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Played since 2017

"I was born in war in a nation divided by tribe and race. I suffered many grievances. But I didn't run away. Instead, I confronted it and now seek to better understand it.  I'm no mere soldier, but a warrior-poet. A savant."


Watari Devante to Valerna Jorgenskull

Basic Information

Full Name: Watari Devante of Obsidian Canyon, The philosopher, Artist of war, Scourge of humanity, Breaker of insurrections, General of beasts, and the sullied, first of his name and first of his kin.


Nicknames: None.


Titles: Everything after Devante


Race: Nokhoi (Mongolian/Middle eastern Kitsune)


Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 19 years before the 19th era


Age: 35

Family- Matsumota Devante, Mother

Beris, Deadbeat father

Myan, Sister

Jinistu, Brother

Hair: Brown


Skin: Tan

Eyes: Can shift due to his ink.

Height: 6' 4

Weight: 240Lbs

Place of Residence: Skeletal Highway

Place of Birth: Sandslout

Alignment: Neutral

Relationship: Single

​Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personality: Artistic, poetic, philosophical.

Appearance: Tall, muscular, with flawless skin.

Distinctive Marks: The magical ink is engraved in the form of tattoos on his skin. They pulsate and wane as he draws on his magical pool and can change shape, color, and form at will.

Traits: Collective, reserved, calculative, tactician.

Faults: Naive, overly optimistic, blind loyalty

​Senses: Racial Abilities

Equipment- Steel Greatsword 6ft in reach, enchanted to serve as a conduit for his spells, two paintbrushes to channel his magic.

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"When the Village turns its back on a child. That boy grows up to set it ablaze. It's the nature of things that when hurt, they lash out and spread more pain."


Watari Devante Thoughts

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Physical Attributes of the Kitsune:

Speed: Drawing from their lineage as fox spirits, a Kitsune can achieve remarkable speeds, reaching a maximum velocity of 30 mph. This inherent agility makes them adept hunters, capable of pursuing prey over extended distances through the implementation of rigorous cardiovascular training routines.

Strength: For centuries, the Kitsune have stood as stalwart guardians and warriors within the White Sands, embodying the indomitable will and spiritual strength of their people. While not renowned for their raw physical power, Kitsune possess strength surpassing that of humans by as much as twofold, capable of lifting weights up to 500lbs. This enhanced strength is a product of increased muscle density, rendering their muscular systems more durable than those of typical mortals.

Flexibility: Renowned for their nimbleness and agility, Kitsune epitomize the grace and fluidity of skilled predators. They possess a remarkable level of flexibility, rivaling the most proficient human contortionists. Trained from a young age in the art of acrobatics, Kitsune view combat as a refined dance, with even non-combatants appreciating the art due to cultural beliefs and ancestral traditions. Additionally, they can leap up to twice their own height, showcasing their athleticism and prowess.

Smell: Kitsune possess a keen sense of smell, capable of detecting scents up to 2 miles away under favorable conditions. This acute olfactory ability aids them in tracking and pursuing prey, remaining an evolutionary trait that has not diminished over time. While not infallible, Kitsune can generally pinpoint the approximate location and approach of their targets, although their sense of smell can be deceived through cunning tactics.

Hearing: Enhanced by their animal-like ears, a Kitsune's auditory senses are finely tuned, a testament to centuries of evolutionary refinement. Their hearing surpasses that of humans by 3-4 times, allowing them to discern the general location of their foes even when vision and other senses are impaired. This heightened sense of hearing serves as a valuable asset in both hunting and combat scenarios, providing Kitsune with a tactical advantage in a variety of situations.


Unique Trait

Stillness (Stance): The Devante art, an ancient discipline passed down through generations of the Devante lineage, bestows upon its practitioner a rare and potent ability. With it, Watari can sense magical properties with semi-clarity, akin to feeling the faint disturbance caused by the hairs of a fly. While this grants him awareness of incoming attacks or intruders, the exact nature, velocity, angle, mass, or origin of the threat remains obscured.


Additionally, this technique allows Watari to suppress his own Chi to near zero, appearing unremarkable to observers until the moment of attack. The mask of stillness fades just before he strikes, giving his adversaries minimal time to react. When in this state of heightened awareness, Watari's body emits a soft white outline, signifying his mastery of the Devante art.

