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Basic Info
اساسي معلومات

Full Name: Indemira Debussy
Nickname: Mira

Titles: The Monsoon Lily (مونسون لیلی)
Race: Masquerading as a Shaitan AKA Elf (jānn, جَانّ)
Gender: Female
Day of Birth: 16 years before the 19th era.
Age: 31
​Hair: Brunette
Skin: Mocha
​Eyes: Malachite
​Height: 5' 2" 
​Weight: 108lbs
​Place of Residence: Her Fungal Manse
​Place of Birth: The White Sand Empire (د سپینې شګې امپراتورۍ)
​Alignment: Chaotic neutral
​Relationship: Single
​​Sexual Orientation: Open to anything.

​​Senses: Magic Sense

Economic status: Upper Class

Vocation: Enchanter

Traits: Well-read, Astute, Romantic, Mathematician, Scholarly, Altruistic

Likes: Charitable souls, Romance Novels, Dinner/Tea parties, Gardening, Cooking

Dislikes: Effemiene men, Deceivers, Selfishness, promiscuous lifestyles, Body odor, unkempt appearances and poor taste in fashion.

Fears: Becoming the one thing she detests the most, becoming obese, dying without children, and fearful that her lack of a father will encourage a cycle of abuse.

Strengths: Everything about her, to name just a few, her intellect, impeccable fashion, bewitching appearance, social skills, enamoring personality, refined taste, crafty wit, and humor, but most of all, her unparalleled humility.

​Special Weaknesses: A single well-placed blow will kill her.

Special Resilences-  Immune to disease and poison as her body is a magical construct.

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Indemira Debussy, a jinn of beguiling allure and mystical prowess, embodies a multifaceted personality that weaves together generosity, business acumen, and enchanting pizzaz. Renowned as a charitable soul, Indemira extends her benevolence to the poor, weaving enchantments that bring prosperity to the destitute corners of the realm. Her compassion knows no bounds, and she revels in the joy of transforming lives through her magical interventions. In the bustling marketplaces and quiet alleyways, tales abound of the kind-hearted jinn whose touch turns misfortune into opportunity.

Beneath her altruistic façade lies the shrewd mind of a businesswoman extraordinaire. Indemira's trinkets, coveted by all who seek magical wonders, are hailed as the best in the land. Her keen sense of market trends and strategic investments in rare mystical artifacts have made her a figure of influence. While her magical amplitude is evident in the quality of her creations, it's her astute financial sense that has propelled her to the upper echelons of society.

Despite her charitable endeavors and business acumen, Indemira remains a mysterious figure when it comes to matters of the heart. Many suitors have sought her affections, only to be met with her discerning gaze. She is extremely fussy in matters of companionship, often denying the advances of those who seek her hand. Little do they know that beneath the stoic exterior lies a secret romantic. Indemira hoards a collection of romance novels, cherishing tales of love and passion that she keeps hidden from prying eyes. In the quiet moments between enchantments and business dealings, she immerses herself in the fantastical world of love stories, harboring a yearning for a connection that transcends the arcane studies she pursues.

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Race Lore

The Jānn 



Throughout the history of the world, these mystic entities were portrayed as sources of omens. This paranoia nurtured the conviction that they must remain hidden given the intense bigotry of this rancor’s world. Djinns masquerade visually as other races as a means of camouflage. Upon molding their bodily lamp, they are unable to shift its appearance. Like any sentient life, these entities can be good or evil. The totality of the moral spectrum and philosophy is available to them. The accepted dogma of their nefarious nature are myths propagated by people around campfires frightful of the unknown—that insipid need to impute the foreigner for travesties instead of looking inward. 


Initially, they enter the physical domain as wholly vulnerable beings tethered to a physical object where they lurk and develop like a fetus, awarding wishes to mortals as a mechanism for passing the time. The breadth of their capacity is limited by what they know and what they can achieve. If the request surpasses this, the jānn (or jinn) will place the individual in a coma and slowly watch as they wilt away for their avarice. The contract terms are entirely under their control and can fluctuate wildly depending on the person. After time passes, they will transcend to an ifrit. This metamorphosis will sanction them the ability to tether to a space (This inspired many hauntings.) or an object where they cannot deviate far from their "roots."


During these two stages, if the objects are destroyed, they will dissipate into nothingness, or their bodies will be ravaged like any corporeal coil. The jānn will then reach an impasse and a fork; they may diverge under two paths. Firstly, a charmer. They rejected their otherworldly origins and imitated earthly life—trading off their powers for a simple existence. While considerably more laborious, the opposite path will ascend them to a Grand jinni, where the body becomes the incarnate anchor. They are living batteries, which has led many mages and scholars to seek after them for insidious ambitions. Condensing their very being into a jewel akin to a philosopher's stone to amplify their magical abilities. 


This has facilitated paranoia within their ranks, promoting subterfuge to repel the sentiment they are anything but ordinary. Primarily, they've found asylum within the eternal house.

