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Basic information.
OC belongs to: Spooder Queen#9042(Discord)

Full Name: Somber Formerly known as Matsumota Crisandra Devante-Weyshla Ardese of Obsidian Canyon. Champion of the grand Djinn tournament, The Blood Fox, Slayer of Oni’s, Butcherer of the tribes, Mistress of cherry blossoms, Wielder of the Blackened Flame, The Great Hunter, Vanguard of the wall, Survivor of the pass, Hero of the 13 banners, Grand champion of the tournament of power, Queen of Slayers, Protector of the Realm, Slayer of the Horde, The Ashen Kitsune, The Ronin, General of the imperial hounds, Ender of Giants, Spawn of war, Leader of the Warband, Khan of blood and bone, Lady of House Devante, Matron of the Devante line, The unyielding, Usurper of thrones, Liberator of Chains, Defiler of men, Maw of the dynasty, Silencer of revolts, The insatiable devastator, The blighted scourge, Claws of the sands, and a single stay at home mother, Second of her name and last of her kin. Nicknames: Matsu, Somber Titles: See Name Race: Kitsune Gender: Couldn't careless Day of Birth: Year of the blue moon, month of the ox on the 15th day Age: 122 OOC  Time Active: Been played since 1999 Hair: Cherry Blossom Skin: Alabaster Eyes: Peach Height: 5'  Weight: 110 Lbs  Place of Residence: White Sands Empire Place of Birth: Obsidian Canyon. White Sand Empire Alignment: Neutral Sexual Orientation: Demisexual Personality: Bratty, jester, light-hearted, snarky Appearance: Black and white Kimono with a coat, bearing the sigil of her house a skull. Distinctive Marks: Many burns and scars, Missing her eye, Right arm (With a cannon attached) The marking on her face is the infused ashes of her uncle (Theo), brother (Aquaria), and youngest child (Jintsu). Symbolizing the strength of four generations of the Devante line when you stare at her face. Traits: Third eye (Ability to sense chi/energy), Flexible Faults: Socially awkward, no sense of etiquette, and stubborn. ​Senses: Magic/Chi/Lifeforce awareness from the third eye skill, Keen sense of smell, and hearing due to being a fox. Racial Abilities: Agile, Quick, Strength, Kitsune form, Poison/Temperature Resilience.  Armor(s): None, just her kimono. Unless specified, wearing her Warlord Gard.  -Main Equipment.-  Armor(s): A purple/blue Kimono, with gold adornments. Sown on the back, and on the sleeves of his top the sigil of the House of Devante.   Weapon: Desert rose is a finely engraved katana, infused with her own chi as all House Devante weapons are. Serving as a magical conduit to amplify her Chi and serve as a physical manifestation and extension of her fighting spirit and will. The blade is quite literally a part of her soul and body.    Offhand- An organic gauntlet with an eye at the center of the hand, capable of consuming only her attacks and energy, to either form a cannon, or engulf this grotesque ligament in pinkish flame or firing forth a shockwave of burning wind to tumble enemies backward. Fused onto her left hand only, serving as a prosthetic. ​ Grand Djinn Tournament Rewards- Matsumota was granted three artifacts of power after finishing the Grand Djinn Tournament. Her three wishes involved A Pipe that will never run out of Marijuana, A Jug that will never need to be filled with Sake as it's bottomless, and a pocket bag of holding that is invisible, but accessible by her chi tucked between her bosom.