Kitsune Form: The Kitsune form represents a pinnacle of achievement for the wisest and most skilled hunters among the Kitsune. By manifesting their inner fox spirit into physical form, they become revered as apex predators, chosen by their otherkin ancestors to guide and protect their people. However, this transformation is both a blessing and a curse, as it ebbs and flows with the host's inner spiritual will. While in this form, physical strength nearly doubles, and movement speeds increase by up to 50% in short bursts, with a sustainable 25% boost in mobility.


Depicted in folklore and art as a bone exoskeleton adorned with tribal markings, the Kitsune form varies in appearance, with some having fur and others spikes, yet all share a terrifying, otherworldly mask. Due to these eerie coverings, many races have historically viewed Kitsune as demonic spirits and tricksters. Watari's unique heritage, a blend of human and eldritch influences inherited from his mother, resulted in his form taking on a devilish composition intertwined with his human half. This fusion reflects the primal nature of both man and beast, blurring the line between the two.

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"It isn't till a man suffers that he learns to appreciate what he has and what he stands to lose if he doesn't better himself."


Watari Devante Thoughts

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Magical Painting Description

Watari reluctantly embraced the sword, much to the disdain of his mother, Matsumota. She warned him that if he didn't learn to fight in some form, he'd be no son of hers. As a skilled painter, Watari saw an opportunity to merge his passion with battle, viewing combat as nothing less than an art form, albeit a more barbaric one.


Over 14 years of dedicated practice, and with the ink produced by his closest friend, a kind-hearted octopi humanoid named Silve' Kadael, Watari honed his abilities to use his mind, body, and chi to create beautiful yet deadly creations for defense. This fusion of artistic expression and martial prowess earned him his mother's favor and respect, as he melded her hand-to-hand combat teachings with his craft, intertwining her lessons with his philosophy.

When Watari utilizes his abilities, his ink flares in various hues, the painted image on the skin gradually draining and fading as his chi pool diminishes. Fusing his essence with his friend's ink, Watari faces a critical dependency; if his mana is depleted, he will wither away unless fed dosages of arcane energy. Employing tattoos as conduits for his innate abilities and skills, he can transfer them to his extremities, paintbrushes, or enchanted greatsword.

The Destruction of his brushes or blade results in the loss of abilities reliant on those tools. Constructs drawn by Watari can take any shape or size, resembling animals or objects, and act according to their nature; land animals rush and pounce, winged creatures divebomb, and inanimate objects are hurled like spears.

The ink itself may exist in liquid or solid states, serving as Watari's mana made physical. He can soak in it to reabsorb energy into his body, choosing to keep the paint liquid, sticky, or solid as blocks of jagged spikes, capable of trapping opponents when laid as traps or trickery. Removal of the ink can be achieved with water or a towel if liquid, while hardened ink requires scraping with a dull knife or similar tool. High dopamine levels within the ink can induce a euphoric state in targets if left unremoved for three turns. Serrated spears, standing 3 feet in height and 5 inches in width, cover an area of influence and puncture flesh, cloth, leather, and gambeson, though proving ineffective against plate or chainmail armor.


Swiping Ink: Watari harnesses his ink to augment his combat capabilities, coating his sword, arms, and legs in brightly colored fluid that swirls like a flame. While lacking in thermal properties, this ink imbues him with enhanced speed, allowing him to move 10 mph faster than usual, cling to walls and inclines, and unleash devastating attacks. A roundhouse kick sends a wave of ink towards enemies (40ft long and 15ft wide), immobilizing them upon contact and restricting their mobility. Coating his arms grants him superior grip and the ability to hurl jagged balls of solidified ink, extend spiked claws, or form a spear for close-quarters combat.

Coated Arms: Through mastery of his ink, Watari manifests spiked gauntlets and leggings, amplifying his physical strength and providing protection akin to steel armor. These infused extensions serve as both offensive and defensive tools, enhancing his blows and ensuring his survival in battle.

Art of the Brush: Watari wields his brush or enchanted greatsword with unparalleled skill, conjuring forth images of animals or objects that materialize and assault his foes with deadly force. The impact of these ink explosions fractures bones and ruptures organs, immobilizing enemies upon contact or enveloping them in a mist of ink upon a miss.

