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Basic Info
OC Is drawn and owned by spooderqueen (Discord.), @verdantdynasty (Twitter.)

fantasy rp forum
fantasy rp forum
fantasy rp forum

Full Name: Zelena Timanti (Green Diamond)
Race: Cephlapood (Oni)
Gender: Eldritchcute. (Female)
Father: Ryse
Day of Birth: 16 years before the 19th era.
Age: She is 41 years old, but due to her biology she aged rapidly till 27 years, at which point the process seemed to cease.
​Hair: Green
Skin: Emerald
​Eyes: Green and yellow binary pupil eyes within an inky black sea that ebbs and flows.
​Height: 5' 3" (Feet to tip of horns)
​Weight:970Lbs (Tentacles)
​Place of Residence: The wilds.
​Place of Birth: Sandslout
​Alignment: Morality isn't so simple, she envisions herself as having a heart of gold.
​Relationship: Single
​​Sexual Orientation: Open to anything.

​​Senses: Echolocation, Magic sense, Feeler taste.

​Racial Abilities: Speed, Strength, agility, magic sensory, Organic Consumption.

 Armor(s): A living mass of tentacles slithering from her own flesh. Is effective at dispersing blunt attacks, but not cutting/puncturing.

Weapon: Tendrils, Slimes, Poison, Toxins.

​Special Weaknesses: A single well-placed blow will kill her. Her physiology being of this world, is susceptible to anything that will kill a typical human. This applies to temperature and other natural forces. Evolution/Biology doesn't permit tanks, and given the more scientific approach I took, I decided to maintain that thematic element. 

Special Resilences-  Due to her being disease made flesh, She is immune to toxins, disease, and poisons as her body will break them down and add their composition to her arsenal, can secrete antibodies for assimilated illnesses/diseases. This comes with one additional note, once exposed the octowaifu will have to endure the effects of the foreign agent. In summary, she suffers the effects only to develop a "cure" before death. So she will convulse and be vulnerable to you walking over and stabbing her.

fantasy rp forum


Zelena applies a scientific lens to virtually every aspect of her life. While practical during academic pursuits, it has unfortunately impeded her social maturation. She often comes across as disjointed and inept whenever faced with romantic or platonic situations. And while she might mean well, her analytical demeanor is nothing short of offputting. 

Her speech is eloquent—a brazen indication concerning her literary pedigree. Due to the abuse she suffered from others, Zelena often favors seclusion. However, her heart of gold won't tolerate the octopi from succumbing to misanthropy. A gentle aura radiates from her heart, and she cannot help but seek the intrinsic value of all life. 

Zelena views herself as an aberration. Regarding her exterior, she lacks confidence and will also reckon herself undeserving of attention. Invariably the bonds she cultivated with others were stoked by selfishness. Naturally, this erected barriers where she presumes any act of uninvited empathy is an endeavor to ensnare her. 

Nevertheless, the anomaly often dreams of a day when she will have a family. Until that moment, she considers her life lesser than the common folk. Zelena is inclined to sacrifice a tentacle if it means helping out another. All in the vain hope that others might learn to perforate beyond her unsightly shell. 

Zelena utilizes her rational mindset to try and think clearly, while others might allow their fears to overwhelm reason. She maintains that logic is the one gift the macrocosm endowed her with. Due to her experiences, she has learned to remain unperturbed even during dire conditions. Nonetheless, she often cries herself to sleep whenever she retires to her dwelling for the day. Her eyes look up at the ceiling, wondering if someone else is doing the same. And if one day they might meet?


The accounts of prior epochs, the controversy of contemporary theories, and the immaterial world have always enticed the tendriled spawn. From a young age, Zelena stuck that nose deep into dusty pages, those binary foci scouring the texts rapaciously for erudition. Knowledge, the one currency scarcely held, labored as her muse. Yet, even as a still budding mind, the daughter of worlds knew the physical domain lacked all the answers.


Science, magical theory, and alchemy, while each are estimable tools, they were inept at accurately characterizing the observable universe. Her inquisitive gaze solicited enlightenment elsewhere, probing deep into the rabbit hole of transcendentalism and philosophy. The occult, while mystifying, screened within its shade many fulminations.

The space between the pages, an unexplored expanse that flouted rationalization, it didn't take long to swallow the developing soul. A spiral of revelations, each spawned more queries in their wake. The horrors that prowled such domains verified themselves as a menace. Her father, Ryse, imparted the merit of self-defense, techniques she employed to repel their insidious snares.


With each folio discovered, with every lesson ascertained, the cephalopod girl found herself hankering for just a little more. To understand the cosmos in its totality, while admittedly a fool's errand, was the only calling that rendered her purpose. Due to her naivete, she conjectured if she just learned a little more, her mother, Mirage, might return and embrace her as a daughter.