Speed- A kitsune can reach a max speed of 40 mph due to its heritage as fox spirits. Making them quick opportune hunters, able to chase down their prey for extended periods of time with the right cardiovascular workout routines.    Strength- Throughout the White Sand’s history, the Kitsune have served as loyal guardians and warriors of the state. They were being seen as a spiritual reflection of the cunning will of the people. As well as a manifestation of their inner resolve. While far from the most physically strong creatures of the realm, their people can be as much as 3x stronger than their human counterparts. The increase in muscle density to make this possible also, in turn, makes their muscular system more durable than your average mortals.   Flexibility- Nimble and agile by trade, the proud kitsune race are the embodiment of a graceful predator. Able to bend their form as much as the most efficient human contortionist. While being able to jump up to twice their total heights. From a young age, they are trained in the acrobatic craft, for it is believed that combat is an art form much like a fine waltz. Even those who never taste blood still appreciate the dance due to their ancestral and cultural beliefs.    Smell- Kitsunes can smell up to 2 miles away in favorable conditions. Aiding them in tracking and chasing down their prey. An evolutionary trait that has surprisingly not weakened with time. While not perfect, the predators can pinpoint the general location and approach of their target if downwind. But like any animal, this sense can be tricked with enough wit or sensory pollution such as crowds or too many odors to pinpoint.   Hearing- Their animal-like ears are well-developed tools of their craft, the product of countless years of evolutionary progress. A kitsune's hearing is 3 times greater/resilient than that of your normal human, permitting them to get the general location of their foe even when their vision and other senses are robbed of them.   Poison/disease resilience- Down in the resilience/weakness section of the sheet.   Temperature resilience- Down in the resilience/weakness section of the sheet ​ Kitsune Form Balance- After embracing her failures Matsumota managed to meld the Tainted beast (Default kitsune form) with the fox, this state has the effects of the original Kitsune form with an additional 25% add to her magical abilities ranges.  The piece I drew to represent it is under the ability section. -Unique passive/stances-   Stillness (stance)- The Devante art, passed down from generation to generation of the line. A rare, potent ability that grants the user the ability to sense magical properties with semi-clarity. This means that while she can sense something is coming, the exact nature, velocity, angle, mass, or intent of the attack remains obscured. Imagine it like that of the hairs of a fly. While it informs the host of a coming attack or intruder, it doesn't provide a perfectly clear vision of the source. The second effect is the ability to suppress one's own Chi to a near 0, coming off as unimpressive. The mask fades whenever an attack is ready to be made. Making it so the target has a far limited time to react when contrasted to most users of the arcane/spiritual arts. When achieving this state of mind, the body emits a soft white outline.  Reaction time- Fight first think later served her well in the Sands and the furnace of war. Her muscle memory is honed through her century of combat.   -Resilences/weaknesses- +50%- Resilience to poison and disease-based attacks due to racial passive as a result of their ingestion of toxins. +50% resilience to the effects of temperature. This does not mean ice and fire attacks, rather the cold and heat they produce.


Cherry blossoms and dark flame how they work I decided to put up a description of her two magical components for her attacks. The Cherry blossom is merely superheated particles of light in the shape of a blossom petal. The heat allows them to slice and burn through organic material. yet they can be blocked by resilient materials such as steel, due to light refracting harmlessly off of it. Shadows will bend, for reasoning as to why, please google a sundial or watch any timelapse video of how the sun alters the position of a shadow with its light. Darkness will be perforated and dissolved, using the basic pretense of what happens when you flick on a light switch in a dark room. Any claims such as "But it's magic so I can do whatever I want." will be countered with equal fervor using the same point, it's magic so my mumbo jumbo counters your mumbo jumbo since that is the standard you enforced. The dark flames are just fire, the darkness comes from her chi to symbolize the turmoil she suffers internally. It is metaphorical and doesn't add any special properties. Like any flame, they can be snuffed out by sizable water, a very potent enough gust, or removing the air around them. The Light burns inside out, not outside inward, while the flames combust and send whipping fire that will trigger second-degree burns on the exterior of influenced tissue. All flames attack leave embers that burn is stood in, last for 2 turns. When it comes to the heat of the fire/light Matsumota is immune, however not to any explosive blasts. The cannon prosthetic if destroyed, removes all skills with "Cannon" in its name at the start. She can fire 4 attacks before having to spend a turn reloading the device by inserting a magical crystal into the oscillating chamber. She carries only two such crystals on her person within her hammerspace. Scaling- Listen, I know this is going to ruff feathers. So before you flip out, Matsumota has been active since 2002 -Cannon skills- Cannon-Force- A quick instant fire attack combustion the air to create blowing kinetic energy at a target. Capable of breaking a bone or pushing a target back pending on mass/sturdiness. May also disperse environmental hazards such as poison gas, steam, or fire in front of her. max effective range is 40 ft width of 20ft in a cone (Crowd control) -Grappling Talons- The fox can fire forth four talons like a pink stinger from her cannon, capable of latching onto surfaces to pull herself to a location or target, or a target to her depending on the situation. Max range 80 ft, while a target is latched, she can feed her Chi throughout, resulting in the hook burning her prey. The grappling hook resembles a clawed pink hand that clings to a target or surface by clenching its grip around the mark. Connected by a blazing black chain. (Mobility/CC) -Magical Skills.- A thousand petal storm- The ability to coat her Katana or fist in pink and black energy, creating a blackened flame where the embers are cherry blossoms. Capable of a slash of energy from her sword. The v-shaped projectiles are fire and light, four feet in thickness while 20 feet in length. Able to travel across the battlefield at a fast speed, cutting and burning any flesh in its path (No concussive property). The maximum range it can move across is 120 ft, after which it simply disperses into nothingness. (Offensive V-Shaped attack) Sakura slide- Using her life force, Somber can, while in Stillness increase her speed two-fold. However, extended use will destroy her leg muscles. (More than three times in a battle) Alternatively, the slayer can use the energy to flip about the air and jolt to the side while midair for 30ft. Doing so leaves a bed of those signature burning petals. ​Petal blade- Matsumota coats her sword in a vortex of spinning yet compact cherry blossom embers, capable of burning through flesh, cloth, leather, and metals. It can also dissolve physical ranged projectile such as arrows before impact and displaces magical rounds. Any beam under 4 inches will be reflected to the user, while a fireball (for example) of 5inches or less in diameter will disperse. Can be applied to both ends of her katana. Extension- The blood fox can pour her mana, extending her lighted blade (Above skill) reach by 4x, slowing her to slash within 20ft of her location. This magic is highly concentrated. Coupled with her experience and mastery, the energy can cut through even plated armor.(Last for two turns) ​Gout of Blossoms- The samurai can harness her inner Chi to manifest a stream of superheated Cherry blossom particles of light from her fingers tips toward her target. The attack is a cone, traversing a maximum of 60 ft while maintaining a width of 30 feet at its widest. The heat is capable of burning the flesh from the inside out but can be prevented using darkness or blocking with either a potent magical barrier or a well-crafted shield. Petal Monsoon- The Khan can pour her Chi into her Katana, slashing it horizontally as black fire and superheated particles of Cherry blossom light erupt in a tornado moving forward at fast speed. The attack cannot suck in a target; however, if trapped inside, the victim will be subjected to scorching magma-like flames, as the light will become hard light, capable of cutting through the exposed flesh and light armor of the target. The tornado can travel up to 120ft, covering a 40ft wide area.