The Shaitan

The shaitan people have had a long history of racial supremacy. Their ancestors' egotism led to their ruination. The failure to maintain relevancy on the national stage has led the people to pursue a more humble approach. Long ago, they once ruled the White Sands to the far south. However, the region was stripped of all life. Those who refused to flee north were consumed by the defiled. A Jinn saved the survivors, an entity they once vilified in their myths. The cultural shocks have led to a restructuring of their zeitgeist.


They now seek penitence for past transgressions. They serve as the academics of the Eternal House and believe they can make amends through scientific and magical advancements. They're a zealot lot and are prone to pursue perfectionism. The slightest error in a brush stroke stands out to them and will lead many artists to consider their work tarnished. The people worship the Sharmoot, clinging to her sermons and literature as a route for redemption.


The shaitan grow their houses from spores, pouring their mana into them to form elaborate spiraling towers connected by bridges of moss and vines—an amalgamation between the order of civilization and the untamable aspects of the natural world. As a people, they revere scholarly, archeological, magical, alchemical, enchanting, and artistic pursuits. They don themselves in flamboyantly colored garbs, dousing themselves in gentle perfume while playing their harps that ring throughout the toadstool cities of the fathomless expanse. Debates are civil here, as resorting to violence is seen as a sign of ignorance.

Their women are known for being some of the fairest in the land. They use this to infiltrate many cultures and positions of influence, to bend them politically to their vagaries, and to secure converts. Aside from their love of magic, history, and knowledge, they have instituted a few assassin guilds to help contest unwanted challenges to their people or the forest before they can sufficiently bloom. In combat, they dance about and cast vibrant spells, believing that war and turmoil are art forms in and of themselves. The elves see marriage as a contract; love never enters their mind when choosing a partner. It's believed there is no better example of beauty than their vivid attire, wondrous structures, and whimsical theater and music.


Indemira Debussy, a jinn of profound insight and boundless curiosity, shapes her philosophy around the relentless pursuit of understanding the intricacies of the world through the arcane. She believes mastering these magical forces is the key to the riddles of existence. In her eyes, each spell, enchantment, and manifestation of magical energy is a node linking the cosmos via a leyline meshwork, and by grasping these bridges, she seeks to fathom the very core of the temporal world.

Central to her philosophy is the mastery of the leylines of energy that course through the land. She perceives these leylines as conduits of power, the veins of the world through which magic flows. By harnessing and understanding these currents and eddies, she aims to amass power and wealth not for personal gain but as instruments for benevolence. Indemira envisions a future where the amassed resources facilitate her to burst free from the constraints that bridle her and, in turn, entrust her to ameliorate the anguish of others. For her, power and prosperity are not ends but means to bring about buoyant change and direct in an era of opulence.

She considers her investigation a noble initiative driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the advancement of the globe. By striving to understand the underlying forces that govern reality, she aspires to wield the power crucial to fostering a realm where the free flow of magic becomes a force for healing and transformation rather than one of oppression through the pursuit of supplying education to the masses—a true democratization of both the good and ill spheres of enlightenment.

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Her Role, The Enchanter.

The life of an enchanter is one filled with academic pursuits. Like all in this profession, Indemira had an unquenchable thirst for all things pertaining to the arcane arts. Her elite status and proclivity toward serendipitous outcomes culminated in her undergoing the most prestigious and stringent of scholarships; her time spent in the libraries and academies of the state endowed her with an unprecedented opportunity to expand her horizons. It was through the gardening of her mind that Mira discovered repletion. Those nimble fingers toiled away at the construction of great magical trinkets. ​

Mastering the arcane sciences and alchemy filled the void. Indemira's yearning for tutelage couldn't be assuaged. Tome after dusty tome had been rummaged through. And once the libraries of the desert lacked the answer, she traveled north to harvest their erudition. The jinn scribbled mathematical formulations in a bid to provide solace to her dynamic mind.​

Indemira's quotidian existence resumed without incident as she voraciously absorbed more and more data. Why? Because it's ingrained in her, Mira is an explorer of all intellectual pursuits beneath the welkin. She tears the veil between enlightenment and ignorance—the spearhead within the vanguard that is discovery. When she first cracked open the door to knowledge, she peered prudently into the darkness. Skittish of the wailing horrors that loomed beyond the threshold.​

Most may have balked, but Indemira was different. She didn't withdraw, for a glimpse beyond wasn't enough for the mistress of transluminal studies. She long since plunged headlong over the precipice and set sails across the sea of understanding. In this ruminative stupor, there were no suns by which one could navigate. Nor a moon to guide the tides. Latitude and longitude would not avail her, for the laws of time and physics are unique to the temporal plane.

She forever will be a sojourner, an agent of order within an expanse of unruly chaos. And as she broke the murky swells, she sent spumes or creation before her, oblivious that the elders were ever anticipatory. The audacity of this mere speck amused them. But Indemira was most zealous and would stand dauntless before these wills. After all, she helmed her destiny. She sought to break the code and locate a slew of epiphanies. For understanding is power, and mental oblivion is weakness.

The laboratory of her mushroom tower is perpetually filled with crystal lighting that dimly pulsates. Its luminosity paints the ridges of the fungal hyphae. The shadows repulsed into the circular depressions darted throughout the biotic chamber's walls. The study was eerily silent, with but the turning of pages to break its spell. Even the moats of dust seemed to be frozen from trepidation.