Her confidence waned through the years, having been the victim of a myriad of bigotries. The people's hearts were bitter and closed off, their eyes myopic and unable to see beyond the exterior—a monster to some, a demon or abomination to others, yet, a friend to no one. People were complex and fickle things, but books and words were clear and concise. She replaced social bonds and the warmth of another, exchanging them for the lifelessness of tomes and the coldness of isolationism.


Zelena recognizes herself as repulsive, a crime against nature, an object undeserving of anyone's affection.  Who knows? Maybe it will be through the solace afforded by her studious pursuits that the octopi might obtain liberation from this heartless world and its strangling restraints.

fantasy rp forum


Speed (Echolocation​- Due to her unholy heritage, the spawn is capable of reaching 35 mph and can scale her environment using her feelers to scale walls or steep inclines. And can react quickly due to a stream of inaudible frequencies bouncing about to assist with detection. (400ft) They can only detect once per ping, so a moving target will not be precisely located. Furthermore, obstructions such as walls, boulders, trees etc can shield the adversary from this sense


Strength/Anatomy- The monstrosity possesses enough strength to enable her to lift 2,000 lbs with her wicked tentacles or hands. As a Cephalopod her skin can detect light, each tendril has a mind of its own yet is capable of working as one. Zelena can blend in and alter the color, texture, and to a degree shape. The body and its bones are capable of shifting, contorting into awkward positions. The process causes pain to the creature but allows her to compress her cells to squeeze into small spaces like an octopus. 

 Mana pool/sense- Zelena can sense the flow and magical energies around her, granting her rough ideas where magic-based attacks, artifacts, traps, and trinkets are within a 160 ft diameter. She can detect the general location such as somewhere behind her, but can not pinpoint its exact area, nor can it deduce the precise nature of the arcane flow or magnitude. To her, a butterfly illusion and a fireball feel the same.

Cannibalism- The being secretes a thick slime-like residue, capable of slowly dissolving her prey. Their liquefied remains are used for sustenance to fuel the body or regain lost mana reservoirs. The foul solution must be dumped into an orifice or be ingested to take effect. The process is gradual, making it not practical for combat given the duration and delivery method. Ten turns are required for the complete soupification of the prey's innards.

Magic Preface

Combat Preface- Zelena's skills are centered around four core driving forces, Cephalopod (Some which are poisonous), rot, disease, and toxins. Many of her attacks are slow to dissolve down an opponent due to their infectious nature. Notwithstanding being sped up by magic, but are still nonetheless far from instant. The fumes themselves can be removed from play by a strong gust. Holding one's breath will do nothing as they are absorbed via the skin. All tendril growths can extend to a max of twenty feet. The tentacles themselves can have suction cups to snare or spiked barbs to rend flesh from bone. The exact nature of these extremities will be stated once the attack is formed. And will take a turn to shift from their original intended purpose into that of the alternative.

Rots are in the form of a black smog or ink, seeping into the cracks of armor, and will take a few turns to cause a form of mummification on the exposed area. The effect occurs via sucking the moisture from anything that is within its haze. This thick darkness will also limit visibility; however, it will not eliminate sight functionality. Below are the four stages of her afflictions. 

Phase one is if you are barely within the grasp of the attack, so your exposure is under a second.
Phase two is a direct hit or two exposures on the edges. 
Phase three is a second hit or three turns within.
Phase four is three hits or four complete rounds in the toxins. These attacks are not volatile and thus can not be exploded by a fire. Nor do they described explosion disturb much of the terrain or damaging the target directly. It is used to explain the expansion of the infected area.

1- Minor effects, light headache, nausea, mild cramps.
2- The toxin/rot is setting in. In rots case, the limb will feel heavy and stiff, proving less workable but manageable; if poison vomiting, Diaherrea, and fever kick in.
3- If rot, the limb will heal with time, but its functionality will be stricken to the bare minimum, such as being able to move the fingers slightly.  If poison, the effects of 1 and 2, as well as weakness, fatigue, extreme body aches, and the blurring of vision and slowing of one's senses by half.
4- If rot, full mummification, the limb can't be salvaged, and organs within are turned into a delectable soup. If poison, seizures as the brain dies due to extreme body heat. Usually followed by diarrhea as the muscles lose their ability to maintain bodily functions, slipping into death or coma.

How do resistances play?
To keep things simple, I prefer a flat modifier. In short, if you are 50% resistant, it will take six turns for phase 4 to take effect. Zelena doesn't like to kill, and so she often will provide the antidote to those at such levels, given she sees inherent value in almost all lifeforms.

fantasy rp forum
fantasy rp forum


Noxious bomb- When using her hands, the creature can draw on her sickening chi to produce a spherical bomb, launching it to a max of 150 ft, in which it explodes either on contact or at the end of its travels. The eruption will not cause anyone to be thrown back, covering the area in an amethyst mist lasting for three turns. Additionally, her tendrils can slam them on the ground, producing a spherical explosion outward; both methods' max circumference of delivery is seventy feet.