Life Imitating Art: Watari can create a single thrall, a creature composed of dense ink imbued with traits drawn from his brush. This loyal pet mimics the attack methods of its inspiration, executing suicide charges or injecting foes with poison that induces necrosis. The thrall serves as a formidable ally in battle, allowing Watari to focus on ranged attacks or strategic maneuvers.

Inky Tentacle: Utilizing his ink, Watari summons a 55-foot-long tentacle to ensnare targets, pull them into combat, or carry himself away from danger. This versatile appendage can also form into a lasso to bind enemies or aid in maneuvering allies.

Deluge: With a powerful stomp or strike, Watari unleashes a torrent of ink that solidifies into a devastating wave, knocking foes backward and fracturing bones upon impact. This wave can be directed in a line or spread spherically, creating barriers of ruination to impede enemy advancement. (40ft long and 20ft wide)

Wiping the Canvas Clean: Watari's ultimate attack gathers nearby ink, transforming it into sharp, petal-like projectiles that swirl around targets, stripping away their skin to expose raw flesh. This whirlwind of devastation covers a 70-foot radius, inflicting severe damage over time and leaving opponents vulnerable to further assaults. Take two turns to cast

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"Show me a man who doesn't value his family or want one. I'll show you a fool who lives in the moment. Independence is a sweet lie. And while a beautiful fantasy; it can never last."


Watari Devante Thoughts

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Watari Devante embodies a series of qualities, reflecting the diverse facets of his being as a painter, poet, philosopher, and warrior. At the core of his character lies a relentless thirst for understanding, a desire to unravel the world's mysteries by delving deep into its darkest recesses.

A moral compass guides Watari's actions, steering him towards righteousness and justice in all endeavors. His sense of honor is unwavering, a beacon that illuminates the path of righteousness even in the face of adversity. Tradition holds a sacred place in his heart, anchoring him to the values and customs of his ancestors.

Creative and introspective by nature, Watari finds solace in the world of art and philosophy, where he can explore the depths of his soul and contemplate the meaning of existence. His poetic soul seeks beauty even in the bleakest of landscapes, finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Yet, beneath his gentle exterior lies a mind as sharp as a blade, capable of calculating every move with degrees of precision and foresight. Watari has learned to be like water, adapting to the ebb and flow of life with grace and resilience. He understands that true strength lies not in rigid resistance but in fluidity and adaptability.

Despite his virtues, Watari is haunted by the specter of his father—a man who abandoned his family, leaving his mother, Matsumota, to suffer in poverty. The fear of repeating his father's mistakes looms large in Watari's mind, driving him to strive for greatness and redemption with every fiber of his being.

The dichotomy of light and darkness, honor and fear, creativity and calculation converge to form a complex and multifaceted personality. He is a man on a quest for truth and enlightenment, navigating the turbulent waves of life with courage, integrity, and unwavering determination. He lives for a greater calling, that of the Verdant Dynasty and its people.

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At the heart of Watari Devante's philosophy lies a profound sense of duty—a commitment to stand as a symbol for his people, the Nokhoi, and to bridge the chasm between two alien worlds and ideologies. Born from the harsh sands of the desert, yet drawn to the opulent courts of the Verdant Dynasty, Watari embodies the union of disparate cultures and traditions.

Sensing the impending doom of his ancestral home, Watari embarked on a journey of self-discovery, venturing into the depths of the jungle in search of answers to the shortcomings that plagued his people. He saw life not merely as a series of fleeting moments, but as a sacred journey of enlightenment—a crusade to understand and transcend the limitations of our finite observations.

Through meditation and introspection, Watari delved into the writings of former sages, seeking to glean wisdom from the past while combining it with the present to forge an ideal future for the Nokhoi people. He understood that true enlightenment lay not in isolation but in the synthesis of diverse perspectives and experiences.

In Watari's philosophy, the past serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a brighter tomorrow. He sees himself as a custodian of ancient knowledge, entrusted with the task of preserving the wisdom of his ancestors while adapting it to the ever-changing landscape of the present.

For Watari, enlightenment is not a destination but a journey—a perpetual quest for truth, understanding, and self-improvement. He recognizes that the pursuit of wisdom is an ongoing process, requiring humility, perseverance, and an open mind.