Indemira fell into that familiar orbit. Her spirit rattled due to the repercussions of its gravity. She could feel it. The secrets yet unlocked yearn to be opened. That sensation swelling within the back of her mind was as if twisting tentacles suctioned onto her sanity and squeezed. The crude pincers clenched her curiosity while snipping away the twines of uncertainty that remained. Her notes often fill her lab with inferential power. The sort of energy that would elude most individuals.

That timeless siren's call utterly bewitched the jinni. While silent to others, Indemira swore it yawned with the fury of a leviathan. The waves of delirium crash violently against the rocks along the shores of sanity. The foam scoured any fear as the moment passed, and the tide returned to the sea. It brought a eureka moment, one sealed by the scratching of a quill against papyrus paper.

Her hands reached out between scribblings, performing various complex motor tasks—moving vials, heating beakers, and stirring elixirs. Just one more recipe, just one more enchantment. If only she could crack another discovery, maybe she'd feel satisfaction, for such is her life and the burden that befell all enchanters. She surrendered to that impossible and endless pursuit for the next high, a discovery that would make all the time invested into those tomes worth it.

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The Fungal Tower
Her Residence

As one approaches the mushroom tower, its silhouette emerges against the dappled sunlight, revealing an amalgamation of Middle Eastern architecture and the organic beauty of nature. The fusion of these disparate influences constructs an exquisite duality, where the elegance of geometric patterns harmonizes seamlessly with the twisting forms of fungal growth.

Its grandiloquent courtyard strikes a delicate balance between nature's whimsical aspects and artisan grace. A refined cobblestone road, expertly laid out, guides guests toward the core of this opulent property. A pearl fountain stands as a centerpiece before its doors, its waters twinkling due to the sun's warm kiss. The fine craftsmanship of the fountain complements the organic magnificence of the surroundings, exemplifying true elegance.

The exterior of the tower has a canvas of painted mosaic stained glass, transforming the structure into a kaleidoscope of colorings. The stained glass panels portray scenes of flora and fauna, creating a compelling illustration that comes to life with the changing daylight. As visitors travel the cobblestone path, they're enveloped in a spectrum of hues, their trip through the courtyard becoming a motley of artistry and natural wonderment.

The aquatic wonderland within the courtyard unveils a vast forest of coral reefs, kelp, and sea sponges. Across the green landscape, marine life flourishes in a dance of vibrant colors. The pelagic ecosystem evolved for land to coexist seamlessly with the terrestrial beauty of the flower-strewn landscape. 

Adding to the allure of the property is a manicured hedge maze, its circuitous paths garnished with vibrant flowers of every conceivable hue. As visitors meander through the maze, the inebriating scents and tints of the blossoms create a profound experience. The intertwining pathways lead to hidden alcoves, inviting introspection amidst the living artwork.

Tucked within the backyard is a crystalline pool of water, where waterfalls gracefully descend from marble pillars supporting an awning of fine cloth. The cascade of water merges with the psithurism, creating a serene soundscape. The pool mirrors the surrounding mushroom caps and flowering vines, forming a faint tableau that invites winks of meditation.

In the blossom-strewn embrace of the courtyard is a haven where one can lose oneself in the interplay of color, scent, and texture—a romantic experience that surpasses the boundaries between the fantastical and the real. Each element, from the pearl fountain to the stained glass exterior, contributes to a balanced painting of beauty that personifies the magic and wonder of this extraordinary residence.

The tower's interior boasts biotic walls covered in an elaborate lattice of hyphae and bioluminescent fungi, creating a living veneer that pulsates with energy. This enchanted edifice is an affidavit to the mastery of Indemira Debussy, the mistress of the abode, whose magical prowess is interspersed into the very spongy textile of the tower. Each level of the structure is a story unto itself, an anecdote to the marriage of mystical craftsmanship and the untamed forces of the natural world.

Ascending its many levels is a memorable and glamorous experience. Visitors must stand upon a seemingly ordinary platform to traverse its heights and call upon the magic that ionizes the air. With a gentle murmur, the platform responds, lifting those aboard into the air with serene grace. Maintaining a sense of tranquility is crucial, for the magic responds to the equilibrium of the guest, ensuring a smooth ascent through the tower's verdant levels. It's a pilgrimage that engrosses one in a sensory symphony as the air becomes aromatized with the fragrance of an earthy bouquet.

Indemira Debussy, the mastermind behind this marvel, reigns over the fungal tower with mystique and dignity. Her presence is felt in every corner, from the nuanced glimmers of magical runes to the delicate balance of the habitat within. As the lady of the hearth, her vast knowledge and demeanor are both regal and approachable. Under her attentive eye, the fungal tower illustrates the beauty that arises when magic and nature meld in perfect harmony. A sanctuary where the ethereal and the earthly interweave in dazzling consonance.

Within the heart of the tower, concealed from the mundane world, lurks a laboratory and study abundant in knowledge. As one steps through the vestibule, the air crackles with latent magical energy, setting the tone for the wonders that await. The walls seem to breathe, alive with bioluminescent organisms that cast a temperate radiance upon the meticulously organized chaos within—repulsing the darkness into the indentations across its biotic walls.

