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Basic Information

Full Name: Silai Ahmadzai
Nickname: Sil
Titles: None
Race: Shaitan (Elf)
Gender: Female
Day of Birth: 6 years before the 19th era.
Age: 21
​Hair: Brunette
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Honeyed
​Height: 5' 
Weight: 103 lbs
​Place of Residence: Indemira’s Fungal Tower
Place of Birth: The White Sand Empire (د سپینې شګې امپراتورۍ)
​Alignment: Chaotic neutral
​Relationship: Single
​​Sexual Orientation: B

Senses: See Passives
Economic status: Middle Class
Vocation: Professional redistributor of wealth
Traits: Well-read, Astute, Mischievous, Sarcastic, Dece
itful, Flirtatious 
Likes: A slight proclivity toward public intoxication and religious narcotics. And she enjoys the strategic transfer of economic livelihood (STEAL)
Dislikes: Prudes, Self-righteous folk, Effeminate men, Wimps, Whiners, and Debbie downers.
Fears: Settling down with a weak partner and feeling powerless over her own future.
Strengths: Silai’s grit, spunk, and uncompromising will regarding her objectives.
​Special Weaknesses: A single well-placed blow will kill her.​
Special Resilences:  None
Motto: It isn’t stealing. It’s just a surprise tax or donation to the Silai gets hammered on the weekend fund. A noble charity, if there ever was one
Equipment: Longbow (Range, 600 ft.) Dual-wielding steel short swords (3 ft in length), one for parrying.

Social Information

Mentor- Matsumota Devante

Employer- Indemire and Samare Del'fluent

Friends- Kan-Xib-Yui
Zelena Timanti

Tahira Quil'Kovesh


Lover- None

Family- None

Faction- Eternal House



Silai Ahmadzai is a riddle, personifying a mesmerizing blend of beauty and defiance. Her magnificence is as tantalizing as her bratty demeanor is problematic, making her a presence that demands attention. Quidnunc individuals allege that she has a kleptomaniac past, adding a component of mystery to her persona and leaving those around her both intrigued and wary.

Despite her seemingly erratic nature, Silai harbors a guileless affection for animals, mainly her loyal orca wolf mount. This soft spot unveils a side to her that transcends the boundaries of her brash exterior. Yet, her love for creatures doesn't overshadow her penchant for merrymaking. Silai thrives in the company of others, indulging in both alcoholic libation and flirtation as tools to navigate the thorny dance of social dynamics.

In matters of the heart, Silai approaches relationships with a transience that mirrors the ephemerality of her desires. She views her femininity as an effective tool, masterfully manipulating it to promote her objectives. Her one true love, however, lies in the realm of wealth allocation. Silai unapologetically prioritizes her needs and expenses, recognizing the pragmatic nature of securing financial stability.

Her one constant remains her indefatigable adherence to the pursuit of capital. Underneath the coatings of charisma and volatility lies a woman who understands the world as a stage, and she is the lead actress orchestrating her own lavish performance. After all, what is a thief but a redistributor of wealth? A woman has her needs. And who else will invest in the local small businesses that aim to supply earthly satisfaction? In her mind, she isn't pilfering but instead relocating wealth to impoverished sectors.


Within the circuitous halls of Silai's philosophical perspective, the pervasive injustice that stains the canvas of the world is not merely a lamentable fact but a potent call to action. To her discerning eyes, the indolence of inaction and the corrosive self-loathing that festers within one's spirit form the insidious snares of mediocrity. Having weathered the crucible of abject impoverishment and served as a ranger for the military, Silai's understanding of conflict is not confined to geopolitical boundaries; instead, it extends to the heartbeats of every facet of existence.


Through the furnace of misfortune, Silai has forged a profound conviction that empathy, while a dignified virtue, remains inert without the catalyst of action. Her experiences have ingrained in her the acumen to rise from the ashes of complacency and assume the transformative power of individual agency to generate change. Each stride forward becomes a clarion call to oppugn the prevailing inequity that pervades the world.


Silai's yearning for metamorphosis finds an anchor in the tenets of self-improvement. A loyal acolyte of the Eternal House, she draws inspiration from the ascent of Jinniyah Samara Del'Fluent. Samara's ascension from destitution to opulence is an affidavit to the unremitting psalm of self-betterment.


Yet, shades of gray dominate the complexity of Silai's morality. Unfettered by the insubstantial judgments of others, she navigates the moral topography with a seasoned gaze that surpasses simplistic dichotomies. Her focus is on the enduring inheritance of actions, the echoes and ripples reverberating through time. Adorned with resilience and enriched with the lexicon of consequence, her philosophy materializes as a testament to the continuing quest for a morality that defies time.