The smog of decay- A thick haze of dark smoke spews forth, and the unearthly fog blankets an eighty-foot long, thirty-foot wide cone area. It lasts for two turns, as those within will undergo the stages of mummification. Alternatively, an option to fire a gout of gangrene, which Is a baneful greenish mist that applies the poison/disease effects. This attack can be expelled from any orifice or be ejected from the tips of boneless limbs to increase the range accordingly.


Inky solution- The cephalopod can twice per fight draw on her ink to either place a runic trap that erupts when the target enters it (5ft width for activation before discharging in a forty-foot spherical arrangement) administered to the environment via the spanking of her boneless limbs. Or, she can emit a purplish fog around her limbs that, when she slams her foot or hand against a surface, will send out a sixty-foot spherical spread of a squalid solution around the caster. This material will drench the opponent. Inducing mummification and will pool around the area lasting for four turns.

Defiled- Sloth (The conch on her shoulder) will pounce on any nearby dead, burying a sea of feelers into the corpse. The custodian will then pump it with his vile concoction and assume control over the body. The remains will become defiled, resulting in a horrible and grotesque amalgamation of flesh. This husk will be capable of blowing up infectious puss bubbles from its body, contorting and reforming its flesh. The entirety of the host can be appropriated as a thrall and is limited to two total. One for Conch to puppeteer, the other for Rorschach (Her living armor.) Once per fight. Achieving a truly symbiotic relationship.


Ferocious Tentacle- The aberration can launch a 20ft radius mass of spiked feelers that adhere to any surface they touch. They are capable of trapping and ripping exposed flesh from the body through the use of their firm grip and two-inch barbs. These growths can extend outward by up to twenty-five feet. The delivery is done through the use of her armor by launching the same material symbiotically fused to the vestige. Only four can be employed across the arena; Zelena will need to reabsorb the growth to launch another, taking an entire turn to do so.


Tentacle Hell- (ult) - She can channel the dark magic of her Eldritch heritage. After a turn of charge up, the unholy matron can slam her tendrils or foot on the ground thusly evoking a one-hundred-and-fifty-foot radius explosion. The attack will cause little disturbance to the surroundings as a thick haze of black smog covers the region. Giant tree-like tentacles (Thirty feet tall, four in total) will sprout from the ground, wiggling about as they seek to catch and trap their prey within the mummifying rot. The area of infection will last until the smog is blown away.

fantasy rp forum


From a young age, the abomination spent her days sequestered from society. Her father, Ryse, feared what the outside world might think of his daughter. That parental need to safeguard one's offspring led the oni to extreme actions. Alone, Zelena invested her time planting that nose between the dusty tomes in her father's studies. Through such texts, she vicariously gleaned facets of the outside world and its laws. Her genesis was anything but orthodox—the product of an unholy union between the inconceivable and the mundane. And while the cephalopod regarded her mother as affectionate, she was nothing more than an experiment within those maternal eyes.


Sloth, the conch always on her shoulder, and Rorschach, the living habiliment shielding her full figure, were custodians. Operatives dispatched by the cosmic librarian to annotate the results. Eventually, the two grew fond of the child and betrayed their mission parameters. It was through their tutelage and the books her father had amassed that she honed her skills. Gingerly she combed through the pages between the sparring sessions with her father. And come her 18th birthday, instead of being let loose onto the world with Ryse's blessing. The octopus awoke to the cacophony of a skirmish.


Zelena was baptized that day in blood as her people were butchered. The sanguinary hankering of the universe never remitted. And the more she voyaged across the globe, the more visible the antagonism of the macrocosm materialized. A plethora of anguish beset her soul. And those she happened across seldom showed a mite of understanding. Her odyssey was one polluted by a bedlam of vitriol and oppression. The hearts of mortals are fickle things, and the breadth of their sagacity could only be labeled as astigmatic.


The mathematical certainty scarcely shifted. And whatever remained from that symmetry was ephemeral and ushered no solace. Zelena wanted nothing more than a friend or a community, and she seemed poised to meander in misery. Such an epiphany might have pulverized a lesser soul. However, defiantly she strode onward, naively hypothesizing her fortune might change. Nonetheless, it unfailingly reared its grotesque visage without exception.


The sojourner bounded from providence to providence. The land furnished sustenance which only fueled more bouts of delirium. And no matter the psithurism of the trees and the awe-inspiring vistas she stumbled across. The glamor of her expeditions failed to quell that internal pang. And while her speech may have been silvery and with an air of magniloquence, it did little to stifle the world's intolerance. 


Providentially, such misfortunate finally waned as she met two other beings who peered past her countenance. Florentina and Nysoesa welcomed her into their fold. And while their kindness was contaminated by egocentricity, the supplied refuge was a breath of fresh air. There, within the fenland, she joined their union. And from their pursuits and lofty aspirations, the three became the tribunal. 


Zelena can now be found tinkering away within her laboratories. She rummages through tomes with an avocation for edification. Relinquishing her chance at bliss so those who follow might endure a better future. Often bringing to the forefront of her mind an old quote she recalled from a philosopher. "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

fantasy rp forum
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