The laboratory is a realm of sorcery and experimentation, filled with ornate vials containing pearlescent liquids and shelves laden with ancient tomes and artifacts. Every surface is an alchemical canvas, where mysterious symbols entwine with the transcendental luster, creating an extraordinary ambiance. Magical apparatuses hum softly, responding to the skilled touch of the alchemist/enchantress who reigns over this domain, exploiting forces unseen to weave tchotchkes and concoctions of unprecedented potency.

Amidst the swirling haze of energy, a study beckons those seeking knowledge and contemplation. Illuminated manuscripts and ancient scrolls line the shelves, their pages filled with the accumulated wisdom of ages. Quills hover in the air, ready to transcribe the scholar's thoughts, enthralled in the crusade of unlocking arcane truths. A large, ornate desk serves as the focal point, adorned with crystal globes that refract the ambient light, casting prismatic patterns across the room.

In this magical library, time seems to bend to the will of the enchantments at play. The bioluminescent tower becomes a haven for scholars, alchemists, and magic practitioners alike, who are drawn together by a shared yearning to apprehend the mysteries of the macrocosm. As one navigates the ethereal glow and explores the secrets within. They become part of annals incorporated by the delicate dance of light, a tale told in the quiet whispers and the soothing radiance of its twisting and maddening galleries. 

​Indemira Debussy's abode unveils a labyrinthine spectacle as one delves into its depths, a mesmerizing network of twisting corridors and halls that defy the orthodox structures shaped by human hands. The very essence of the tower seems to resist the boundaries of man-made architecture, embracing the unruly mishmash of nature while preserving a delicate balance with the orderliness of civilization. The passageways wind like serpentine gullets, directing visitors through an ever-changing maze that echoes the dynamic fusion between the wild and the cultivated.

A stunning spectacle unfolds as one navigates the spongey halls. Numerous fine art and antiques are seamlessly embedded within the breathing structure, their captivating and magical aura intertwined in rhythmic harmony with the ambient glow. The walls themselves seem to respire, absorbing and emanating the spirit of the elements that have become one with the tower. It's a sensorial expedition through time, a promenade amidst the embodiment of otherworldly aptitude and artistic expression.

The fusion of fine arts and artifacts creates an immersive backdrop as one spans the halls, each step resonating with the reverberation of a distant era. The mushroom walls tell a narrative of their own, woven from ancient and contemporary enchantments. The juxtaposition of the organic and the crafted, the chaotic and the ordered. It paints a surreal portrait that invites visitors to lose themselves in the ever-shifting eddies of time and magic within the humble dwelling.

Within the sprawling confines of the fungal tower reside numerous rooms, each a reflection of Indemira Debussy's opulent taste and vast fortune. Every chamber is skillfully decorated with detailed cloth and finely crafted furnishings. The air is filled with the subtle perfume of exotic flowers. These chambers offer a splendid living space for guests and employees alike.

Amidst these amenities, the servants move with contentment radiating throughout the tower. Indemira Debussy ensures the well-being of her staff, paying them handsomely and treating them with respect. The ambiance is one of shared prosperity, where individuals who once wallowed in destitution have a second chance at life. They now discover themselves shattering the restraints of poverty, providing for their families, and contributing to the melodic rhythm of the tower's daily life.

The loyal servants are well-compensated and genuinely content, their satisfaction pronounced in the joy of their daily tasks. Indemira's beneficence has created a distinctive climate, fostering camaraderie and dedication among the staff. Her home became a place where those who once faced misery now revel in the opportunity to serve a mistress who treasures their contributions.
Coral automatons, resembling living sculptures, patrol the fungal tower's interior and exterior. These enigmatic sentries, vivified by arcane energies, serve as vigilant guardians, ensuring the peace and security of the profuse abode. 

​Beneath the towering fungi and lavish compartments lies the most secret of laboratories. Here, Indemira Debussy analyzes the leylines in silence, disentangling the arcane roots that weave through the very fabric of reality. This hidden reliquary is an enigma where the mistress delves into the depths of magical knowledge. She aspires to unveil the secrets that elude the grasp of even the most seasoned enchanters.

In the heart of the fungal tower, wealth, magic, and benevolence converge to create a haven. It's true to Indemira Debussy's vision, where opulence reflects affluence and a means to uplift those once tyrannized. The tower stands as a beacon of transformation, where individuals find purpose, joy, and a chance at a better life amidst the glorious tapestry knitted by their courteous mistress.

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غیر فعاله

Speed ( Quick Thinking / Dexterity ) 
As a spiritual being inside a vessel, the jinn can draw on her innate supernatural energy to amplify the speed at which her hands can react, which surpasses that of any mere mortal by many folds. The spirit uses this to sling imbued projectiles with uncanny, fluid movements to ward off attackers or amplify her hand-and-eye coordination with her fans. (2x dexterity) Max speed 20 mph.

