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Basic Information

Full Name: Zanryue Disgroverook Alamorbaart of the village of the storm. 
Nicknames: Roo
Titles: Thunderstrike, Queen of the Goatkin, Heart of the mountain, Illustrious tinkerer
Race: Goatkin/Kitsune


Family- Theo Devante (father)

Verana Disgroverook Alamorbaart (Mother.)

Matsumota Crisandra Devante (Aunt)

Watari Devante (Cousin)

Myan Devante (Cousin)

Beris Devante (Uncle)

Art/noncombat skills- Throat singing, drums, and

percussion instruments and an inventor/tinkerer/Engineer.

Gender: Female
Day of Birth: Before yesterday
Age: udderly rude question

Hair: Creamy
Skin: Milky

Eyes: Crimson

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 315 Lbs (Due to her curves, Bone density, and muscle composition)

Place of Residence: White Sands Empire

Place of Birth: A cave.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Relationship: Single

​Sexual Orientation: B

Personality: Calm, troublemaker, witty.

Appearance: White gown.

Distinctive Marks: Hooves and horns.

Traits: Naive, Brave, Easy going, Free spirit, Intelligent

Faults: socially awkward, drunk

​Senses: Keen smell and sight.

Racial Abilities: Speed, Strength, Durability, Agility
Armor(s): none
Weapon: Fist, hooves, Giant vibrating axes.

Special Weaknesses: None

The Goatkin tribe

Once a dozen tribes, the goatkin have united into a single, formidable community of survivors following the brutal monster and tribal revolt that decimated their people. This society values three pursuits above all: warrior prowess, engineering ingenuity, and scholarly wisdom. These pillars define their culture and way of life.

In matters of romance, the goatkin adhere to a unique and rigorous tradition. Prospective mates must engage in a naked wrestling match, with the victor granted the right to dictate the terms of their relationship. If the match is deemed too easy, the loser is utterly repudiated, as a weak partner is considered a disgrace. This practice has led to a form of natural selection, where only the strongest genes prevail, shaping the goatkin into one of the sturdiest, most robust, and swiftest species in their realm. Over millions of years, they have learned to harness chi, enhancing their bodies and creating sonic boom-like effects with their powerful bleats.

The goatkin society operates under a genderless hierarchy, where leadership is determined solely by strength. They hold no biases toward gender when selecting their rulers. From a young age, goatkin are taught to venerate the earth, believing all things are inherently stone. They revere rocks, seeing them as entities with "powers and influences." Their religion is centered on the idea that people are made of tiny pebbles. They view the world as a giant boulder with a turtle sleeping within its hollow center. To them, the earth is a round shell floating in nothingness, orbiting a burning slab of rock, which they perceive as the sun. The universe, they believe, will end when the sun burns out, allowing ice, which they consider a pseudo-ore, to claim all earthly surfaces.

In their belief system, there exists a potent force where angry rocks ingest and radiate energy and heat, while sorrowful rocks repel it. They also acknowledge a brittle force where the mass and size of a slab determine its weight and density. Magic, to the goatkin, is a non-rock force interacting with stones, allowing the manipulation and communion with these elements. They believe life began from a racing pebble that entered their world and crashed, initiating the genesis of existence. This transition from a lesser state (cobble) to a more complex state (boulders) is fundamental to their understanding of evolution.

Astrology holds a special place in goatkin culture. They see stars as distant, glistening crags and gems reflecting the light of nearby burning boulders like polished stones. By tracking the stars' journeys across the heavens, they tell seasons, time, and direction. The twinkling of stars is believed to be the spinning or wobbling of these celestial masses.

The goatkin reside in cave abodes, with a strong affinity for mining and studying stones, as well as engineering. Their mastery of mathematics facilitates the counting and trading of rocks, building a commerce system centered around bartering precious gems. They have developed their own language and written dialect, which is intricate and difficult for outsiders to decipher. Despite their isolationist tendencies, born from the genocide they endured, they still trade and converse with outsiders, accumulating technological advancements while swearing never to disclose their existence, lest they provoke the envy of other races.

From a young age, goatkin children face rigorous trials. At the age of five, they must traverse 88-degree cliffsides. Those who stumble and fall are left to perish, seen as unworthy by the crags. Between the ages of 16 and 21, goats aspiring to leadership must undertake a pilgrimage, bringing back a valuable substance or demonstrating their bravery in battle. The most impressive stories earn greater authority and influence within the tribe.

The goatkin's milk is highly sought after, serving as a valuable alchemical reagent and as a base for fermented liquor. This milk is traded for metals and stones, and it is especially prized among the nobility for its potent properties. Though interbreeding with other species is generally frowned upon, it is occasionally permitted during times of low population to introduce new traits and strengthen their lineage. This practice, known as the wild culling, ensures the survival and continued evolution of the goatkin.

In summary, the goatkin are a resilient, powerful, and highly evolved species, deeply connected to the earth and its stones. Their society, rooted in strength, intelligence, and reverence for the natural world, stands as a testament to their enduring spirit and ingenuity.


