace is often worn as jewelry, armor, or for making bowls and other such tools.  Their organs are grounded for makeup, paint, dye, and ceremonial markings. These creatures are also used as steeds to traverse the expanse of rolling knolls of blanched sand.  Alchemy is often used for medicine and weapons, as well as to create perfumes.  Many bombs are made from the magical properties within the land and range from warfare and clearing rubble to even entertainment and ritualistic purposes. Necromancy is outlawed.


The judicial system is very stern. Trials are not fair and are often decided on the spot. Children, the age of 14 are seen as adults. Often drafted into the arm services or beginning work right away to support their community. Due to their merit system, it is possible to climb up and fall down the financial classes. Education is reserved for the wealthy or those few poor who show an innate inclination toward a subject matter. All children are taught basic mathematics, language, and writing skills. History is spread mostly orally, as papyrus paper is a relatively new invention.


Their architecture is middle eastern within the desert (Persian), with a few Asian inspirations on the outer rim (Mongolian).


Mounts- Large beetles and Isopods. 


Name convention- Middle eastern and Mongolian for all. Bovinites are French.

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