Strength training (Racial) 
The artist's strength is 2x stronger than her human equivalents, allowing her to lift 250 lbs while maintaining mobility. Her muscles and bones evolved to handle the strength of her blows while being a Djinn; she has no internal organs, minus a heart. She doesn't need to eat or drink and can either sleep or drain magical sources to keep the body replenished.

Flexibility (Vocational) 
Through extensive training, her body can bend, twist, and morph in ways that only the most skilled contortionist or gymnast could ever achieve while in a natural state. Able to do splits, cartwheels, flips, balance herself on ropes, and bend her spine 10 degrees further than a human. Even when in heels.

Third Eye (Racial) 
Being born from another plane, the sojourner can sense the flow of energy/chi/magic. This allows her to "see" even if her eyes are obstructed or blinded. While not perfect, like any other sense, it has served her well during the sandstorms of her homeland. She can only deduce a rough area, not the size, speed, trajectory, intent, or scale/power of the magical device/trinket/attack. 80ft

Pocket Realm
Indemira has a pocket realm between her busts that she uses to store items. It serves as an advanced bag of holding that is opened when the jinn applies her magic to unlock the space itself. Anything placed inside won't decay as there is no air or bacteria.

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Combat Skills

Weapon Skills

Muay Thai

Fans/ Scimitar 

Armor Skills



Light Armor 











Social Skills

Speech Skills




Nokhoi (Mongolian Kitsune)

Shaitain (Pashto Elves.)

Bovinite (French Tieflings.)

Common tongue

Life Skills







Artistry Skills
Exotic dancing

Educational Skills


Language Arts


Transluminal Studies (Magical Theory)

Alchemical Theorem

Transcribing (Enchanting.)


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Enchanted Gear
جادوګر ګیر

All enchanted gear has two uses unless stated otherwise and takes 24 hours to recharge. 

Blooming Storm
Blooming Storm are the names of her two enchanted fans. These weapons allow her to cast two spells daily without draining her mana. After the charges have been consumed, Indemira has to recharge them, which takes 24 hours. The right fan Storm will cause the landscape ahead of her (50ft long and 25ft wide) to become muddy and slippery. While blooming will dry off any moisture on a person or an equal area. It can also be used to snuff out flames. The weapons are comprised of spider silk tightly woven and dyed to resemble the colors of a peacock. The meshing is supported by steel frames and is plated with gold and silver. The engravings have been inscribed with magical crystals, allowing them to harness and store mana.

Tikka of the sun
The tikka on her forehead is enchanted to fire a beam of raw magic. It fires from her forehead, will travel 50 feet, and is 6 inches wide. The destructive energy can only be used once and will rip a hole through any unfortunate souls caught in its trajectory. 

Heels of the jagged thorn
These shoes can form spikes to add traction and prevent slipping. Additionally, they can create a wheel to allow Indemira to skate through smooth terrain.

The veil of the scribe
This veil can silence her voice or send it across the room. She uses this often to complain about others, with them present and unaware of her grumblings.

Dress of the Undying Freshness
Her outfits are enchanted to help dry off sweat, remain fresh, and be stain-resistant. Arguably the most overpowered piece of equipment in her arsenal. The fabric releases a soothing bouquet of Lilac and Vanilla.

Tarot Cards​
A deck of enchanted tarot cards that serve as an extension of her will. They serve as a medium. As such, they can't be stolen or broken, and if she dies in combat, they will merely evaporate into nothingness. They are also unable ever truly to leave their person and can only stick around to a certain proximity.

Two golden coated and steel Scimitars. These ornate weapons are enchanted to send out cuts of explosive fires, decorated with fine engravings. These slashes are 5 ft long and travel up to 60ft, creating a ten-foot blast on impact. 

Raven card​
Once per day, Mira can summon a raven to serve for six turns as a scout and familiar. The bird can use magic to drill through the exposed flesh of a target. It can be killed like any normal crow.

Door card​
This card can lockpick any door once per day.

Sun Card
Once a day, Mira can call on this magical card to conjure forth a ball of light, illuminating and dispelling all darkness and shadow effects on the field.

Moon card​
Once a day, Myrriah can call on this magical card to release the umbrae of the moon, creating a field of darkness that is 20ft in diameter and will consume all light (including attacks) for two turns—removing vision from her opponents during the duration.

Maiden card​
Once a day, Mira can call on the spirit of a fallen maiden (magical construct, not actually a revenant); the apparition is bound to her, and she can use its power to traverse through walls in order to access distant switches or attempt to dispel traps.

Lion Card​
Once a day. Mira can call forth the spirit of the lioness, a magical being that can sink its claws and fangs into her target; she can also use it as a mount. Last for six turns and can be killed like any lion.


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Indemira uses twin fans that are made of spider silk. She uses these to deflect and parry melee attacks while serving as her wand. She dances throughout the battlefield, using them to call forth the power of storms to destroy her foe's resolve while protecting those she loves. She dislikes fighting, seeing it as barbarity, but understands that sometimes words won't reach people. Her unique skillset has earned her the title of the Monsoon Lily. All water heals allies by 20% of their hp. All lightning raises all skills for 20 points.

