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Please read this first

Necessary Preamble

Welcome to Indemira's sheet. Below, you'll find all the relevant details. I compose my sheets for myself, so feel free to skim or read what you wish. I'm only interested in RPing with people over 18. Despite the appearances of my character, I AM NOT looking for smut. Romance is fine if it is organic and makes sense.


Assuming my character is solely here to slake your wanton desires will get you blocked. I'm reflecting a Jezebel enchantress. Her endowment is on purpose due to this role and the fact that her body is artificially sculpted by herself as specified in the djinn race lore. I had to add this here because few read and I wish to make my intents known to circumvent attacks on my person or the acrimony of others who judge a character or individual based on their body or immutable traits.


Middle Eastern and Mongolian mythology inspired Indemira Debussy (loosely). I wish to reflect my people and their culture in RP, so she will be unaware of European customs as a result.

With all this out of the way, I hope you enjoy what you skim and, in some rare instances, read. If you have questions or critiques, feel free to send them my way. What's contained on this webpage is about 3% of her character and is a rough summary. 

Sincerely, Matsu. 

Character owned and played by the_diva (discord) 

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