The goatkin possess an array of extraordinary abilities rooted in their natural physiology, enhanced by their unique culture and mystical practices. These abilities are based 90% on real goat anatomy, with slight modifications to enhance their effectiveness while maintaining a semblance of realism. Below is a detailed breakdown of their abilities:

Enhanced Smell

Like real goats, the goatkin have an exceptional sense of smell. Under the right conditions, they can detect scents up to three miles away.

Enhanced Strength

As a warrior, monk, and beast of burden, the goatkin can lift up to 900 pounds. Their physical blows are three times stronger and faster than those of peak-condition humans. They can punch or kick at speeds up to 135 mph, generating a force of 14,666.67 Newton-seconds (Ns). This immense power is a combination of their natural strength, enhanced speed, and the ability to utilize chi to amplify their physical prowess.

Enhanced Vision

Goatkin possess panoramic vision, allowing them to see in almost all directions without moving their head. With a 340-degree field of view, they can see everything except what is directly behind them.

Agility and Speed

Goatkin are remarkably agile and flexible, capable of contorting their bodies like experienced contortionists and gymnasts. They can jump up to three times their height and reach speeds of 30 mph while maintaining exceptional balance. Their hooves allow them to traverse steep angles up to 88 degrees with ease, and their necks can swivel up to 310 degrees, while their spines can contort 20 degrees further than humans.

Stillness (Stance)

The Devante art, passed down through generations, grants the goatkin the ability to sense magical properties with semi-clarity. While they can detect an impending attack, the exact details remain obscure. Additionally, they can suppress their chi to near zero, making them appear unimpressive until they are ready to strike, at which point their body emits a soft white outline.

Primal Form

The Primal Form is a heightened state of being that only the wisest and most skilled goatkin can achieve. This form transforms their physical appearance and enhances their abilities significantly:

  • Strength: Doubles from their base level.

  • Speed: Increases by 50% in sustainable mobility, with a 2x modifier for bursts.

  • Jumping Ability: Increases to 1.5 times their original limit.

  • Appearance: Zanryue's Primal Form features a hellish stone exterior with tribal markings, four fiery eyes, and magma-like pulsations from the cracks in her skull. Geothermal energy in the form of steam can cause third-degree burns and is expelled from various parts of her body, adding a 10ft by 10ft extension to her blows. Her bleat, enhanced in this form, can encompass the entire reach of her searing zephyr.

Physical Calculations and Realism

To provide a clearer understanding of their physical capabilities, here are the detailed calculations:

  • Enhanced Strength: Based on doubling the human world record for lifting, the goatkin can lift 900 pounds. Their physical blows, calculated using the strongest human punch (96 horsepower) combined with their enhanced speed (135 mph), generate a force of 14,666.67 Ns. This calculation considers the weight, speed, and time of their punch, providing a realistic yet formidable portrayal of their strength.

  • Speed and Agility: With their natural ability to jump three times their height and run at 30 mph, the goatkin are incredibly agile and balanced. Their physical structure and chi manipulation allow for exceptional movement and combat capabilities.

Overall, the goatkin are a resilient and powerful species, with abilities grounded in their unique physiology and enhanced by their cultural practices and mystical arts. These traits make them formidable warriors, adept engineers, and wise scholars, capable of extraordinary feats in both combat and everyday life.


Abilities of the Goatkin Warrior

Fus Roo Baaa! (Racial)

This ability creates a highly intense blast of generated air in the sound of a "baa" that can knock targets off their feet and send them hurtling backward. Within 5 feet, it can shatter bones. The blast has a maximum range of 25 feet in a cone shape. It can also blow away poison, fire, and other environmental effects.

Stop Kidding Around

Capable of increasing muscle density, this ability amplifies her physical prowess up to twofold for three turns. It also increases the durability of her muscles, giving them tensile strength equivalent to carbon fiber while maintaining normal mobility.

Alluvial Fortification

The goatkin can manipulate the stone around her body, allowing her to coat the outside in a mossy rocky shell from neck to hoof. She can fire her horns and nails as piercing projectiles or elongate them up to 10 feet. The armor, once solidified, lasts until shattered. This ability coats her legs and arms in a one-inch-thick layer of stone, enhancing protection and blunt force. Knuckles grow sixteen-inch claws, and legs sprout three-inch spikes. The goatkin believe this is the planet protecting those it has chosen as its vanguard.

Udder Devastation

This ability allows the goatkin to lift her hooves above her head and smash them downward, creating a jagged line of spikes from the nearby earth. If the ground is sand, it sends a blinding avalanche of grains capable of abrasively rubbing against exposed skin and obscuring vision. Alternatively, she can perform a roundhouse kick, causing the earth to create a jagged wave in the direction of her kick. The attack has a maximum range of 40 feet and a width of 20 feet, with spikes that are 4 feet long and 2 inches thick.

Slippery Slopes

This ability allows the goatkin to cause the earth to shift below her hooves, enabling her to slide in any direction for up to 30 feet.