Torrential Downpour: Standing in place, she'll dance and swing her fans elegantly. The display creates rain to fall in a line ahead of all. It covers a 30ft distance and 15ft width. Bolting of lightning will rain from the brume created overhead. If hit, the target will suffer burns and be stunned in place as if it were a taser. Lasts for two turns. 

Galestrike: She will swing her fans side to side, sending out a cone of water and ionization. The cones will reach 30 ft and have a max width of 10ft. Lasts two turns.

Dance of storms: Indemira will dance suggestively in place, using her fans to send a barrage of lightning bolts from them. The projectiles follow the movement of her fans. These bolts travel 30 feet and are one foot wide. 

The Monsoon Slide: She will gather water at her feet, hydroplaning and using her fans to form hard water to wrap and pull herself across the environment. Butterflies of water flutter behind her. The movements will leave all ground under her wet and slippery. She can dash 20 feet further per turn and use it to traverse bodies of water.

The wings of the typhoon: Indermira will form butterfly wings on her fans or back; she will flap them and send a wave of water capable of knocking enemies on their back and prolonging her electrical discharge for an extra turn. 30ft long and 15 ft wide.

Electrical cyclone: The jinn will form a tornado of water and electricity, sending it out as she dances with her fans. This funnel will whip ahead, shocking and trapping any caught in its grip. It can also blow away arrows or light projectiles. The cyclone is 5ft wide, moves 40ft, and will linger for three turns. She can alter its route by using her fans to steer them. (A maximum of two can be conjured at any time.)

Jann Charge- Raises her magical damage by 30% for three turns. Can only be used once a day.

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د ژوند کیسه


Indemira Debussy's origin is shrouded in mystery as she traverses the realms without knowledge of her parentage or the origins of her magical abilities. It was during one of her incursions through the ethereal dimensions that she crossed paths with the enigmatic figure known as the Crimson Menace. A powerful and inscrutable jinn with a reputation that echoed across the magical planes, the Crimson Menace recognized the potential within Indemira and decided to take her under her wing.

Under the tutelage of the Crimson Menace (Samara), Indemira embarked on a transformative journey that unfolded at the intersection of dancing, magic, and business. Samara, a mistress of sin, guided Indemira through intricate dance rituals that served as conduits for magical energies. Through the rhythmic movements, she learned to channel and manipulate the forces that wove the fabric of reality. Samara's teachings extended beyond the ethereal dance, delving into the intricate world of business and strategy, where wealth and influence became tools to shape the destiny of their faction, the Eternal House.

Indemira's training was not just a matter of honing her magical abilities but a comprehensive education in navigating the magical realms' intricate tapestry. The Crimson Menace, a formidable presence in the arcane underworld, instilled in Indemira the importance of understanding the ebb and flow of power, both magical and political. As her protégé, Indemira absorbed not only the mystical intricacies of dancing and spellcasting but also the shrewd business acumen required to navigate the complex networks of alliances and rivalries that defined the magical factions.

Throughout her training, Indemira yearned for knowledge about her origins. However, the enigmatic mentor would deflect the inquiry whenever she pressed Samara about her parentage, promising answers later. This mystery surrounding her past fueled Indemira's determination to excel in her training and to prove herself worthy of the trust placed in her by the Mistress of Sin.

Samara's lessons led Indemira to uncharted pastures. The ethereal dances echoed with the resonance of mystical incantations, and a sinuous integration occurred—one where the art of exotic dancing became a sublime expression entwined with the essence of her magical efficiency. The undulating tempo of her movements was beyond reproach, a choreography that exceeded mere aesthetics, becoming the language through which Indemira communed with the immaterial forces that coursed through the leylines.

Yet, Samara's mentorship transcended the ephemeral wink. It flowed like an unseen rivulet through the landscape of business acumen and mathematical precision, sculpting Indemira into a sorceress who commanded the arcane and navigated the Eternal House's labyrinthine galleries. The complexities of numbers and strategies were not mere intellectual pursuits but finely tuned instruments for the convoluted dance of supremacy.

In this dance of shadows and light, where the transient met the pragmatic, Indemira emerged as a luminary. The salacious dances, the calculations, and the ensorcelled ballet became inseparable. The lascivious movements mirrored the ebb and flow of the arcane. The crimson menace's wisdom unveiled the secrets regarding the jinn and imbued Indemira with the ability to pirouette between the esoteric and the pragmatic, creating a composition that had interlaced with the house.

Now, as the protégé of Samara, Indemira stands at the forefront of the Eternal House, a faction that seeks to weave a destiny beyond the constraints of time and space. Her journey from a wandering jinn to a formidable force within the magical realms is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the insatiable curiosity that drives her to unravel the mysteries of her own existence and the arcane forces that govern the cosmos.

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The Benefactor

One name resonates with a shimmering allure – Indemira Debussy, a Jinn of unparalleled charm and enchanting prowess. Conceived amidst the swirling brume of creation, Indemira's essence is woven with the network of mysticism. From the genesis of her existence, she embraced the ancient art of enchantment with an insatiable thirst.

