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"Magic is a force interacting with physical forces."

For those who need elaboration, you utilize mana to draw influence to alter elements' behavior/shape or reach, but it still operates as it should in real life. The only exception is lightning and light, which travels slower due to drawing them and making them "Hard" variants.  

Regardless of race, your body is susceptible to forces. Resilience must make logical sense. No amount of "steel" bones will protect your soft organs or muscles. Speeds are realistic; you'll not travel the battlefield at Mach 2.


To build upon this, you're not immune to the effects of your attacks. Make a boom, and you're within the blast; you killed yourself. Send out lightning, and you are both standing on a wet or metallic surface; you just killed yourself. The only exemption is toxins you produce biologically and the heat or cold of your elements. Lastly, you can only manipulate what your character can feasibly know in-universe.

Character creation Highlights.

If Goatkin, Kitsune, or Bovinite, your name MUST BE Middle Eastern/Mongolian (Bovinites can also have french due to their heritage as a former offworlder species.) 


All others are Aztecan/Mayan and German/Russian (For Giants only.)

The reason for this restriction is to keep the immersion of the world intact. 


Smell 2x human level






Hearing 2x human level




Nightvision/aqua vision




2x human strength

All races.

3x human strength

Giants only


For young characters (under 16), 8-10 mph

Scholars 10-15 MPH

Warriors 20mph

Giants +5 mph to all above values.


Only if it makes sense for the race or character, all such resistances are up to the discretion of the mod/admin team.


Closing statements

These are solely racial; vocational passives will vary on the job/skillsets of your OC. For example, tracking. 

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