Earthen Grip

By placing her palm on the ground, the goatkin can gather nearby earth to form a large boulder weighing between 50 and 900 pounds, depending on the material collected. She can shape this boulder into various forms for projectiles or potential shielding, such as a wall. She can hurl these projectiles up to 60 feet, with their size limited to 4 to 12 feet for balance.

Dancing Hooves

This ability allows the goatkin to stomp about, river dancing across the field and manipulating the earth around her. The soil tremors or targets within 50 feet are affected. The effects are one of three possibilities:

  • Creates an upward eruption of earth, flinging a target into the air within a 6-foot diameter, throwing them 10 to 20 feet high depending on their weight. She often grabs the target’s ankles and slams them against the ground until their bones shatter.

  • Forms a sharp 6-foot diagonal impaling rod, 2 feet across, often used to impale targets, usually from the rectum or oral orifice.

  • Creates a pit of rotating spikes, attempting to mince her prey into hamburger meat. The trap is 8 feet across and 15 feet deep, designed to ensnare and incapacitate enemies.


Zanryue: The Warrior Monk of the Verdant Dynasty

Early Life and Heritage

Zanryue's origins are steeped in the aftermath of a cataclysmic war that left many tribes decimated. Born of a union between the cunning Kitsune and the sturdy Goatkin, she carried the legacy of both her parents. Her father, Theo, was a celebrated hunter of the Fox tribe, renowned for his strategic prowess. Her mother, a revered priestess-scientist, dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of ancient slabs and the universe's hidden forces. Despite her mixed lineage, Zanryue's Goatkin traits were dominant, etching her as a true daughter of the crags.

The Culling and Rigorous Training

In the wake of the great war, tribes were forced to merge to survive, leading to a ritual known as the culling—a breeding strategy aimed at restoring their dwindling populations. Zanryue was a product of this era, raised in an environment that demanded excellence. From an early age, she was thrust into a regimen of intense physical and intellectual training. Her mother's teachings imparted the belief that life is composed of tiny pebbles, each a fragment of the earth's grand mystery

Her trials were merciless, pitting her against siblings and peers in tests of strength and intellect. At sixteen, she faced a rite of passage that required her to traverse a near-vertical chasm—a testament to her endurance and determination. This perilous journey marked her transition into adulthood, cementing her place within the tribe.

Mastery of Magic and Engineering

Over the years, Zanryue delved deep into the study of magical and non-magical forces, merging her innate Chi with advanced combat techniques. She mastered Verlakueen, a powerful throat-singing art that unleashed torrents of wind with a mere breath. An alliance with the northern Giants further amplified her abilities, allowing her to enhance her physical strength beyond natural limits.

Zanryue's most remarkable contributions lay in her role as the head of the Verdant Dynasty's research and development of armaments. A visionary engineer, she revolutionized warfare with her innovative designs. Her most feared creation was a series of axes that vibrated like chainsaws, tearing through enemies with horrifying efficiency. These deadly weapons solidified her reputation as both a genius and a formidable warrior.

The Eccentric Scholar

Despite her fearsome reputation, Zanryue possessed a number of eccentricities that endeared her to her people. She harbored an unusual fondness for eating shoes, finding their leathery texture strangely comforting. This peculiar habit often left others bewildered, yet it was a part of her unique charm. Zanryue was also a hopeless romantic, dreaming of companionship, though her immense strength often led to tragic ends for her suitors, who were inadvertently pulverized by her affectionate embraces.

Her profound love for the earth and its energies shaped her worldview. She saw those with feet instead of hooves as impure, believing hooves symbolized a deeper connection to the earth. This belief fostered a disdain for those outside her Goatkin heritage. Additionally, she had a near-addiction to milk, consuming it in vast quantities to fuel her intense lifestyle.

Culinary Mastery and Leadership

Beyond her prowess in combat and engineering, Zanryue was revered for her culinary skills. Her ability to transform simple ingredients into gourmet dishes made her feasts legendary within the tribe, bringing joy and unity to her people.

As she grew older, Zanryue ascended to a position of great authority, leading the Verdant Dynasty's research and development with a relentless drive for perfection and innovation. Her leadership spurred advancements that pushed the boundaries of what her people could achieve, always grounded in her deep connection to the earth.

The Call to Arms

Peace was fleeting, interrupted by the arrival of Matsumota Crisandra Devante, who sought Zanryue's aid in an impending conflict. Though her tribe typically avoided external affairs, the promise of obsidian rocks as payment for their alliance was too tempting to ignore. For the first time in over a century, Zanryue left her subterranean sanctuary, ready to shape the unfolding history of the desert and beyond.

With her unparalleled skills in warfare, engineering, and cooking, Zanryue stands as a formidable force—a blend of intellect, strength, and eccentricity. Her journey is one of relentless pursuit, not only of knowledge but also of the perfect shoe to satisfy her peculiar cravings. As she ventures into new territories, the legacy of the warrior monk Goatkin will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world.

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