Indemira's journey into the arcane depths unfurled like an entrancing symphony; each note, a spell cast, each movement a cultivated incantation. She harnessed the convoluted craft of enchanting through devoted study and ethereal exploration, interweaving them into a tapestry of distinctive beauty. Her prestige as an enchantress spread far and wide, reaching the ears of the affluent and influential across the provinces.

As a testament to her extraordinary talents, Indemira found herself sought after by powerful beings and mortal majesties alike, drawn to her ability to assemble or identify artifacts of tremendous power. She brokered deals transcending material wealth within the clandestine sectors of the black marketplaces.

Yet, beyond the glistening facade of opulence, Indemira harbored a humane heart. Witnessing the struggles of underprivileged communities and the toil of agriculturalists burdened by scarcity, she channeled a portion of her vast profits toward the noble cause of reconstructing destitute villages and alleviating the burdens of those who toiled the earth. Her generosity became a beacon of hope, a testament to the beneficence that could flourish even in the halls of the wealthy.

Indemira's legacy extended beyond the inalienable halls of enchantment, echoing in the winds that carried tales of her empathy and munificence. She became a patron of the downtrodden, a guardian spirit for those lost in the labyrinth of poverty. Her philanthropic efforts, an alchemy of compassion and magic, created swells across realms and propagated prosperity where shadows once loomed.

On the moonlit nights, where magic and existence converged, Indemira symbolized the harmonious coalescence of the immaterial and charity. Her enchanted antiques adorned the realms of the mighty, yet her heart beats in unison with the struggles of the ignoble. Through her odyssey, she had mastered the art of enchanting. Still, she had also become a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a globe where magic and compassion wreathed in a dance of interminable beauty.

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The Rivalry

​In the white sand empire, a pair of titans emerged, each cloaked in their unique brilliance—Indemira, the glamorous jinn, and Myan Devante, the alacritous businesswoman. Their stories entangled like the fragile threads of fate, creating an illusion of rivalry that disguised a profound respect beneath the surface.

Indemira, with her transcendental beauty and flowing habiliments reminiscent of the shimmering sands of distant deserts, was a luminary in the world of enchantment. Her aura radiated with the bygone perspicuity she had gleaned from arcane academic pursuits. Myan, on the other hand, draped herself in the sophistication of mortal couture, the Mongolian flowing robes contrasted against her jinn counterpart.

The halls of the Eternal House reverberated with the noiseless rumble of their feud. Indemira, with her piercing eyes and volume-enriched hair that mirrored the cascade of starlight, often exchanged contemptuous glances with Myan, who met her gaze with a raised eyebrow and a highfalutin smirk. The air between them crackled with an implicit challenge, manifesting in disparaging comments about each other's fashion and appearance.

Indemira would gibe at Myan's foreign threads, deeming them mundane and lacking the sophistication befitting their mystical heritage. Myan, in turn, would jest about the impracticality of Indemira's garb, insinuating that they belonged to an era long past. Their repartee echoed through the sacrosanct halls, a mirage of acrimony veiling the profound understanding that tarried in the shadows


Beneath the veneer of derision, a subtle dance of admiration developed. Each acknowledged the formidable skills of the other—the way Indemira effortlessly wove spells into the very fabric of reality and how Myan navigated the intricate webs of commerce with a finesse that rivaled the most potent enchantments. It was a muted acknowledgment, an unstated truth that their rivalry manifested the shared desire to claim the coveted title of the head enchantress of the Eternal House.

Their competition became a spectacle, a regal drama that captivated the bystanders. Yet, in the quiet moments when the moon cast its silvery glow on the Eternal House, the rivals found themselves swapping glances that betrayed a camaraderie born of a shared menagerie. Their rivalry, a catalyst for personal and professional growth, was a testament to the strength forged in the crucible of competition.

As they continued their dance of ridicule and subtle esteem, the rivalry between Indemira and Myan reached its zenith. Little did the onlookers know that mutual respect had blossomed beneath the surface of their seemingly bitter competition was a bond that transcended the peripheries of the multitudes. The two kept the ruse, each side navigating pieces across the board with the sole aspiration of becoming the Grand Enchantress of the province.

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The Taboo

In the chiaroscuro of the necrotic swamps, where shadows wove a convoluted sense of revulsion, Indemira Debussy's travels unfolded like a sonnet, each stanza rife with the harmony of tribulations and self-discovery. Florentina was guiding her through this ordeal, a giantess whose very presence spoke of ancient battles fought amidst the twisting boughs and haunting echoes of the wetland. The air was thick with the stench of decay, and every step was a tango with the unknown, orchestrated by Florentina's uncompromising demand for unwavering perseverance.

Florentina personified toughness—an undulating force in the bog's mystic ballet. Her every declaration reverberated in the sacrosanct silence, resonating through the gnarled willows like thunder. Under her tutelage, Indemira transformed, her resolve forged in the crucible of grueling physical exertion and the mental gymnastics demanded by the marshland's objectionable nature.

​In this phantasmagoric domain, Etienne materialized as a ghoul—an embodiment of the swamp's discordant notes. His unclean presence added a layer of physical challenge and served as a metaphoric mirror reflecting the swamp's moral decay. His presence became a constant reminder that, amid unearthly beauty, the gloom of degeneracy lurked, wafting just above the murky waters.