As Watari Devante continues his journey, he remains steadfast in his commitment to serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the Nokhoi people. Through his words, his actions, and his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of enlightenment, he strives to lead his people towards a future defined by harmony, prosperity, and unity.

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"War is a testament to the resilience of a peoples spirit. Much like a forest fire strengthens the brush, so does conflict bolster the peoples soul."


Watari Devante Thoughts

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Watari Devante was born into the White Sand Empire as a child of a single mother. His father's was a deadbeat who left his mother for another woman, thus making him a bastard. Raised amidst the scorching dunes, he learned resilience and resourcefulness from his mother, a woman of strength and determination.

From a young age, Watari displayed a talent for painting, capturing the stark beauty of the desert landscape with vivid strokes of color. Despite his humble origins, his artistic prowess drew the attention of those around him, offering glimpses of a world beyond the arid expanse he called home.


Watari's path took an unexpected turn when his simple life was swallowed by war and conquest. Feeling disconnected from his desert roots and seeking a sense of belonging, he made the bold decision to leave his homeland behind and join the ranks of Valerna Jorgenskull and the Verdant Dynasty, a kingdom renowned for its martial prowess and grandeur.

Adjusting to the alien culture of the Verdant Dynasty proved to be a challenge for Watari, whose upbringing had instilled in him a sense of modesty and humility. Amidst the extravagant courts and lavish feasts, he remained true to his own values, finding solace in his art and poetry amidst the splendor of his new surroundings.

As a warrior-poet serving the Verdant Dynasty, Watari was embroiled in countless battles and campaigns, each one shaping his understanding of war and its consequences. Despite the bloodshed and violence he witnessed, he remained steadfast in his belief that there was wisdom to be found amidst the chaos of conflict.

Throughout his military career, Watari diligently documented his experiences on the battlefield, capturing the horrors and heroism of war with a poet's eye and a painter's brush. Determined to make sense of the carnage he witnessed, he harbored dreams of penning a memoir that would serve as a testament to the folly of war and a plea for peace.

With each stroke of his pen and brush, he sought to immortalize the sacrifices of those who had fallen in battle and to inspire future generations to seek alternatives to violence and conflict. He hoped that his memoir would serve as a cautionary tale, reminding others of the cost of war and the importance of diplomacy and understanding in resolving conflicts.

As he continues his journey as a warrior-poet, he remains committed to his quest for enlightenment and peace, using his art and words to shed light on the darkness of war and to pave the way for a brighter, more peaceful future for all.

Watari Devante discovered himself drawn to the complexity of the courts and the enigmatic figure at its helm: Valerna Jorgenskull. As the chieftain and a legendary warrior in her own right, Valerna commanded respect and admiration from all who served under her, including Watari.

What captivated Watari most about Valerna wasn't her amplitude for strategy and battle but the brilliance of her mind. She was not merely a warrior but a grand tactician and a deep philosopher, whose insights into the nature of war and power transcended the physical realm. Despite her imposing stature—a towering figure with spider legs protruding from her back, the result of a cursed lineage—Valerna possessed a wisdom and intellect that few could rival.

Though Watari found himself enamored with Valerna, his honor as a warrior forbade him from succumbing to his feelings. He understood the boundaries separating them— rank, duty, and honor. Yet, even as he fought to suppress his love for her, he could not deny her profound impact on his life.

Under Valerna's tutelage, Watari trained alongside her daughter, Florentina Jorgenskull, a skilled warrior in her own right and a dear friend to Watari. Through his close relationship with Florentina, Watari gained insight on giant culture, forging a bond that transcended mere camaraderie.

As he immersed himself in Valerna's world, Watari recognized the importance of documenting her thoughts and musings. He saw in her a lodestar of enlightenment, challenging his own worldviews and traditionalist mindset. Through her words, he questioned the nature of war and power, grappling with the complexities of honor and duty in a world of conflict.

In Valerna's wisdom, he found not only guidance but also inspiration. He saw in her a vision of a world where strength was tempered by wisdom, where power was wielded not for conquest but for the greater good. Though he knew his love for her could never be realized, Watari remained steadfast in his commitment to honor her legacy, using his art and words to immortalize her teachings for generations to come.

In the heart of the warrior-poet, Watari Devante, the admiration for Valerna Jorgenskull burned bright, illuminating the path towards a future defined not by