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Art Drawn/Owned by the_stripper (Discord)

Character Creation Date, 10/11/2008

Fantasy roleplaying forum
Fantasy roleplaying forum
Fantasy roleplaying forum

Basic Info

Full Name: Samara Del'Fluent

Nicknames: Sammy 

Titles: Lady of Coin, Enchantress of the Sands, The Ruby Sphinx, The Crimson Menace,

 The Lioness, The Grand Accountant, The False Dreamer (Sharmoot), and dubbed by some as being a b*tch.

Race: Jinn/Bovinite (To be more precise a Marid.)

Gender: Female. She/Her

Day of Birth: Unknown

Visible Age: 31

​Hair: Alabaster

Skin: Claret

​Eyes: Golden

​Height: Samara Del'Fluent stands an imposing 5' 2" in stature. 

Build: Muscular legs and core, with abundant curves.

Weight: 130lbs

​Place of Residence: The cities of Trinity.

​Place of Birth: Eladine

​Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

​Relationship: Single 

​Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Distinctive Marks: Samara's horns and their golden ornaments ofttimes are a point of fixation. That lunar marking affixed to her forehead casts a soft shimmer that unfailingly entices the eyes. The symbol is an upside crescent moon meant to render mockery to the faith that formerly tried to purge her from reality. Something she had to deal with constantly given the superstition and fickled hearts of mortals.



Affiliations: The Eternal House (Faction leader.) 

House of the Fox (Business partners.)

Red Sap (Ally)

Tribunal (Ally.)

 Traits: Well-read, Artistrocate, Mathematician, Analytics, Opulent, Exotic performer

Hobbies: Reading, Pole Dancing, Fitness, Swimming, Sunbathing, Shopping, Sampling Wine, Parties, Writing Reports, Engaging in playful mockery.

𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬: Jorgenite (English), Nokohian (Pashto), Heiffentite (French.)

Habits: Samara suffers from excessive wine consumption. However, due to her biology, she is immune to inebriation or any drug-like effects. She relishes the flavor and the redolence of her libation of choice. It functions as a therapeutic process by which she might relax after a hard day of crunching numbers or dealing with the ninny hammers of the court.

Quirks/eccentricities: She suffers from a resting b*tch face. And should a conversation prove anything but riveting, she may smack her lips, yawn, stretch or rove her eyes to something more captivating like cobwebs or paint drying. Samara doesn’t describe the killing of rapscallions or adversaries as murder or death. Instead, she fancies the descriptors of early retirement or resignation. 

Likes: The lioness loves taffy. Sincere compliments and veneration boost her perceived self-worth. Additionally, Samara enjoys philosophical exchanges and derives pleasure from mapping out the intellects and world views of those around her. However, this doesn’t imply she agrees with the inanity often unearthed through such explorations.

Dislikes: Self-righteousness, altruism, cruelty, a childish conception of strength, wasting her time, hedonistic indulgence, slothfulness, paying taxes, unmerited stances of grandeur, Debby Downers, edge lords with daddy issues.

Fears: She fears one day becoming obese as she regards the body as an outward manifestation of one's inner resolve. The idea of breaking a nail or being needlessly covered in filth also unsettles the sphinx. Excessive sweat also unnerves her and poverty. Lastly, the Bovine fears death as it insinuates that she wouldn’t be able to experience the one thing she cherishes the most, life and its myriad of experiences.

Strengths: Deductive reasoning, economical models, employment of her lexicon, exotic dancing, wit, flexibility, proficiency with the bo staff and halberd, and destructive magics. Immunity to poisons, disease, toxins, alcohol, and narcotics.

Weaknesses: If it can kill a human, it can dispatch with her. Loneliness, for heay, is the crown. Samara suffers from mental anguish due to the difficult choices she has to make. She flaunts her body as a coping mechanism but secretly questions her worth as a lady whenever alone. Short-tempered regarding incompetence, condescending.

Short-term goals: Securing her house.

Long-term goals: The construction of an eternal regime that will outlast the death and rebirth of the macrocosm. 

Motto: Live to experience life and cherish it. Don't become swallowed by the anguishes it presents. Life without chaos and pain is as insipid as life without love and joy. However, to truly appreciate life. One must be willing to sacrifice for it.

Secrets: She wiped out her children to prevent the death of the commoners. Revealing that notwithstanding outward appearances, the Jezebel secretly cares for the people under her yoke/employment.

Fantasy roleplaying forum
Fantasy roleplaying forum
Fantasy roleplaying forum

Samara is often described as being cold and calculative. A deportment that has earned her the marker of b*tch. Many might regard such nomenclature as insulting. However, she defines such a boorish word as a synonym for having standards and aspirations as a woman. She often has no qualms with manipulating others if it means securing a beneficial outcome. She parades her opulence to signify her temporal achievements. A self-described connoisseur of the finest things, she often won't settle for less. A facet of her character that extends to those she graces with her lustrous presence. 


The Jezebel expects only the best from those privileged enough to rate her time or be under her employment. She flaunts her body so as not to induce hedonism. No, it's merely a vetting instrument to separate the intelligible from those who think with their lesser head. She treats others with suspicion until they verify themselves as valuable assets. Despite such a mentality, Samara is loyal to her constituents and allies. She sees double-crossing others as a surefire means to erode one's future. A tactic only employed by the dimwitted and those of nascent minds.

The jinn knows how prone berks are to ascertain one's character via appearances. She enjoys instilling kernels of deception to conceal her most significant asset, that being her intellect. Samara relishes conversations concerning philosophy. Secretly, she enjoys engaging in thought experiments or reading tomes on the topic. Her lexicon is extensive due to her fine upbringing and familial pedigree. Her passion for reading is greater than dancing but eclipsed by her penchant for work. She often seeks methods to integrate the two, given her standing as a patrician.


Samara's stellar eyes constantly analyze those she interacts with—her labyrinthian mind weighing the pros and cons of continual business. She often is silent, only speaking when prudent or advantageous. Confidently, she radiates dominance through a myriad of ways. Everything Samara does is to further her house and people. Assuming such a thing exists, morality comes second, given her obligations. Her business-centric presentation might come off as off-putting to some.


​Nonetheless, notwithstanding such a disposition, the Jezebel isn't without a sense of wit. Samara holds no compunctions regarding castigating others. Her oral lashings are often described as being a fate worse than death. Everything is a contract that all parties must honor if they wish to circumvent a premature termination. Regarding her past, the jinn is very closed off. Seldom will she open up, as she believes most relationships are transient exchanges.


The crimson menace detests those who think of themselves as virtuous. Samara especially despises men who miscalculate their worth or influence. If one were to ask her about her most redeemable quality, she'd probably say her unbelievable humility. This is evident in the fact she is even giving you a wink of her time or bestowing you the honor of carrying her luggage.

Fantasy roleplaying forum
Fantasy roleplaying forum
Fantasy roleplaying forum