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Basic Info
OC Is drawn/owned by spooderqueen (Discord.), @verdantdynasty (Twitter.)

Full Name: Myan Devante

Nicknames: Mymy

Titles: Glitter fox

Race: Kitsune/Human (Imagine with tail/ears)

Gender: Female 

Age: 33

Hair: Pink​

Eye color: Lavender.​

Skin: Olive

Height: 5' ​

Weight: 120Lbs ​

Place of Residence: Obsidian Canyon​

Place of Birth: Sandslout​

Alignment: Neutral​

Body Type: Buxom

Relationship: Single​

​Sexual Orientation: Pansexual​

Personality: Bratty, posh, arrogant, selfish, demanding, demeaning

Appearance: Skin tight Crimson and gold Kimono with black leggings and golden/jeweled adornments​

Distinctive Marks: Hey eyes and bushy tail. Seriously, its fo floofy.

Traits: Deductive reasoning​, Scholar, Regal, Seductress, Exotic Dancer​

Faults: Haughty, Holds grudges​

​Senses: Below​

Racial Abilities: Below

Weapon: Her mothers old Katana. And a bostaff.

Special Weaknesses: Manly men, Muscular dames, Romantic gestures, and being venerated as she deserves.


Myan is a spoiled brat. Ever since she was a cub, she always got her way. Her mother's favoritism supplied the diva with a superiority complex. She regards menial labor as being below her and loathes the idea of physical exertion. She views it as befitting a peasant, not one of her illustrious lineage. That conceit might lead some to tag her as pretentious and narcissistic. However, when have the idle words of barbarians ever held sway over a refined damsel like herself? She sees the world as her oyster and craves power, wealth, and knowledge to bolster her name and house. 

The house of the fox may have fallen on hard times. But the vulpine believes it's her birthright to take the reins and lead it to a new age of glory. Some might chastise her coquettish inclinations. Others may denigrate her love for exotic dancing. However, Myan sees beauty and sexuality as mechanisms to be appropriated to stuff her coffers and coax the lesser wills to serve under her fashionable high heels. Outwardly she comes across as unassuming. But underneath the enchantress's voluptuous shell lurks a true predator.

The fox defines combat as uncivilized. She avoids it to bypass the risk of damaging her perfect form. She secretly dreads the idea of breaking a nail during such altercations. Nonetheless, Matsumota (mother) trained her to hold her own. And Samara Del'Fluent imparted arcane and dancing instructions. Myan stands as a covenant between both factions, an amalgamation of their distinct ideas melded into a single entity—the grit of a nokhoi fused with the capitalistic drive of a bovinite. 

In her eyes, you're a liability if you aren't an asset. And she will not shy away from admonishing anyone who happens to cross her. Some might label her linguistical floggings as utterly devastating. She prefers the term tough love.


The most dangerous things in nature are often the most striking to behold. Despite this fact, many underestimate the determination of a woman. It is this oversight that Myan aspires to exploit. As a patrician, she regards herself as exceedingly fair. She'd describe herself as well-mannered, funny, caring, ravishing, knowledgeable, empathetic, assiduous, and incredibly unpretentious. Everything she has done, whether morally questionable or not, was done to facilitate her people. She just so happened to profit from laboring in the fields.

In actuality, the nokhoi does have a single character fault. That being her undeniable forbearance for incompetence. The other day one of her employees failed to hit the mark, and she so charitably refrained from sending him off to an early retirement. Notwithstanding her self-perception. She is bratty, demanding, and abstains from sweating or performing manual labor as much as possible. She sees those inept at their roles as dead weight and those competent as assets till they can verify themselves as worthy of being something more.

She's cutthroat when it comes to business. She doesn't see anything wrong with supplying the nations with her spices. Myan is a capitalist who sporadically entertains moral implications. But sometimes, to make the world a better place, you must disrupt a few nests. Unfortunately, how she defines a better place often implies her gratification and benefit. She isn't one to refrain from speaking her mind, often lashing that venomous and eloquent lingua to disassemble the conviction of others.