  1. Speed (Quick Thinking/Dexterity):

    • Sil's agility and quick thinking are unparalleled, a result of her years of training as a ranger, hunter, and eventually a spymaster. Her keen eyesight, akin to that of a hawk, enables her to survey her surroundings with remarkable clarity, spotting hidden threats or advantageous positions.

    • In combat, Sil's reflexes allow her to dodge incoming attacks with uncanny precision, parrying and riposting with deadly accuracy. She seamlessly switches between wielding her parry blade for defense and her attack blade for offense, striking with lightning speed.

    • Her proficiency with the bow is legendary, her movements fluid and efficient as she draws and releases arrows with deadly accuracy. Whether in close-quarters combat or at range, Sil's speed and dexterity make her a formidable opponent.

    • Outside of combat, Sil's cardiovascular endurance allows her to traverse long distances with ease, sprinting into action at speeds of up to 20 mph. Whether chasing down a target or evading pursuit, her speed is a valuable asset.

  2. Strength Training (Racial):

    • Trained in hunting and archery from a young age, Sil possesses remarkable strength and physical prowess. Her mastery of hand-to-hand combat and dual-wielding techniques complements her skills with the bow, allowing her to dispatch foes with ease.

    • Sil's time spent in the special forces of the Eternal House further enhanced her strength and combat abilities, honing her body into a lethal weapon. She can manipulate objects weighing up to 280 lbs in combat, giving her a significant advantage in close-quarters engagements.

    • Despite her curvy build and graceful demeanor, Sil's strength is deceptive, capable of delivering devastating blows to her enemies. Whether wielding her enchanted blades or drawing her bow, she strikes with the force of a seasoned warrior.

  3. Flexibility (Vocational):

    • Sil's training in stealth and subterfuge has endowed her with exceptional flexibility and agility. Her nimble fingers are adept at picking locks and disarming traps, allowing her to bypass security measures with ease.

    • Her double-jointed limbs enable her to contort her body into seemingly impossible positions, squeezing through narrow passages or concealing herself in cramped spaces. Combined with her silent footfalls and precise movements, Sil moves with the grace and fluidity of a shadow.

    • Whether scaling walls, navigating treacherous terrain, or infiltrating enemy strongholds, Sil's flexibility allows her to adapt to any situation with ease. She is a master of evasion and evasion, slipping past obstacles and eluding detection with ease.

  4. Hearing:

    • Sil's keen sense of hearing is a hallmark of her Shaitan heritage, a trait she has honed to perfection. She can discern the slightest sounds, from the rustling of leaves to the faintest whisper of conversation, with remarkable accuracy.

    • Her ears, twice as sensitive as a human's, serve as invaluable tools for gathering intelligence and detecting approaching threats. Whether tracking prey through dense forests or eavesdropping on enemy conversations, Sil's hearing is unmatched.

    • In combat, Sil's acute hearing allows her to anticipate her opponent's movements, reacting swiftly to incoming attacks and gaining the upper hand in battle. She is a master of auditory perception, using sound to her advantage in every situation.

  5. Stillness:

    • Sil's mystical ability to sense magical properties and suppress her own Chi grants her a unique advantage in combat and espionage. By attuning herself to the subtle energies of the environment, she can detect hidden threats and potential dangers with semi-clarity.

    • While her ability to sense magic does not provide a perfect vision of the source, it allows her to anticipate incoming attacks and evade them with greater efficiency. Sil's heightened awareness of arcane traps and enchantments enables her to navigate dangerous territory with caution.

    • When suppressing her Chi to near invisibility, Sil emits a gentle white outline. A telegraph of sorts.



Silai uses the elements of wind and earth to strengthen her martial prowess. The fusion of range and melee is enhanced by the spells she has mastered over the years. The wind is used to cut foes or blow debris at targets. Additionally, it can be utilized to push away traditional arrows and bolts. Earth is applied to aid with movement and to enhance her arrows. Magic allows her arrows to become areas of effect that can impair or kill a foe. Below are examples of how she melds these two schools of magic with her fighting style.


Earth Spells

Shotgun: The elf can fire shrapnel of rock from her bow. The blast erupts from the bow in a cone shape. Its maximum reach is 40 feet, and it is 15 feet wide. (Blunt force)

Vineroot: Sil can fire her bow; striking the earth will form a 25 ft wide sphere of vine crawling from the ground. These thick and thorn protrusions will attempt to coil around a target's legs, trapping or tripping them if unable to escape.

Hail: The elf will shoot a large rock arrow into the sky; the missile will explode and rain small daggers of granite down an area—50 ft in length and 10 ft in width.

Zephyr Spells

Gale Slash: Her two blades gather wind, forming a visible white glow swirling around the weapons. She can slash them anyway, sending out cutting winds that follow the flow of her attacks. Any flesh exposed will be sliced open and countered by shields, scale, or plate armor. The attacks are as wide and long as her blades and will travel 25 ft from the tip of the blade.

