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"Magic is a force interacting with physical forces."

While much research has gone into magic, its mysteries remain locked. The people of Nibel believe magic comes from the core of their world. It flows through roots that run beneath the ground and radiates outward. Crystals form from the globe's center and store significant quantities of latent energy mined and used to power their civilizations. The organisms that call this world home have evolved organs that allow them to tap into this energy. However, true mastery of this study requires time and research. Throughout the planet, there are anchors. Epicenters of the arcane that function as mass reservoirs. What attracts these large pools of mana remains unknown. It's believed that many more remain undiscovered across the provinces. Magic has altered virtually every facet of life. The inhabitants of Nibel use its properties to advance every sector of their lives, from art, war, technology, and the labor force. Not a single facet has remained unaffected. What guides the current of energy is equally a mystery. Legends abound alongside many hypotheses. Nevertheless, notwithstanding great exertion, the people remain just as oblivious. Most believe the planet's rotation is likely responsible—a theory replicated via their power systems. The people know it's ancient. Most likely, it predates life itself, leading some to regard it as the primordial soup that birthed life and consciousness. Despite the efforts of many, the laws of nature cannot be broken by the arcane. Nevertheless, the systems governing reality can be bent. This observation led to the common belief that magic is just another force of the universe. The inhabitants utilize mana to draw influence to alter elements' behavior/shape or reach. The only known exception is lightning and light, which travel slower, making them "Hard" variants. The casters are not immune to the effects of your attacks. Regardless of race, their bodies are susceptible to forces. No amount of "steel" bones will protect one's soft organs or muscles. The only exception is toxins they produce biologically and the heat or cold of your elements. Magic is an extension of oneself—an extension of their body and weapons. All spells have a mode of casting, a shape to the attack, and a reach and width. New students tend to be limited to 10ft of influence, with those seasoned able to hit up to forty. The elite and masters of their schools vary drastically. The known schools of magic studied are the following. Geomancy Pyromancy Cyromancy Hydromancy Necromancy (1 thrall limit starting out, 3 for masters) Photomancy (Light.) Electromancy Cellmancy (Flesh magic of oneself, limited to Giants and is very limited in its applications.) Morphomancy (The ability to assume a single were form.) Latenmancy (Creating constructs from magic. Very costly, very rare, and volatile. An example is the making of magical throwing knives that explode on impact.) Biomancy (The enhancement of plants to increase crop yield and their size over an extended period.) Zephyrmancy (Wind) Enchanting. (Adding magic to items to allow spell casting of a school the user doesn't know. And the enchanter can only apply spells they know the theory and application of.) Highly expensive and thus rare. Alchemy (Historical Alchemy.) Note: Schools can be combined through developed characters: example, Pyro and hydro to create steam. Starting out, you're restricted to 1-2 school. Max that can be learned is three.

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