Myan will often maintain a deceptive veneer. One that broadcasts the image of a kittenish lady who coquettishly trifles with others if comfortable. She claims not to care what others think, but it's evident she takes much stock in her appearance. Myan is a fox of many faces making it hard to discern which, if any, is her true self. Nonetheless, she will open up to those few who rate the privilege.


Speed-  The nokhoi can reach a max speed of 15 mph due to its heritage as fox spirits. Making them quick opportune hunters, able to chase down their prey for extended periods of time with the right cardiovascular workout routines. 
Strength- Throughout the White Sand’s history, her people have served as loyal guardians and warriors of the state. They are seen as a spiritual reflection of the cunning will of the people. As well as a manifestation of their inner resolve. While far from the most physically strong creatures of the realm, their people can be as much as 2x stronger than their human counterparts, able to manipulate 345 lbs in combat.
Flexibility- Nimble and agile by trade, the proud vulpine is the embodiment of a graceful predator. They are able to bend their form as much as the most efficient human contortionist. While being able to jump up to twice their total height. From a young age, they are trained in the acrobatic craft, for it is believed that combat is an art form much like a fine waltz. Even those who never taste blood still appreciate the dance due to their ancestors and cultural beliefs. 
Smell- Nokhoi can smell up to 2 miles away in favorable conditions. Aiding them in tracking and chasing down their prey. An evolutionary trait that has surprisingly not weakened with time. While not perfect, the predators can pinpoint the general location and approach of their target if downwind. But like any animal, this sense can be tricked with enough wit or sensory pollution, such as crowds or too many odors to pinpoint. Plus the wind.
Hearing- Their animal-like ears are well-developed tools of their craft, the product of countless years of evolutionary progress. Her hearing is two times greater/more resilient than that of your normal human, permitting them to get the general location of their foe even when their vision and other senses are robbed of them.

Stillness (stance)- The Devante art, passed down from generation to generation of the line. A rare, potent ability that grants the user the ability to sense magical properties with semi-clarity. This means that while Myan can sense something is coming, the exact nature, velocity, angle, mass, or intent of the attack remains obscured. Imagine it like that of the hairs of a fly; while it informs the host of a coming attack or intruder, it doesn't provide a perfectly clear vision of the source.


The second effect is the ability to suppress one's own Chi to a near 0, coming off as unimpressive. The mask fades whenever an attack is ready to be made. Making it so the target has a far limited time to react when contrasted to most users of the arcane/spiritual arts. When achieving this state of mind, the body emits a soft white outline. ​




Binding is the art of conjuring magical/elemental creations to inflict damage on the caster’s opponents. The rose petals simulate shards of glass. This force can hurt her if the target is close, while the light/glitter effects have no impact on her as she is immune to the burn effects of her own attacks. All light-based skills will refract off of metallic armor but burn through the skin, cloth, and leather simulating the effects of a microwave. This implies it burns the target from the inside outward, not outward inward like a fire. The glitter can seep into cracks and crevices of armor.​​​

Rosepetal swarm- A vibrant rainbow torrent of rose petals flutter via a horizontal swipe of her weapon or the flicking of her wrists. It covers a max range of 40ft and a width of 20ft at the widest point. On contact with the target, sections of their flesh rip apart as they are dense like shards of glass and embed themselves into the exposed tissue of the target.

Glitter power!- The fox can use Katana/bostaff and mastery of light magic to send beams of light from the edges of both sides of the martial weapon. Extending her reach by 6ft, she can slam either end on the grounds or twerk to send out a 30ft sphere. The secondary function is a blanket of shifting-hued burning light simulating a glittery mist.


Sending one-inch thin rays upward as the Kitsune salaciously dances within its rainbow glow, the thin beams travel up to 12ft into the air and jump about the area based on her hand and hip movements. Causes third-degree burns. (last two turns.)