Sukegei, the elf with a prurient gaze and advances most detestable, depicted the swamp's degenerative nature. Like the shifting mist, his existence played tricks on Indemira's senses, straining her resilience and patience against the carnality of such a reprobate. His churlish antics were akin to the buzzing of a corpse fly, and Indemira brooked it all with unwavering determination.

Yet, amidst the challenges, Myan materialized—a friendly rival whose jests were the fireflies in the fen's darkened expanse. Myan's puckish banter became a source of levity, a lighthearted counterpoint to the symphony of trials surrounding Indemira. It was a dance of camaraderie amid the less-than-refined company she had mourned through.

Amid these swirling dynamics, Casimir, the lion humanoid, emerged as a dashing figure. His impish demeanor, a chorale in the swamp's cacophony, held an inexplicable charm. He became more than a friendly ally; he became the compass in Indemira's expedition, guiding her through the maze with his underworldly allure.

The unyielding physical and mental conditioning became a ritual, a ceremonious waltz against her bodily limitations. Each day brought forth new challenges, and as the sun dipped below the horizon, Indemira arose as a living testament to the metamorphosis transpiring within the murky bowels of this fetid province.

To add a touch of daring to the dismal wetland, Indemira bedecked herself with risqué attire. Her strut was a tempestuous sashay to tease the susceptible boys. However, an impulsive rebellion soon became a silent protest against the swamp's relentless grime. The once-charming ballet of suggestive gestures became a poignant commentary on the struggle against the mire.

The lamentation over a broken nail became a metaphor, echoing through the marsh like the mournful howl of a distant creature. It was a staunch reminder that, even in the fantastical realm of mystery, the tangible toll of hardship left its mark, accentuating the surreal nature of Indemira's experiences.

As the final notes of this swampy symphony crescendo, Indemira emerged, not as a mere patrician but as a refined spirit, a marriage of strength and grace, with a secret crush that abode in the shadows. Casimir, the charming lion, became the crescendo's denouement—a mysterious hymn that played on in the recesses of her heart. A transformative melody that she wouldn't refrain from dancing to. He may have been with Myan, but she couldn't shake the feeling that they belonged together.

Indemira then did something most unusual for her character. She coquettishly egged the lion on, tempting his maws and claws. While taboo, she desired him for herself. And no matter the consequences, she intended to become his pride. The others may see him as a beast. But, in her eyes, he was her monster. And that was enough to encourage her to tread down this most lascivious and immoral of paths. Was she a homewrecker? Maybe, but who was she to deny the cadence of her heart?

The Pride of the Lion

Indemira Debussy embarked upon a voyage that defied the expectations of one of her status. Her heart became enmeshed in the down-to-earth temptation of Casimir, a lion whose unscrupulous company mirrored the bestial splendor of the savannah. The love that flourished between them brooked the mark of taboos, casting a silken shroud of mystery over their burgeoning courtship, a dance of passion that dared to oppugn the dictates of societal norms.

Indemira remained impervious to the sibilant gossip of disapproval that echoed through the homes of lesser nobles. Her love for Casimir surpassed the judgments of spectators, an eternal union that pirouetted gracefully amidst the tempest induced by society. The whims of destiny and the transient critiques of others were mere zephyrs against the resilient wings of their amorous bond.

​The couple sought refuge in the heart of Indemira's fungal abode as their love deepened. The roots of their passion intertwined, shielded from snooping eyes incapable of discerning the burning sol of their passion. Here, amidst the luminescent glow of fungi, their love blossomed, illuminated by the soft radiance of those spongey walls.

Motherhood was a mantle that draped itself upon Indemira's shoulders. She embraced this role with dignity, befitting her refined lineage. Carrying the progeny of her leonine darling, she reveled in the sublime connection that grew within her. A superb song of life echoed through the exalted halls of their enchanted abode. The laughter of unborn cubs became the lyrical refrain that resonated through the tower, promising the dawn of a family that was nurtured against all odds.

The elation of begetting life became an integral facet of Indemira's essence. Her maternal instincts stand out amidst the enchanting surroundings. In anticipation of cradling their offspring, she approached the commitments of parenthood with a tender fierceness, imitating the primal instincts mirrored by her leonine consort.

As the uncharted terrain of their shared future unfurled, Indemira's priority shifted towards stimulating the happiness of her leonine companion. The challenges ahead were mere stepping stones in their journey as a family. She devoted herself to ensuring that Casimir's roar resonated with delight, weaving dreams of a future where their love matured.

​In the quietude of moonlit glades and the palliative embrace of their fungal abode, Indemira marveled at the life they had built. The playing of cubs was a harmonious melody of the legacy of their extraordinary love story—a tale penned in the luminous ink of magic and passion.

For Indemira, the fruition of her deepest desires manifested—an alchemical chef-d'oeuvre of love that topped the bounds of tradition. In the embrace of Casimir, she unearthed the fulfillment that had eluded her through the ages. Love became the resplendent jewel adorning the immortal diadem. A gemstone she'd never hide from the world.

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