The wail of the wind: The elf will use her hands or legs to send out powerful gusts of wind. This skill can be used to blow dirt into a foe's eyes, fling debris, or blowback smaller projectiles such as arrows, bolts, and rocks. 

Fangs of the Storm: Sil can create a cloud of cutting winds that will be launched forward and move across the environment. All those caught inside will have any exposed flesh covered in micro-cuts. 15ft sphere and can form and travel up to 50ft from her extremities.


Both Schools

Evasive Dance: The ranger will bend the earth at her feet, moving her 15 feet in any direction. Because her body isn’t moving but the surface below her, she can maintain her stance and posture while engaging with the enemy. She can also use the wind to accelerate the movements and kick up dirt to blind those following her and to remove her scent. If in the air, Sil can use her mastery over the wind to bring herself to the ground quicker, change direction once, or negate fall damage



Life within the White Sand Empire was a grueling existence. The collapse of the former regime sent a deluge of despair. Strife, poverty, and disease ran rampant across the dunes. Racial differences stoked the fire of conflict. The knolls of her ancestral home were painted red while the inferno of war glassed the sands. The lamentations of innocents rang out across the province. However, despite their prayers, no higher power materialized to supply a mite of mercy. 

The former empire stood divided as the law of the land waned due to entropy. It became a dog-eat-dog world. One where might makes right, and the notions of morality were a distant echo of a more civilized age. Silai was nurtured in such an environment. Subterfuge, guile, and battle became necessary if she sought to weather this period of despair. Picking pockets and hunting wild game provided enough food and capital to keep her family afloat. Nevertheless, the dark times knew no end.

Silai would have festered in such rot if it hadn't been for the arrival of the Eternal House. A faction that had sheltered itself from the collapse and chaos, bolstering its might as it swept across the orderless land, ushering with it some semblance of society. Their enigmatic leader, Samara Del'Fluent, presented many homilies. Sermons that inspired the ranger to lend her blades and bow to construct something greater. Years of thievery paid off. Her ability to verbally manipulate others granted her entry into the new regime. Her knack for stealth and archery was spotted as she was moved into a fitting role.

Silai was placed under their inquisitorial branch. Her new life was one of deception and cloak and daggers. Outwardly, she conducted herself as a thief as a mask. A ruse was crucial to circumvent suspicions. Regardless, she served as the eyes and ears of the Eternal House. Her bow sniping marks with impunity under the guise of securing her new family's future. Whenever she wasn't disposing of garbage, she'd often be dispatched to collect trinkets of information that might advance their cause. 

Ironic that Silai remained a thief, albeit with legal protection. The art of seduction, marksman, guile, and martial prowess furthered her career. And now, she is a proud and valuable asset to Samara Del'Fluent. A child born in utter destitution is now blessed with the most valuable treasure. Hope. And that immaterial beacon was purpose enough for her to continue. Uncertain where it might lead.

But one thing is clear. The Eternal House delivered them from utter ruin. And so, she has sworn her life to rebuild a new empire. A better world, not for herself, but for those that follow.

Life within the White Sand Empire continued to be marred by the collapse of its former glory. The howls of the guiltless echoed unabatily across the province, unanswered by any higher power. Silai thrived in this unforgiving climate. Picking pockets and hunting for sustenance became routine. Yet, hope remained elusive, overshadowed by the pervasive and depressive miasma that heralded from the sins of her father.

The arrival of the Eternal House breathed new life into Silai's existence. The faction, led by the enigmatic Samara Del'Fluent, became a beacon of order. Motivated by Del'Fluent's vision of a better future, Silai was eager to contribute to constructing a new society.

Silai underwent rigorous training under the Nokhoi warrior Matsumota Crisandra Devante, known as the Blood Fox. Matsumota's tutelage was onerous and callous, pushing Silai to her limits and beyond. Under her direction, Silai honed her skills in hand-to-hand combat and dual-blade techniques, enriching her magical abilities and efficacy in battle. Matsumota also imparted the art of stillness upon her, teaching Silai to attune herself to the leylines of the arcane, allowing her to sense magic with heightened clarity.

Under Samara Del'Fluent's leadership, Silai was embraced by the warmth of support, yet she couldn't shake the feeling that there was more beneath the surface. Del'Fluent's largesse seemed too perfect, leaving Silai cynical of hidden motives lurking behind the pretense of empathy.

Regardless, Silai earmarked herself wholeheartedly to the cause of the Eternal House, serving as a confidential operative within its inquisitorial branch. Suppressing her true vocation, she worked tirelessly to gather information and eradicate menaces to the new order. Through her actions, she found meaning and hope, driven by the conviction that a better world was possible for herself and future generations.

In the face of uncertainty, Silai remained staunch in her allegiance to rebuilding a new empire fueled by the promise of a brighter hereafter.

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