Rose Rivulet- Fires a barrage of razor-sharp bright purple and red blossoms, capable of easily piercing the flesh of most opponents simulating shards of glass. A 30ft line and a 15ft width in a line shape. Can be launched with a robust kick or by blowing a suggestive kiss at her target. The fragments last on the terrain for three turns.


Hummingbirds- Her curvaceous form becomes visually carried by a swarm of hummingbirds. They allow her to dash in a singular direction leaving a pink and red trail as she zips around the battlefield. Each dash allows her to navigate a 30ft distance at 2x her base running speed. Alternatively, she can fire them by stretching out her hand. They will fly toward and explode on impact with twice the force of a Warhammer.


Petal brush- Myan can swing her armament to send forth a wave of glitter and rose petals mixed in. The attack comprises the full dimensions of her weapon. It sends out seven streaks around her that are purple and pink and will navigate forward 25ft with an area surrounding her body. On contact, they cause second-degree burns.


Heart you babe- Can fire a heart-shaped beam of pink-streaked light from her palms, capable of burning through a target's exposed flesh, leaving a heart-shaped at the exit point. This attack is 6 inches in total width and height, traveling to a max of 80ft


Cheerful dance- Everyone in her party largest stat raises by 30 for 3-turns

Cheerleading- Everyone in her party gets +15 to all skills. 3-turns

Seductive charm- Pumps those attracted to her blood, raising their damage and speed by 15% 2-turns

Glittery twerk- She twerks her bottom, raising her party member's defense mitigation across the board by 15% 2-turn

Healing jiggle- jiggles her chest, spraying glittery light that restores their constitution value x2 to regen health.


Myan was born with an often incurable condition, poverty. Her mother was a poor judge of character and spread her legs to some ignoble human. However, the vulpine thirsted after greatness rather than wilt under the dryness of destitution. She learned early on that she had a boon despite the negative modifier bestowed on her by fate. Beauty, a timeless commodity, opened many doors. The hearts of men and women alike were her playthings. Their wills were the conduit to amplify her glory. 

She brooked her early days wearing drab threads and living in the shanty town. Her magnificent palate weathered the bland food of the commoners. Myan aspired for more but was delayed her inevitable rise due to her mother's need to train her. She learned a valuable lesson during those sessions. That sweat, dirt, and sore muscles were unbecoming of a true lady. She even swore she was developing a tan, the telltale hallmark of one stricken by privation. Taxes were her greatest bane, taking the meager sum she had earned and magically shrinking it down.

In Myan's eyes, there was no greater magician than a taxman. And no more significant waste of investment than an inept government. Providentially for the nokhoi, she'd be bequeathed opportunity. War, while bloody, was lucrative. She greased the palms of many, built herself a social network, and pussyfooted her way into the good graces of the affluent. The miasma of despair was a pleasing perfume to her nose. Such ambition rated her the attention of an even greater diva.

Samara Del'Fluent had made a name for herself. She was another entrepreneur profiting from the trying times besetting the realm. The jezebel took her under her tutelage and groomed Myan for success. Under her employment, her wealth swelled along with the connections she made. Voraciously she wolfed down every lesson as she vowed to implement them and earn her family's former prestige. The enchantress may have entered a poor woman, but she left a wealthy one in materialism and knowledge.

Eventually, the turbulence of war quelled and allowed peace to settle over the badgered province. Myan returned to her ancestral home, the obsidian canyon. She purchased the old Devante manor and renovated the historical monument to better fit her refined taste. Watari (brother) and Matsumota were galloping about as if trying to revive the old ways. Meanwhile, Myan sought to pursue a different path. She'd allow the two to live out their fantasies while benefiting from the fruits of their labor.