Matsumota had given everything for the realm, suffering their ridicule for decades, losing her only living family and closest ally Aquaria. Her friends all died, mainly at the Eldritch Horde's hands, as she returned to the Obsidian Canyon to be ostracized from the Devante ranks. The council stated that it was Somber's fault her brother died, and since the wall fell partially under her charge, she had no place within the Kitsune people for the dishonor. Now a Ronin, she returned to find Beris, having lost her inn, land, and wealth in one fell stroke of the pen. The man she admired, whose children she was carrying in her brief absence, had fallen for Myrriah. Denying the gravid fox as he fruitlessly pledged to help raise their offspring. The proud warrior pretended to be resolute, accepting his offer while feigning reverence. Exited the Clockwork Cathedral, sauntering the bleached sands till Ara'Thyrel Tash'lin, the maiden of the sea, offered her residence to pay off her perceived debt to Aquaria. Those she fought with never visited her, as she spent the following months with the rare visit from Beris and his new Bimbo toy. One daybreak, she woke preparing the shop at Ashtown when her water broke, going into labor. Her host assisted as the fox delivered two boys and a girl. She named the males after famous hunters and her daughter after an old friend from her childhood. She spent her days raising the children, training and grooming them for the sands, and taking in Ara'Thyrel Tash'lin daughter. They were both struggling single mothers. Beris tried to be a part of the kid's life, with varying degrees of success due to the fractured nature of their relationship and his focus on Myrriah and her little game. Teaching the three foxes and the octopi how to channel their chi, manifest it, and hone it in various ways. She would even impart a basic magic sense to assist the newborn offspring. A year passed, and the fox kept studying her craft in seclusion, trying to find direction for her continued permanence. One day she was summoned to the new capital. Having not much else to do, she humored the odd request. Myrriah and Beris looked happy, the perfect little family within that court, as an Elven maiden was thrust on her for tutelage. The cherry blossom ronin was going to reject them until she saw a familiar spark within the creature. Taking pity, Matsumota grudgingly accepted. The two spent fourteen years training, yet in all those years, she never once spoke to or revealed anything about her past to the Elf. Once she had achieved her pinnacle, the fox kicked her out to make a name for herself, wishing her better luck as she slammed the door shut. The ronin was now puffing away at her pipe as she reflected on what to do next before vanishing from the sands. Matsumota wandered alone to the jungle her brother dwelled in for many years, having her leg restored by the Mothkin as she trained under their mysterious art. She had mastered her burst speed and further pushed her strength, coming to terms with the mutation, the horde left on her flesh. Riding on the back of a raptoid, she returned to the sand but didn't bother to make it known. Hearsays abound of a demon butchering villainous curs, a hero whose skill in battle was only matched by their elusiveness. Many syndicate scouts were dispatched to investigate; none returned with any promising leads. She spent these years pushing herself to new levels, transcending even the Kitsune of legend. Why did she keep going? The answer was simple; the will to live was more potent than anything else. The warrior now wanders the world, completing contracts as she aspires to unify the beastkin into a single faction. The kitsune and wulfgar are under her banner, yet she has delayed her invasion. Why still her ambition? Because something far more threatening made itself known. And survival beats the need for conquest.

Matsumota Devante
Matsumota Devante kitsune form
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