Her mother was horrible with money, and her brother was no accountant. Foolishly they entrusted her with the city's treasury. She invested it repeatedly, turning a profit and inflating her coffers. Hungrily she continued to work from the shadows. Outwardly, Matsumota was seen as in charge. However, the flow of coin told a differing account. Her mother was an icon, a figure she'd use to promote her aspirations and strengthen her grip. 

One day Samara returned, and the two entered into business together. To the commoner, Myan was just the treasurer of a small town. But behind closed doors, she became the mistress of coin. And with such newfound powers and responsibilities came many opportunities. But perhaps most fortuitous of all was that she now ran the nation's economics and the eternal house's books. Such a position meant she was immune to taxes and thus bypassing that scourge.

She now spends her time managing her cartel as she percolates her influence into every cranny of the desert. Myan aspires to usurp Samara someday and stand as the world's wealthiest soul. It doesn't matter who sits on the throne; they require her gold. In short, she believes she is the true ruler of the sands, even if everyone else is oblivious. 

Biography 2

The desert's instability brought with it a storm of chaos. And where there is upheaval, there are business prospects. The affairs of local and national governments are seldom Myan's concern. She had weather a myriad of exchanges of rulers, and while their stories have gone silent, hers remains as loud as ever. The crown was tossed about like some ignoble lady of the night. The kings who donned those antiquated symbols were consumed by avarice and vice. Their licentious and immoral predilections presented gaps so the vulpine might dig in her claws.

Methodically Myan navigated the ever-shifting dunes. Instability made business as profitable as it was irksome. The proliferation of her spices and fragrances ensured that her accounts grew consistently each quarter. Where there was misery, there were those unfortunate souls seeking to drown out their anguish through self-medication. A select few might chastise her entrepreneurial mindset. However, as the fox saw it, she was merely a physician. The source may be beyond her reach to remedy, but her products and services alleviated the symptoms.

Samara had foolishly trusted her protege. That confidence was betrayed as Myan set her sight on carving out her future. While her mentor was away, the pup would connive and play. She utilized her beauty and cunning mind to navigate across the board. She was brokering alliances and profitable concords that outwardly benefited both parties. But in truth were one-sided. Sometimes she'd alter the terms, appearing sympathetic to garner their admiration. But the game was rigged all along.

Those under her employment she treats well. But those who stood against her insatiable hunger for wealth met mysterious resignations. One benefit of being affluent is that one needn't sully their hands. They could contract other reprobates to carry out foul deeds. Watari had betrayed their nation and family. The fool was seduced by a foreign queen and defected. While one might expect Myan to be irate by such a backstabbing, her eyes glinted from excitement.

The vacuum left behind tore the Obsidian Canyon apart. The scuffle necessitated a stern hand to quell the embers of revolution. Her house, the one formerly unmourned, had a reputation. Matsumota served as the hound of her rule, swiftly cutting down any instigators and rebels. The vulpine carried out her plan while honoring the old ways. A system not meant to pay reverence but to coerce the traditionalist under her heel—a marriage between liberal concepts and old-school values.

The nokhoi were traditionally sexist. They regarded women as the inferior sex. Nevertheless, Myan and Matsumota's handling of a precarious situation while upholding honor questioned such assumptions. For the first time, the foxes accepted the yoke of women. The house of the fox rose to prominence once more and aligned with the eternal house. Samara regarded the development as fealty from her loyal apprentice. A mistake that led the bovine to endow Myan with more authority.

The empire collapsed under the poundage of its ineptitude. Humanity and its dawn had come to an end. Ethnicity reigned as a unifying marker. To most, this bigoted climate proved arduous for business. But the enchantress knew one's addiction and love of coin superseded such trifling things. They needn't love her to do business. And with the transferring of each coin, her position solidified. 

The local rulers lacked funds but had an appetite for war. Their sanguinary penchants were manipulated as they incurred debt. And with each numerical increase, her voice over their governments magnified exponentially. Why conquer kings with an army when you can enslave them through debt? She learned that the best chains are those not seen. That the most faithful subjects are those that believe themselves free.

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